Kate’s Famous Blue Dress


Right, the Royal Wedding has been going mad on the Internet- we have been inundated with stories about clothing, her hair, location, venue, The royal bank holiday, the ring, the DRESS!

The ISSA Dress kate
Kate's famous Blue dress

Yes, yes and yes we cannot forget or overlook that fantastic blue dress.

So much has been said about the dress- and it was picked for so many reasons politacal, social, historical and because we cannot ignore that it looked fab on the new princess!

The dress made by Issa London, immediately went out of stock in London department store Harvey Nichols, the senior buy said they sold out within a few hours of the announcement and since we have been inundated with requests for more Issa products.

Just with everything the quickest on the market gets the customers and this time Tesco got there first with a replica version of the dress for an amazing £16 which in contrast to the original of around £350 is a major discount, and not bad for a dress. Further more the low cost emulated version of the dress also sold out within hours of its release.

Tesco Blue dress
The replica by Tesco for only £16

This just demonstrates the amazing power the princess already has on the population. Only a few royalties/ those in political power have had such an influence over the market. Thus being Michelle Obama and Princess Diana, so its clear to note that the nation is in love with the new royal family member.

I can honestly say I would love to wear a dress such as this, maybe not the Tesco version but I think a new replica from another shop will be out soon and I know I will be in queue to purchase!

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