Jessica Jane Clement hot pink bikini prepares for the jungle in her bikini


Jessica Jane Clement,
isnt one of those household names that most people know, quite frankly I had no clue who she was up until a few hours ago when I saw the listing of the new series of I’m a celebrity get me out of here, the reality show that sees G-list celebrities thrown into the Australian outback in order to revive their careers.

Jessica is one of those celebs that is currently doing that- but the reason why I had to post her here today because I saw a few interesting pictures of the glamour model posing on a beach in Cyprus looking rather ravishing in a pretty pink bikini. She has a massive picture of a lady on her side which I found rather “interesting” due to its randomness but maybe- perhaps- there is a story behind it but to the average onlooker it looks rather tacky.  But at least her nail varnish matches the bikini!

I know with declining tempretures here in the UK, New York and Europe the last thing anyone wants to see is swimwear but we have to remember winter is not forever- it is the planning we have to do now that will enable us to look fabulous come May, June, July and August!

Jessica jane 1 pink bikini

It is winter now, but it just means summer is coming again! with that said- I thought these pictures are rather inspiring for us to get in shape and toned and bikini ready!

jessica jane clement hot pink bikini

Her bikini was rather tiny but the colour screams “Here I Am” and I loved the boldness of it! I think such a colour will work with tanned and darker skin tones due to its strong impact so it works well with a tan! or darker skin for a real contrast.

We found something similar by Melissa Odabash which can be purchased here!




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