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how to get perfect eyebrows

Its been a little quiet around here for the past few weeks- this has been due to our annual vacations out to see what the world is up to.

I managed to escape away to the Big Apple over New Year and had the time of my life shopping, eating and partying whilst, of course, never forgetting about fashion- with that said, I would like to present to you my latest find.

I have always noticed certain girls that would turn up at clubs, bars, parties or even shopping with absolutely stunning eye catching brows- but due to time or circumstance I never really looked into or researched behind what it was that they were doing to create such a look- but during holidays I made sure I checked this out at the first opportunity- This happened to be whilst walking through Macys in New York City. I happened to spot, stop and question this gorgeous girl working on the jewellery counter with The Perfect Brows.

I did get a picture but she was a little shy so did not want to become famous on Sharp N Chic just yet! but I have found something in the same ball park of what I am referring to so that I can showcase it to you..


perfect eyebrows


As you can see the brows are PERFECT!

Amazingly shaped, Perfectly Angled and Incredibly Sharp and Rather Chic!

How can I achieve such a brow for everyday looking fabulous wear-I thought to myself. Well, its simple.. and it is found in one product.

Benefit Brow Zings shaping kit.

zing brows perfect makeup

This little bad boy which myself and my friends purchased for $30 / £22.50 was the magic key to providing me with the best brows I have ever seen on my face! I thought my current regimin of a monthly eye brow threading was enough but NOW my brows had at last truly arrived.

The lovely Porterican sales lady did a demonstration on my face which instantly persuaded and convinced me to buy she achieved this look within a matter of five minutes giving me some pretty awesome tips.

katy perry eyebrows

The Brow kit comes with a coloured wax and coloured blending dust which you apply and adheres on top of the wax- it also comes with two dinky brow applicators one for creating the right shape and the other for blending to create the natural and hypnotising gaze.

The tips that the fiesty latina gave to me included :

  1.  A Perfect Brows is all about parallel lines- this creates the most striking look and fits better with your face.
  2. Draw on the outline with the contour brush first then fill in with the blending brush
  3. Keep practicing as it gets better each time
  4. Find either your concealer or your foundation to go over the top of the brow as a highlight
  5. Highest part of the eyebrow should be at your pupil and soften from there
Thats pretty much it..
I have to say, initiailly trying this out it was one of the hardest things- I never do much to my eyebrows so it was a shock when I appeared to my friends like Ms Mono-brow but over the next few days I suprisingly got better. It is pretty easy.
The kit really does work and really creates a lovely looking brow.
It supposidly lasts up to 2 years which- is possible since the brow is only a small part of the body and you do not need THAT much, It also come complete with tweezers and the two brushes.
I think I will be investing in a larger normal sized brush to help me become a pro at the brows but as a starting kit- it is all you need for celebrity inspired Eyebrows.

Pop over to your nearest Benefit counter for a demo and I am sure you will purchase as well!





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