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Its very much spring here in London- (despite it feeling like winter) but we can’t help getting ready for summer as the days continue to grow in length and the temperature SLOWLY rises. With that said- everyone is out looking for their next bikini or swimwear for this years summer beach holiday. No doubt the ladies are all at the gym working on getting that body back- I know I have been attending the gym like a minor addict trying to work off the winter migration weight I have gained so with that said- this post has been created after seeing an abundance of the American ladies out in their droves by sunny beaches or gorgeous swimming pools in their unique swimming suites.


We all know the queen Bea has just had her baby (supposedly) and she is one for the beach, she has been quoted she loves boats and the sea as she is able to escape, well, with that said- here she is spotted yesterday in a rather demure black swimming costume which hid the correct areas whilst showing off the rest.

 beyonce in a black swimming costume with skirt

She looked good in her dark round shades hair pinned back and minimal jewellery. She took a quick dip in the pool then returned to her husband to sun her skin. The black swimming costume came with a little mini skirt to cover anything she did not want the world to see, which I think is a good call and an awesome bikini.

beyonce in a black swimming costume with skirt

Kim Kardashian:

Well, after much crowd control from her 70 day marriage it seems as though Kim is on the up again, she has been spotted back and forth to the gym in recent weeks in the terrible leggings, but it seems as though its paid off. The Kardashian clan took another filmed holiday to the Dominican Republic where she debuted her awesome extremely curvy figure in a two piece bikini.

kim kardashian in blue and white trim halterneck bikini this week

She was later spotted in an alternate light blue bikini which complimented her skin very well. With the hard work she has put into her body- there is no doubt that most bikinis would suit Kim at the moment. The halter neck white trim navy blue bikini is my favourite- as it really suits her shape and accentuates her figure to the best its been in months.

kim kardashian in blue halterneck bikini this week

Ashley Tisdall,

High school musical actress, now 26 Ashley Tisdall was also one to take to a swim suit this past week and she also had a good figure to show in a mini bikini with a cross over back- she looked very glam in glasses and a tan sitting pool side in Santa Barbra she opted for a pair of aviator sun glasses and a simple updo and took to the water to flaunt her good shape.

ashley tisdall in bikini

Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell black bikini slim body

Naomi, has maintained a stable weight for a lifetime now, and she still looks good at the age of 41, good genes, height and the odd master cleanse diet helps her keep her great figure. She was spotted hanging out with her Russian partner on yet another vacation in a tidy black simple bikini. Her body is that good she does not need to bother with all the thrills of crazy coloured bikinis. The simple halterneck tie did the job perfectly.

naomi campbell butt arse black bikini

Evelyn Lozada

I’m not a huge basketball fan wife, in fact I have only seen a few of the episodes but even one of the ladies from the show Evelyn took to the beach in a two piece bikini and sarong to show off her buff figure.

She went for the most colourful option out of the women seen on the beach this week, opting for a pink and leopard skin bikini which I personally found grotesque. It looked more like a bra than something to wear to the beach- (may have been!) She too adopted aviator glasses which always looks great..



basketball wives evlyn beach bikini




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