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Dior Adhesive Eyeliner Patches

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Just last week I introduced to you the temporary stick on lipstick well now- today I bring you the stick on eye-liner. Thats right the stick on eye liner. Founded and created by Dior.


The limited edition Backstage Eyeliners boats the ability to speedily apply to the eyes to leave dramatic catwalk ready eye liner that anyone can wear, instantly transforming boring to stunning, which is a rather tall order and yet another item in that now huge carry case we call a make up bag.

make up case
Make up Case

A typical basic range of makeup now usually consists of a selection of  foundations, mascaras, primer, concealer, lip liner, eye shadow, blusher, bronzer, false eyelashes, lash glue, tatto stick on lipstick and NOW stick on eye liner- and thats just the products we apply to the skin- we cant forget the eye lash curler, brow brush, the entire range of Mac blending brushes, and blotting tissues.

I understand the need for everything to be quick and easy but COME ON- These will clearly make everyone look the same. Furthermore, all the glue these stick ons require can’t be good for the skin can it? The stick on eye liner is said to last a few applications and have 4 different styles in the box retailing at £47.00 per pack- I do not feel convinced that this is the right move in make up, but the cosmetic companies seem to be developing more and more stick on items, are they implying that everyone will be switching to a full face of stick on?

dior eyeliner stick on

I myself am no way a Van Gogh or michael angelo when it comes to paint and creating a work of art on my face- I stick to the basics with a bit of experimintation here and there- I quite liked the stick on lips because you are able to achieve uniuqe lips but eye liner- I think it is a bit overboard and not worth the time to attempt to apply. Eyelashes are hard enough to line up correctly I can only imagine sticking the black strips down straight initially but then ending the night with each strip aligned down my face like war paint. PRETTY!

war paint

Despite my not-so-postive reaction to these babies celebrities in true endorsement fashion have adopted them faster than you can say paycheque seen here is House actress Olivia Wilde posing in the regular dramatic version of the stick ons.

To be fair- applied professionally these look really good- but surely prior to this- she looked just as good?!


olivia wilde eyeliner dior

If you are interested to try out these for yourself they can be purchased from the Dior boutique in London or on line at Sephora




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