Colourful Bose Headphones by ColorWare


If your looking for an alternate headphone system from the traditional boring silver headphone that everyone wears then this post is for you! Not only are the these newly designed pieces by Colorware plain headphones these are amazing perfect sound noise reduction music pieces which uses the start of the art technology.

Everyone knows BOSE is an awesome brand with such lovely and innovative products so I won’t bore you with the techno gargon in this post- but I will leave you with some stunning photographs of the illigitamte child of COLORWARE AND BOSE!

LADIES and gentlemen now presenting the future of in ear sound Bose Quiet Comfort 15:

 headphones colourful coloware bose

There are 46 available tones to choose from, plus two different finishes, gloss or matt. OH THE POSSIBILITIES IF they let us make a few of these including personalisation and complete customisation.

The price of these unique headsets will set you back about $500 but your will be the best personalised sound system out there!

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