Chris Browns 24K custom Iphone 6

chris brown mobile phone gold custom

Chris Brown is on fire at the moment..we all know his songs and loyal gets Everyone up in the clubs.
This week he took to the shops to spend some of that well earned money with his on and off again girlfriend Karruche Tran. Only 25 (I know, he looks and feels older- don’t play with drugs ladies and gentlemen it does take effect!)

chris brown iphone 6

chris brown hard 25

He showcased his 24Karat gold limited edition Iphone 6 which matched his gorgeous XXL ring alongside his other jewellery.

chris brown with tran iphone 6

The phone was instagramed on Chris B’s instagram earlier on in the month but this is the first sighting of him with it in use. It is completely customised with a large script initials on the back.

chris brown's gold iphone 6

The X signifys the the name if his 6th album which was released on the 16th September 2014. (It is a good album) so no wonder he wants to engrave it on his phone. Placing number 2 on the bilboard charts.

The controversial singer was accompanied by his model girlfriend, who was looking trendy as usual.


A photo posted by BREEZY (@chrisbrownofficial) on

The petite 26-year-old sported a loose-fitted black top paired with baggy ripped jeans rolled halfway up her calf.

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