Taylor Swift en route to the Rodarte show in New York

taylor swift

The country turned pop singer Taylor Swift wowed onlookers as she treated the New York pavement as her very own runway in an elegant but vintage style lace ivory dress on her way to the Rodarte Fashion show in New York this past Tuesday.

TAYLOR SWIFT NEW YORK rodart dress lace

The dress was also by the designer Rodart 2011 collection made from a soft floral lace with long lace sleeves and ankle length crocheted material which complimented her svelte figure. The nude coloured wedges gave her an elegant walk and classically beautiful fashionable appearance.

TAYLOR SWIFT NEW YORK rodart dress lace

The singer had clear flawless makeup with a shocking RED vibrant lipstick which really contrasted her porcaline skin and have her an english rose look- I would even say it was close to that of the british actress Kiera Knightley.

Swifts aim for this outfit was to have the trendy vintage look, that was made incredibly popular this year by the royals, she mimicked the current fashion style which continued throughout her outfit with her hair style which she loosely pinned back, which enhanced her beauty in a very natural and simply way by showcasing her gorgeous cheek bones and contoured jawline.

Her makeup followed that of the traditional dark smokey eye- favoured by most celebrities- with her usual long eyelash inserts and lashings of mascara.

TAYLOR SWIFT NEW YORK rodart dress laceTaylor had every right to pound the streets in a command and conquor fashion, after all, she was heading for the Rodart show and not only gaining entrance but prime seats next to Vogue editor-in-chief Annor Wintor. She was seen talking to the queen Bee during the show which was also only a few seats down from another Bea- ( Beyonce!)

Annor wintor and taylor swift


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