Kendall Jenner models bikinis for White Sands


The Kardashian money making steam roller truck is about to get bigger with the coming of age of one of the youngest daughters Kendall Jenner.

We have all grown up watching the sisters antics but we have yet to see much on the younger sisters….that is, until NOW.

Kendall in recent seasons has been shown to get into modelling, she is tall beautiful and has legs to die for. She is now attempting to take the career seriously as she has been picked for the Australian brand White Sands.

kendall jenner bikini white sands

The Jenner beauty took to the challenge like a pro in an array of swimsuits which are classy and stunning on her slim figure.

At only 15 she is really showing potential have a look…

kendall jenner bikini white sands

The swimsuits are also pretty cool! from the 2012 collection which have an array of floral bikinis, deep cut maillots and caftans.

The swimsuits take us back to a historical era of high wasted 1960s swimsuit fashion.

The photo shoot took place in Los Angeles by Paul Smith.

kendall jenner bikini white sands


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