The Most Expensive Luxurious Bag – Hermes + Pierre Hardy


News just out from the creative hands of Pierre Hardy is that the designer is finally ready to release the Hermes miniature bags which will be the utmost luxurious bag of them all, yes that’s right- its hard to get more luxury in a bag than Hermes but the two seemed to have superseded themselves with the latest bag costing $1.9 million. Currently holding the record for the most expensive bag to date.

These particular Birkin/Hardy bags are a very slim collection with the team commissioning only 4 bags and taking almost two years to create, the bag boasts intricate handiwork alongside 1,160 diamonds and precious gold stones however they cannot really be called handbags. The rose gold Kelly bags are one of a kind in the fact that they are not large enough to carry much more than a pair of sunglasses so with such mini status and size how does this bag come with such a hefty price tag.

hermes hardy bag expenisive

Well, the Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas couldn’t confirm either but they are more so to be considered as a jewellery piece or bracelets than traditional handbags and he also suggested he did not know who would buy the bags but joked that they would be needing two security guards!

In honour of the $1.9 Miillion dollar bag we would like to present a more traditional Hermes-

Classic leather and normal sized!

At the semi normal bag of $10,000 -HORAH!

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