The Designer TV BeoVision 4 by Bang & Olufsen


Bang & Olufsen are defiantly a Sharp N Chic brand that we are more than happy to showcase, and after having a chance to try out their latest and greatest creation that continues to push the boundaries of modern electronics, incorporating as much style and beauty  into their awesome products- we are please bring to you The BeoVision 4. The cinematic dream TV that goes above and beyond the call of duty in the luxury home cinema.

The full HD 3D plasma screen boasts stunning visual clarity and with added features that enhance the colour with automatic colour management that scans the picture on the TV every 100 hours to adjust the colour accordingly- This is the king og kings when it comes to Television.

BANG & OLUFSEN tv latest

The TV also monitors the rooms lighting and ambiance, similar to the little sensor found on most smart phones- this enables the colour to be adjusted automatically which is a great well thought about feature- no longer do you have to fiddle with the remote to adjust the screen for a movie- simply draw the curtains and the TV does the rest. Furthermore- the designers carefully included a fully adjustable tilt, swivel and shimmy screen stand that can move around perfectly to line up for the best viewing pleasure- and what’s more you can do this with the REMOTE! -It is all electrical!- No need to even stand up and walk over to the tv to get the perfect view, everything can be done from the comfort of the armchair. PERFECT!

Bang & Olufsen
Nifty Remote

The TV has a motorised self raising speaker that automatically activates once the TV is turned  on- high tech and beautiful crisp sound. This is a great design feature for when the TV is off, leaving the room clear and the TV area tidy.

The design of the BeoVision is sleek and chic with a fine aluminium. Diamond cut joints ensures lasting quality and perfection- its design speaks for itself with a daring and elegant mix that is recognisable from any angle!

Bang & Olufsen tv

The TV is available in two sizes – the 85″ and 103″ two sizes that can help create your cinematic 3D living room experience.

Available in Silver, Dark grey, Black, Red, Blue, Golden- enough colour to compliment your decor for something truly unique and stunning in every point possible.

The price of this bad-boy tv- £100,000 / $140,000.visit Bang& for more information.

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