Cheryl Cole The Red Dress and High Beehive

cherly cole

The former X factor judge from the American and British X factor (tee hee!) has now set her sight on bigger and better things, the latest being shoe design. She has waved away the bad and embarrassing press of being fired by Simon and is now the face of to design or rather  influence their shoe department with her own brand of limited edition shoes.

The launch party took place last night in line with London Fashion week and she cleverly wore a firey red cut out dress that looked pretty great on the Geordie lass. The dress was just above the knee which she wore with a pair of nifty nude heels and a fab fake bake tan!

cheryl cole red dress nude shoes

Her goal was clearly to stand out and that she did, with her Amy Winehouse inspired beehive hair which gave her at least 4 inches in height! proved to be very popular with twitter. She added a simple accessory of a gold headband and a pair of simple black metallic earrings. The irony of the hairstyle is that she had been criticised for the style whilst in America so it was an indirect “finger” to the Americans that insulted her!

cherly cole big hair

Her new range of shoes are said to be affordable and fashionable with plans of going on sale in December this year in time for the christmas work parties.

The launch  took place at London’s home house and chief creative director commented that she was “thrilled to be working with Ms Cole, she is a style icon and the nations favourite”

She uploaded a photograph to twitter during the night as she sat enjoying a cocktail and stating “its shoe time..haha ;-)”

cherl cole twitter cocktail

Well- To be honest, I am not a big fan of the chic, however the dress is rather awesome.

Make up is the usual smokey eyes dark eyeliner and individual eyelashes for a stunning bright eye look.

Check the pics!

cherly cole red dress beehive hair shoe



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