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As winter turns hardcore, we thought we should do another post on the contemporary winter outfits. Last week we posted on a few chic winter coats but of course now we need to add a cute hat to the mix- its cold out and since we all have to bundle up to keep warm we may as well do it in style.

Our top five designer hats are presented below enjoy!


Burberry Mink Cap

This luxurious soft fur cap is an absolute must- the warm white fur is sure to keep you warm whilst giving an exclusive sultry appearance ideal to dramatise a simple winter outfit.

The mink material and leather trim comes out on top when it comes to winter fashion..

The hat retails at £995.00 in three different sizes and can be purchased from the burberry website

  • Soft mink fur flat cap
  • Gentle peak with interior leather trim

Johnston Baret

This french inspired Beret by Johnston is added to our winter hat list due to its style and sophistication-made with an ivory delectable soft to the touch cashmere with perfect craftsmanship, it can be worn slightly off centre for a very urbane and sophisticated feel. The perfect winter accessory. RRP £75.00

johnston baret

KARL DONOGHUE Toscana lambskin button trapper hat

Oh yes- this year the trapper hats are in- big fur, big hats and big hair- all over the runways and the streets of New York!

These are perfect to keep the head, ears and face warm ideal for the rapidly approaching global warming inducing cold winter mornings in January and February.

Made from 100% soft and silky lambskin with a casual milled finish and a contrasting natural coloured wool and leather tabs to fasten the cap tight.

Lovely white in winter is a must- keep warm in this beaut. Mega Cute!

karl donoghue

Lavin Asymmetrical felt Hat.

Now this hat marks an era of mystery seduction and glam- the asymmetrical floppy black hat won’t protect you from the cold but paired with a dark mac or fitted coat it gives a cool demure feminine mysterious appeal. The black hat made by lavin has a simple subtlety and classic. Made from a soft suede and felt- this particular purchase retails at £965.00 from the Lavin


lavin asymmetrical felt hat

Canadian Fox Fur Roller Hat-

This mini hat which is made to perch on the top of your brow is the utmost top of winter wonderland glamour- mixing vintage and contemporary style in one swoop. The lavish hat is hot enough to melt away the snow keeping you warm and in style thorough out the cold mornings and frosty nights- made from fox fur extra soft to touch and ice white in a one size fits all dimension. Purchase from Harrods or direct from Canadian Hats for £385.00

CANADIAN HATS Fox Fur Roller Hat


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