Vitamix is known as one of the higher end forms of blender out in the market to date and the question is often asked. Is it worth it? and today this blog will be answering that exact question.

Over the past few months as the winter has hit home and coughs, colds and covid is travelling around a lot faster than the summer it made perfect sense to up our raw fruit and veg content in order to improve our health to get through the cold winter nights.

Vitamix has been in my household for many years when my mum was stopped in the middle of the ideal home show and the charismatic demonstrator showed us all the wonderful soups, dips and juices that could be made with a super sonic top end blender.

blender vitamix

I believe that day my mum put a deposit down for 3 (one for herself, her sister and her mum) and it was the top end blender that was around £650.00 back then- this was easily 10 years ago! the good thing is that the blender is still going and strong so it certainly is made with high quality materials.

Since then, i have now needed my own blender and went down a bit of a windy road of discovery between a juicer and a blender- the juicer I will talk about in a next post however today it is some of the advantages to why I picked the Vitamix mid range

Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender

vitamix Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender

The blender has been a dream, a new digital display, several presents for smoothies, ice cream and for soup and then a dial for 1 to 10.

It comes with a new startup book which is a helpful and quick grid to create a smoothie that any person could make no pre knowledge necessary and just with a quickly blitz you are good to go!



Buy yours here:

My first smoothie was a delicious frozen fruit smoothie with kale and it was divine,

I made a 2nd batch and added some ginger to the mix.

Why I like the Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender

1- nice powerful base- you always feel as though the blender will chop and blitz everything inside the jug

2- nice big fat and short jug which can fit under most cupboards whilst using it.

3 easy presets which you can turn to and it just blends for the right consistency.

4- the build quality – the jug is lovely, sturdy and strong.

5-the design- looks very high tech for a blender

6-get all the vitamins in one drink

7- it is the best brand out there- with great resources on the website and facebook pages

8- a pretty recipe book that myself and my partner will work our way through for date nights! haha lucky him!

9- It will force us to eat something good at least once a day as we can just blend it

10- easy to wash – just add a dollop of soap and blend

11- you can buy more adds on like the take away cup or the dry foods blender bottle

Things I am unsure about:

The seal on the jug- i found that it moved a bit easier than it should have and juice started to spill over.

Thats it! I think I just need to work out what happened to the seal rectify then it should be fine.

If you would like to purchase the Vitamix and confused which one to go for- this is the perfect option of the top and bottom!

Is the Vitamix worth it? yes- i love it- no buyers remorse here!

vitamix Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender



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