Rihanna’s Sizzling Red Bandana Bikini

rihanna stripped bikini

Rihanna was spotted out in a remote field out in the sticks of Ireland yesterday (kind of hard to randomly spot someone in a remote field in Ireland though, so I’m sure there was a tip off somewhere along the line!)

rihanna red bandana bikini

Anyway- as you know, we love a bit of RiRi, here she is found in yet another bikini but for her latest upcoming song “We Found Love”

rihanna singing in red bandana bikini

The man down singer had a quick wardobe change to a rather patriotic american flag stipped bikini.

rihanna red american flag bikini

She took the outfit country with a flannal checkered shirt and large oversized massively distressed boyfriend jeans for a real farmer look.

rihanna american flag bikini

She has chosen to go back to long brown and blonde waves for her hair and I have to say the red was more striking and really made her stand out- this seems to be the safe Beyonce option…

Have to commend the girl on her body and maybe she looses a few points in the outfit-which to be fair was probably not picked out by her self- but her stylist! so lets blame her/him


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