Joe Jonas Urban Fashion style


[dropcap]J[/dropcap]oe Jonas, (the cute one!) was seen out doing a spot of shopping yesterday in Beverly Hills- he had spent some time in the All Saints Store Spitilfields but couldn’t find anything particularly great so left empty handed.

The singer looked rather dashing in his cool urban outfit- which consisted of baggy distressed jeans a navy blue t-shirt.


joe jonas shopping spitalfields


He seems to be going for a urban swagger look at the moment to coincide with his new solo career- new career means new style- new style means selling hits!

The statement item in his outfit are his trainers-

all saints spitalfields beverly hills

The sneeakers are Adidas Originals DB Gazelle Vintage Mid DB– RRP $212.00 / £97.00- Lovely leather burgendy finish with a stacked thick rubber sole- these are not the newest sneaker out but they still have major props! Especially combined with a simple yet cool outfit such as this.

joe jonas trousers jeans red trainers sneekers

Please note! his jeans are baggy but they are not falling off him! THAT is the new style! and its HOT!

Don’t you think he looks a bit like Robin Thicke in this picture…WE HEART ROBIN THICKE!!

The trainers can be purchased from here

Adidas Originals DB Gazelle Vintage Mid DB Sneakers

Joe has just released his new video for his song “Just in love” you can view his “masterpiece” below!


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