Coco is back in her leopard print bikini


A few months back, I posted an article on COCO, Iced T’s wife and her amazingly tiny swimming attire, well, the blond bombshell is back on the beach posing for pictures in yet another tiny bikini on the warm beaches of Miami.

I had recently finished watching their reality TV series “Ice loves coco” and it is the ONLY reason- I have come here today to post these images. Turns out I have grown to love Coco- I find her “interesting” or at least the way she walks rather interesting- For one- she is really small, has a tiny waist and huge hips- its unbelievably unproportioned and waddles along..hehe!

She is one curvy mama and these pictures prove it-


coco ice t wife bode

Summer is a long way away BUT if you are looking for a bikini similar to that of the blond princess then her leopard print bikini should not go amiss.

A Dolce & Gabanna purchase at $240 from D&G can serve you well to have this super beach.

Leopard skin bikini d&g


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