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Its great when you get to see celebrities just walking about minding their own business and running errands like the rest of us. Today we are positing a few of the celebs that were doing just that in New York City.

The big apple is a great place to catch random actors and A list celebrities.. you never really know who is behind the next pair of large sunglasses..

Today we have..:


Sarah Jessica Parker

The sex and the city star is always about NYC looking rather casual in jeans and boots.. She popped into Duane Reade for some much needed essentials.

sarah Jessica Parker new york Duane Reade

Our British beauty Lily Cole was seen leaving the Bowery Hotel at the Upper East Side looking fresh faced without make up in a large oversized cardigan.

lily cole large cardiagan new yorkMedia favourite Lindsey Lohan arrived back to NYC and here she is spotted at the airport, she has recently been doing the talk show rounds in LA whilst she goes through more courtroom action than ever before.

lindsay lohan jeans hood and glassesNot so newly-wed Jessica Biel also takes the the streets with her sunglasses and jacket and casually walks down the road looking ‘normal’ Funnily enough when I saw this photograph I thought it was Eva Longoria… anyone else agree?

jessica bielCasual Fridays are clearly popular New York!

The last spotting we decided to tell you about is Olivia Palermo, in a lovely coral peach coat perfect for spring as the weather starts t turn and blue skies are above.

Olivia+Palermo+seen+walking+dog+BrooklynRipped jeans and a dog in tow its the perfect accessory.. Cute!

I love the glasses.. as summer slowly comes round here in London I’m looking for my next pair of glasses and these look awesome.



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The stunning actress, Jessica Biel took to the red carpet for the Fashion Group International’s 28th annual Night of Stars. The 29 year old elegantly posed for pictures as she rocked the show-stopping ivory/blush gown which has caused a stir for being the best dress of the evening.

giambattista-valli-couture- ruffled leaf belt dress

The dress is classic with hints of mordenism with the diamond cut-out at the chest, the large ruffled shoulder gives the dress amazing presence whilst the large gold leaf belt adds a subtle colour contrast to the gown.

The floor length couture piece gives her a unique elegance as she glided around beaming at paparazzi – and by all means- in such a dress she had every right! She carefully had her hair pinned back into a chignon-so as not to take away from the large shoulder ruffles on the dress- again opting for an elegant sumptuous look. Her dress by Giambattista Vallialso stopped to pose with the beautiful Jessica- and he looked exceptionally dapper in his three piece black suit- I love a three piece suit it is hard to go wrong- and always looks so good!

jessica and giam

Giambattista is renowned for his uber feminine enhancing designs and always goes down wonders on the red carpet, his use of silhouettes and soft detailing proves a success time and time again, whilst his latest 40 piece special limited edition collection features pieces created to perfection alongside strong, bold and colourful prints and its perfect to the upcoming season. The collection is for Macy’s and is only a one time opportunity to purchase from the store- so once it has gone- it is gone- But for now, it can be purchased here :macys.com/impulse




Jessica did walk alone on this carpet- her ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake was no where to be found, they have been going through a rough patch over the past few months, and it can be hard to keep up with their on again- off again relationship, however just the previous night they were seen rather close just casually out in a bar in a New York restaurant Southern Hospitality.



justin timberlake and jessica biel
Are they back together?

The picture of the two surfaced on the internet to demonstrate that there were back together- but who knows! and will it last this time?! They had been dating since 2007 – 4 years, no doubt Jessica is waiting for Justin to pop the question, in celebrity terms four years is the equivilent to a lifetime!

So my question to Justin- “What exactly are you waiting for?”

Well- I think we should be on the look out for when Justin does pop the question..because there should be nothing he is waiting for!

Jessica biels face
Jessica Biel

Jessica is only 29- however with the power of the HD cameras I have to say she looks a lot older-espeically in this photo!

But she looks lovely all the same..

Good work Jessica- and even better work Jessica’s stylist!






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