So the other day my mother came over with a sly look on her face and a bright red l.e.d light on her wrist. I say sly because she has a small addition with buying electronics and knows I will ask for the reason for her latest purchase. I...
Bose Colorware headphones are completely customisable to the desired taste of the individual match your style and your fashion to sound perfect speakers.
View the most expensive WHITE camera made by Leica for the special edition M9P. The camera is stunning and really unique with a silver trim and all white structure
DAB Radios the latest unique stylings from Orla and Roberts- stunning vintage and classic options we look into the phoneme of digital radios
Bang & Olufsen are defiantly a Sharp N Chic brand, pushing the boundaries of modern electronics with style and beauty we are please bring to you The BeoVision 4. The cinematic dream TV that goes above and beyond the call of duty in the luxury home cinema.
Today I was enlightened to the beautiful craftsmanship of these unique designer I would like to call Sharp and most certainly Chic BIKES! Oh yes, it is possible to have a couture bike and these German handcrafted piece of metal prove to be top notch. Vandeyk are one of the leading bicycle industry...
Mobile phone giant Blackberry have officially released the launch date of their first ever tablet computer expected to be out on the 16th June 2011. The sexy playbook is looking to compete against the Apple Ipad and other competitors for a slice of the market. Priced more competitively than the...
Most of you will remember Soda Streme from your childhood before fizzydrinks ever came onto the shelves. Before cola was easily accessible from the shelves of Walmart or Tesco. But with the adaption and acceptance of mass production of the fizzy drinks market the soda stream market also died, but...
We have all heard of Rosetta Stone, even hip hop star Drake quoted the language lesson software in his lyrics, but I had never thought to incorporate it in my learning of the language of love (Italian) in my spare time, so I wanted to test this so called...

The New Macbook Air

The coolest brand at the moment have come out with yet another success to their stunning range of products, cannibalising the old and in the new with the New edition of the Macbook Air.

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