Ginger Beer for the warmth


Yesterday I had the pleasure of going into Holland and Barrett for a few vitamins and on entrance to the store I happened to see a pretty bottle of Rochester Ginger Beer!
I love the true Jamaican Ginger Beer, I love the fire, the fizz the smell, Everything,  I have to say its beautiful.

Old Jamacia Ginger beer
Old Jamacia Ginger beer

So it intrigued me to try this one, plus it was a free sample! we all love samples!

So the lovely man in the shop poured me a tipple and I drank that bad boy down!
It had a lovely after burn that could be compared to “Rum” the guy in the shop suggested but I don’t think it was the case!
Maybe I am used to the burn of ginger beer as an avid drinker of it, but the guy seemed pretty shaken up by it which did make me laugh a little.

Rochester Ginger Beer
Rochester Ginger Beer

The drink is only £3.80 for a liter bottle which isn’t the cheapest Ginger beer drink in the world and you are only meant to have a tipple sized amount which for me, just isn’t good enough!
The lady in the shop suggested using it in cooking Indian food or as a medicine when she has a sore throat or needs to warm up but personally I would just want to drink it with some ice and not mess around!

There has also been the new campaign that has highlighted me to the brand Crabbies, which is an alcoholic version.


I have yet to try it but the adverts have at least given me product knowledge.

Here is a fantastic receipe that you could do to make an alcoholic ginger beer COCKTAIL

GaGa Ginger Cocktail

Get a whole piece of ginger and cut and slice removing the outer skin,

Create 3 small cubes about 2.5cm across and 3mm thick and add to the cup

Add 50ml of Vodka

Add a dash of brown sugar

Ice cubes to chill

Fill with some Champagne of your choice- we recommend Moet or Prosecco

Pour in a tipple of the ginger beer drink


I would say the Rochester Ginger Beer drink is worth the price to have one bottle every now and again it is a lovely drink and I can honestly say

I want that now!

ginger beer image
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