Uma Thermon at Cannes 2011


Kill Bill super vixen Uma Thermon turned up at Cannes Film Festival this past week in a variety of gorgous white gowns debuting a new dress each day. Today she stepped out for the Piratates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides premier in an incridble Chanel Couture number.

The statuesque 41 year old elegantly wore the off white floor sweeping Chanel dress that perfectly accentuated her height, figure and shape.

Uma Versace

She has taken the feathers and fishtail as a signiture to her gowns at the awards as she adopted a similar Versace gown on the opening night of the festival. It worked well as she glided up and down the red carpet posing happily for photographers and other celebrities.

The back was a main feature of the dress which featured small buttons that adorned to the top and perfected with a bow at the bottom.

The dress was specially made due to her height, she joked about not being able to find anything in store. The dress was combined with a pair of dangling emerald earrings from Chopard. The base of the dress was a feathered making it a perfect dress for the festival. High Fashion and stunning.


Her selection of dresses over the past few days have all been white, chic and beautiful. Great choice Uma

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