My DJI Spark Drone Review 2019

dji spark fly more review

So over the Christmas period I happened to see the sale DJI had on their drones

I have had a DJI Phantom 4 but have yet to open the box in fear of loosing it with the huge price tag so I thought it would be best to start small with a cheaper drone that does similar functions.

Having flown the drone for a short period of time I can now review the flying and how it went.

The Drone I got was the Lava red- you can get yours here:


The drone is an impressive bit of kit, it has cool features such as the take photo action and the hoover with hand gesture which I found a bit hard to use but for the purpose of flying and transporting in a small bag it does the job in a great way..

There are many videos I began to watch prior to launching the drone – I have a huge fear of the drone flying away as this is similar to taking £450.00 and just chucking it off a tall building, so I looked into some of the reasons why these drones fly away.

Most of the key reasons- Battery, connection between the phone and the drone, interference and the user flying the drone.

So some of these issues can be solved

IE. With the purchase of more batteries

This drone came with 2 batteries why not buy another to help in case you finish the first two you can always get a third.

dji battery

Get a spare battery here:

Next thing would be to ensure your controller and your mobile phone are always connected together with the use of the RC cable.

This can avoid any issues of connectivity

Get your cable here:

The final problem is the user!

This can only be reduced through user error.

So what to do? check our some of these helpful videos

There are tonnes on youtube but these I found the best.




The drone is great

Such amazing shots

Its tiny size it makes it easy to carry on a flight abroad and get really good footage with the tiny drone.

It isn’t really ideal to bring out for professional reasons but if no one knows about drones then they will just be impressed with the overall look.

The drone is a great startup product and is quick to learn the basics

This is a great gift for anyone interested electronics and cameras and flying- perfect for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or just a gift to say hey friend!

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