Loving the Loafers


Autumn is in full swing as the warm summer temperature plummets, shorter evenings and falling brown leaves line the streets and its only natural in this transformation of seasons that we head to the depths of our wardrobes to find the light to medium jackets for the morning commute. Feeling rather disheartened by the change around in the outfits from summer to autumn with the correct shoes this can be fun and easy.

The shoes I really find attractive at the moment are the mens loafers.

Loafers are a cool dapper option for men to wear from the usual comfortable  shoes like trainers, Vans or Timberlands.

This guide looks to a few of our favourite Loving the Loafers shoes which can easily add some dapper to your look!




These elegant Manshoes are an exclusive from Carshoe-  now Prada owned, theses shoes boasts sophistication, charm and suave.

The signature item of these are the nuggets on the bottom of the shoe.

The simple bow gives a superb finish alongside the high shine and ribbon- sheer culture and beauty. The mini buckle can be customised for initials for extra personalisation.

These particular exclusive shoes are available from Carshoe or any retail stores in Italy. RRP £700.00






Bottega Veneta

Sapphire Intrecciato Suede Shoe

bottega veneta shoes

These lovely blue soft suede moccasin comfort shoes are a stunning choice with an intrecciato front and rubber sole for added comfort. These are a great choice for a leisurely sunday morning brunch in a small village enjoying a smooth cappuccino, newspaper and a warm sun.

These shoes are distinguished and demonstrate a wealth of prominence and confidence for any wearer! Oh yes we Love Loafers!

soft suede moccasin features an intrecciato front.

A rubber sole gives added comfort.



Harrys of London



Oh these are Divine! the colour, the shape, the lining it is all lovely.

Simple shape of a loafer, the lining of the white gives the shoe a great shape and transforms them from a standard green leprechaun pair of shoes to a refined gentlemanly item.

The heel as a superb and unique H heel which has an exclusive suede covered Technogel footbed for extreme foot comfort. We love the sage green but it comes in a multitude of yummy colours

Chocolate, Tobacco, Violet and Polished Kudu Tobacco.

RRP £295.00


These are only three of some of our favourite mens footwear- It only occured to me how cute these shoes are as I walked through Bond Street in London yesterday.

One gentleman worked his loafers wonderfully accross New Bond Street- Even I had to take note!

Celebrities are also realising the attractive side of the English Dapper fashion featured on the male style icon Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Scott.

Found here only two days ago (October 6th) out with his mother in law Chris Jenner.

His fashion is truley defined and we love it!

Men Take Note

scott in loaffers



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