• Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle started on the online platform on the 17th April.
  • Based on a dating show between 10 attractive young single guys and gals in Mexico/ paradise and are challenged to stay platonic whilst getting to know one an other.
  • Can they find true love whilst on this dating show?
  • Here is our review!

This show started off relatively shallow, I cannot lie, It was all about the same repetitive thing being: sex crazed beasts.

It got ridiculous to be fair. The constant lame sound bites and ridiclus egos and ‘hormones’

A mix between other recycled tv series such as Love island and Big brother and Geordie Shore/ Jersey Shore where the goal is to sleep with as many people as you can but the show surprisingly took a turn for the better of society when they finally tried to add some substance to the group ,through the use of communication and dating! Apparently a forgotten art of ‘courting’.

too hot to handle netflix tv show
The New Show by netflix

Being a somewhat sheltered millennial I had not realised the state of the today’s youth when I was horrified to find out that one of the ladies had ‘never been on a date before’ My instant reaction was a pardon?

How can you not have been on a date? is this not what most people talk about once they have come back from a date!

I was later informed by several of my friends that one night stands are some peoples standard and norm and that it is not such a surprise.

Knock me down!

netflix show too hot to handle
Netflix Latest Dating

Anyway! Epsiode 1 took some time to warm up but it did leave you wanting to watch more to find out what exactly is going to happen between certain couples such as the David and Rhonda, could they become the newest Netflix couple like Love is Blind ? The episode has quite a few laughs with comical interactions and repurposed google home /alexia that give the orders over the house plus the comical voice over presenter. I guess Love Island 2.0 mixed with the digital millenniual age effect to appeal to the youngins! They then added in a prize fund of money to encourage the group to become more mindful about their actions. When in doubt, chuck money at the situation to see if people fall in line. Now we have a show!

too hot to handle david

Epsiode 2 Harry and Fran get closer, the instagram star Fran certainly knows how to flirt and has an amazing sense of confidence in her personality and ability to hypnotise guys.

The two contemplate rule breaking and as a result creates some friction among the group and each other.

too hot to handle alexia
The presenter of too hot to handle!

Meanwhile, the show now moves onto trying to gain some depth and explore how you can gain something more than just physical attraction between two people but learning more about dating. Having a conversation getting to know each other.

The episode ends with a rule break between two of the housemates which is a great way of getting viewers back for episode 3 to see how this plays out when the other housemates discover what has happened.

shan bodram too hot to handle

Episode 3 This episode featured Youtube personality Shan Boodram, she takes the group through Shibari in a way to showcase trust your partner.

Further couples are made and broken in this episode as they discover that they are not really into one an other and somehow the Mean girl crew is formed as they discuss how they are going to plot against the group. A Villain is created!

rhonda too hot to handle

Sharron comes out and expresses his emotional pains to Rhonda which now starts to show some depth in the individals which I now start to appreciate.

Actions are not just what they appear on the surface and it is good to see.

I felt this was good for viewers to see as it showcases that behavior or obsessions in certain behaviour is linked to other deeper issues. The group also try to hunt out the couple that would have kissed to loose money for the group money pot.

Later a new guy is added to the mix and instantly the Brit is on it to the next guy!

The surprising thing about this show is the mix of locations the housemates are all from, America, Australia, a lot of Brits. I have to see who is behind the show.

Episode 4 moves onto more in depth feelings and emotion having one of the guys cry because of the connection made from simply hugging and staring in each others eyes, it was a sweet moment causing a bit of jealousy with the third party.

Fran also now chooses to use her feminine wiles to get the other Brit Kelz into a shower and he goes for it like a sick lapdog watching this alone is funny to watch! Her love triangle gets more sticky further into the episode and it is good to see what happens next!

David shows positive bro code and chooses to step back and let the trio become a duo! Top guy! This was worth the watch.

Epsisode 5 Boys to Men- and so far one of my favourite so far, the season is really getting better as time goes on with the boys seperating to go and find out thier inner fears and destroy them in true ‘finding oneself’ mannor again this was worth the watch ! Boys becoming men.

fran too hot to handle

Further love is developed between the couples and more rule breaks occur between the pairs. Bryce seems to be rather fake in the series, I cannot take this guy seriously for some reason perhaps he is a bit too LA with his eyebrow flashes and overt over the top insincere sounding compliments.

The episode is ended on a cliff hanger once again to get you to tune into the next episode and I have to admit I shall be doing so.

I have now shared the prospect of this show with all my female friends and 2 of my guy friends and they are all having positive reviews of the show so far.

too hot to handle

It started slow but seems to be a good idea and positive reinforcement that I feel the Netflix and Chill bunch should see. Get to know someone for a change! It is nice to see and watch. Highly recommend so far.

I will back back with part 2 of my review in a day or too!

I am interested to hear your views on the episode leave your comments below!

The house is made up of these reality stars so far:

We have kindly included their instagram profiles so you can check them out- Since writing this article their numbers have been going up by the minute! The power of netflix.

DAVID BIRTWISTLE, 30,  personal trainer from South London

RHONDA PAUL, 28,  entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, US

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FRANCESCA FARAGO, 26, content creator from Vancouver, Canada

HARRY JOWSEY, 22,  entrepreneur from Australia

SHARRON TOWNSEND, 26,  special needs coach from New Jersey, US

CHLOE VEITCH, 21,  model from Clacton, Essex

KELECHI “KELZ” DYKE, 28,  recruitment worker from Dagenham,  Essex

Haley Cureton 25 – Instagram Model and Graduate from LA

NICOLE O’BRIEN, 24,  influencer and businesswoman from London

Matthew Stephensmith 28 Actor from New York

Too Hot Netflix TV
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