The King of R&B is Back


The self proclaimed King of R&B  is back with his latest album Love Letter due to be released on the 14th December 2010.

Love Letter Album cover

Having heard his first song out named “When a woman loves” I had to research some more, it has already entered the billboards at #23 and has already risen to number 22 mid week midweek and I can see why.

The album has the right mix of soft SLOW jams, love tracks, upbeat tracks and romcoms of music as I like to call it, the types of tracks you can put on low in the background in your apartment to give your guests some atmosphere!

trapped in the closet
trapped in the closet

One thing I like about R Kelly is his lyrics-they always tell a story, prime example is trapped in the closet! but then they usually have a funny twist almost as if it is a dramatic TV series. One song that also encapsulates this is “Be my #2” which is about him asking a girl to be his second girlfriend. Hilarious really! but the beat is amazing, makes you want to dance despite the offensive nature of the lyrics!

His track listing of the new album have been released as:

1. Love Letter Prelude
2. Love Letter
3. Number One Hit
4. Not Feelin’ The Love
5. Lost In Your Love
6. Just Can’t Get Enough
7. Taxi Cab
8. Radio Message
9. When A Woman Loves
10. Love Is featuring K. Michelle
11. Just Like That
12. Music Must Be A Lady
13. A Love Letter Christmas
14. How Do I Tell Her

Of which, my favourite songs are:

Love Letter-A sweet song you can slow dance to and sing along very easy to learn and bop to! old school typical R. Kelly and we love it!

Not Feeling the love- great lyrics, tells a story, has emotion, another romcom type of song, atmospheric for a BBQ or friends over for drinks! the easy two-step music!

Lost in your love- another good baseline for the BBQ or house! However it does remind me of his old success “Happy People” it has the two step sound that is a get up and dance sound. Love it though, feel good lyrics that most women want to hear from their loved ones.

Just can’t get enough- I actually rated this 5 stars on Itunes so this song is fab on first impact, again very old style beats happy feel good music that you want to learn the words to and sing in the car.

Taxi Cab- the lyrics for this is typical R Kelly and that says a lot!

Radio Message- very old skool, swing dance, love it, dramatic announcements of love.

When A woman loves- first song to be released on the album, dramatic old school the type of music you would find on a movie soundtrack. Awesome, feel good song

A love letter Christmas Remix- Awesome- and I loved it the second time- Christmas lyrics are smart

The album will be out December 14th with artwork by Urban Bridgez.

There are a lot of people that have boycotted the Kell’s CD’s because of the stories in the newspapers, online and blogs about his “extracurricular activities” but I still enjoy his music, his lyrics and his beats so I refuse to quit listening to his music. I have most of his albums and I listen to them regularly So I can say I-want-that-now!

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