Alicia Keys with Hubby at Mountaintop premier


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he controversial couple we spotted on the red carpet yesterday for the premier of “Mountaintop” in New York City. Alicia Keys looked “nice” in a simple black jeans, sheer black top and striking green jacket number as she posed next to her husband music producer Swizz Beats. The two adopted an arrange of clothing from the latest collection of the most popular designers at the moment in support of the film starring Angela Bassett and Mr Samuel L. Jackson.


For one- Alicia Keys’ shoes have been taken from the Christian Louboutin collection retailing at $2,295 for the outspoken newspaper print pair of shoes.

daffodile brodee pumps

The shoes are a mark to celebrate 20 years of Louboutin’s which is deemed unforgettable and self proclaimed très fantastique- smart embroidery finished by hand give these shoes their elevated price tag- alongside the sky high  heels which add 160mm to any wearers height.


metallic python Christian Louboutin Artemis spike strap handbag

She had her Italian Christian Louboutin Artemis metallic python spike strap handbag carefully placed over one shoulder- which attempted to turn the outfit into something more spectaculer. The bag retails at $2,000 and can be purchased from Barneys!

The look of this outfit is rather plain, She also appears to be trying to get back into shape post pregnancy  so is often found in black outfits which hide a multitude- I actually prefer her this shapely its nice!

alicia keys green jacket

Swizz went for a Philip Lim Double breast wool peacoat ($1,100) and some L.V Winter summit boots ($1,100)

The couple seem to be doing well- glad to see you out Alicia!


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