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Today marked the launch of Jennifer Lopez’s (pending) ex husband  Marc Anthony’s grand opening of his fashion line.

The couple are currently going through a divorce to end their 7 years of marriage but before the announcement of the breakup they had been preparing a new fashion line which is still out for release today. Marc happily presented his line at the Kohl’s department store in downtown Jersey City N.J to cut the ribbon and officially open the brand but with current relationship issues Jennifer was no where to be seen. Anthony did give his wife her props by informing us that they collaborated a lot on the work and that Jennifer was a soundboard for ideas and vice versa. Furthermore he happily said he was proud of Lopez and is really happy about her line as she put a lot of work into it.


Marc’s collection is about elegance from an era of style and chic-ness of timeless style with a modern vibe, capturing passion and romance of the musician and the sexy earthy style of them.

marc anthony collection   We Love the new collection which features suits, casual wear and shoes, everything you need to look dapper! The price points vary from $40 and upward depending on the item reasonable fashionable and fair. marc anthony at new store launch It is a nice collection but I do wonder if it is any different from other brands- have to wait and see for this to roll out. Marc looked sombre as he posed for pictures in his own line and pretty comfortable and relaxed in the store.

marc anthony launch of new fashion line

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