Trapster London as worn by Rihanna!


London has been once again put on the map in terms of fashion by our princess Rihanna.

This girl can do no wrong when it comes to fashion now a days- In fact, I believe she can do no wrong period!

She is at the top of her game musically, socially and fashionably she is doing all things correct as a business woman and just last night she put work aside to attend a basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Miami Heat. She gave up her seat at the Peoples choice awards for a front row position with a pal at the basketball game!

Can’t really hate on her for that !

rihanna london jumper basket ball game

She donned a simple casual outfit which saw her choosing one of her favourite brands from the streets of London Trapstar.  Rihanna has been shot in the brand before but her appearance here has meant she has made another item “famous” first being the Creepers now the Jumper- which is great for local designers and companies.

She simply paired the hoody with distressed jeans and some laced boots.

Anyone can achieve this look really- mixing causal with sexy.

london secret jumper rihanna

Whats more- the hoody is only £65.00 and can be orded online-

She looked pretty happy front row posing for pictures with a lucky young lad and her best mate- and seemed to fit right in with some popcorn and a beer-

rihanna basketball game jumper

rihanna basketball game

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