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We have all heard of Rosetta Stone, even hip hop star Drake quoted the language lesson software in his lyrics, but I had never thought to incorporate it in my learning of the language of love (Italian) in my spare time, so I wanted to test this so called amazing software suite out myself.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone

It all began, when I was minding my own business in the mall one Saturday, walking from one shop to the next when my attention was suddenly diverted to the bright yellow display stand and digital screen speaking Italian, being one of my passions it automatically caused me to stop and turn.

Italy map
Uk & Italy

The display had a voice booming out and a women attached to a microphone talking back to the “TV” in Italian,  puzzled I went in for a closer look.

The lady explained voice recognition was correcting her on pronunciation, whilst the software also tested her on reading, writing and her listening skills, and can immediately begin to teach you new words, phrases and with enough practice it can even  be enough to become semi conversational in 6 months .

Rosetta Stone Software
Software screen grab

Of course I mocked her at this, how could it be possible? she said its innovative software that uses pictures and life examples the way in which every individual has taught to communicate. This surprised me as I am an avid studier, I like pen to paper, repetition, re-writing and testing and of which I would need not to study in this way to learn the language. I was intrigued!

I tested it out as soon as I got home, starting with lesson one of the disks, which took me through the basics.

I worked through the CD’s daily, because I enjoyed it, I enjoyed getting checks and ticks, I enjoyed completing the chapters and I also realised I was learning new words.

I found myself in my car saying the Italian word for certain items I see whilst driving, surely it must be the affect of the program.

Woman thinking

Progressing through at a steady pace completing and finishing chapter after chapter and as my Italian grew so did my confidence in the software.

I went back for the further two levels 2 & 3, to allow me to gain more words and understanding, each chapter taking longer to complete with more grammar, vocabulary and words it most certainly elevated my learning.

Quite a pricey software out of the few available but defiantly the market leader and dominator in the variety languages and quality of program. I did find I would turn off the voice recognition software as my voice wasn’t picked up too well but this didn’t stop me from speaking Italian out loud to anyone that would hear me.

So if you are trying to learn a language, assist your learning with Rosetta Stone’s and their impressive collection of over 30 languages including French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

Rosetta Stone languages
Various Languages

Coming in at £179 for level 1 for the majority of the languages or £379 for the 3 pack set the software’s certainly stands tall in pricing but does actually justify this pricing with how fast and effectively you do learn with the system.

I have almost finished level 3 and I can have a “slow” conversation with some Italian friends, (my 3 month stint in Italy also helped) but I was better equipped to learn having invested time and money in the software.

I don’t understand why schools do not incorporate the software into learning, it is certainly a more efficient way of introuducing a language, purhaps the price doesn’t go down well on the budgets, but in terms of learning it would beat most methods.

But for me and my goal in wanting to be better at Italian I can honestly say that I want That Now

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