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So.. This leggings trend that has been going on for the past 5 years seems to be staying and not going anytime soon..

I quite like leggings because they are easy to wear the type of item you don’t need to iron just put on and go.. thats my kind of fashion on a lazy late day.

However whilst having a discussion with my friends she believed that leggings shouldn’t be worn without a long top or dress as it is pretty much a thin piece of material that doesn’t cover much. I have to agree with her on the cheaper imitations of leggings that I have seen whilst out and about in London which are really bad and terribly thin and next to nothing..In the light almost turning transparant.


However in my opinion the thicker leggings can be really cute sexy and such a great way to show off slim toned legs.

kim in leggings

Paired with a cute set of heels black leggings can look top model.

leggings with boots


Since this leggings trend has been around for such a long time the designers are trying to switch it up with more unique creations.

In this photo

Iman’s daughter is spotted out in cut out black leggings

leggings with holes chanel iman

Rihanna back in the day with beige leggings..even though they are casual items rihanna spruces it up with narrow toed heels and it looks smart.


rihanna brown leggings


Leggings are versatile and now that you can get such crazy and unique designs the styles are endless.


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Anyone that is ANYONE, or rather, anyone that tries to be Someone would have been snapped in the signature red soled shoe- we all know the red soles are one of the greatest identifiers of luxury elegance and class- it is a prominent and obvious way to show you have the purse to purchased a designer shoe and this simple marketing ploy has been one of the fundamental success for the Louboutin brand.

louboutin sketches 20th collection

After 20 years of such success today Christian launched sketches from their 20th anniversary capsuale collection which will showcase 20 different shoes and six bags and I have to say- I’m excited!..

louboutin sketches 20th collection

He released the images on the facebook page today which also gives Louboutin Lovers the opportunity to subscribe for email updates when the shoe will be available online.

louboutin sketches 20th collection

Currently this feature is only available for the US, however come the 27th of February they are planning to open a pop up shop in Selfridges in London which will have the shoes on sale. For those outside these regions the shoes will then be available in march online. Its the 20th anniversary guys lets get excited!


Its been a little quiet around here for the past few weeks- this has been due to our annual vacations out to see what the world is up to.

I managed to escape away to the Big Apple over New Year and had the time of my life shopping, eating and partying whilst, of course, never forgetting about fashion- with that said, I would like to present to you my latest find.

I have always noticed certain girls that would turn up at clubs, bars, parties or even shopping with absolutely stunning eye catching brows- but due to time or circumstance I never really looked into or researched behind what it was that they were doing to create such a look- but during holidays I made sure I checked this out at the first opportunity- This happened to be whilst walking through Macys in New York City. I happened to spot, stop and question this gorgeous girl working on the jewellery counter with The Perfect Brows.

I did get a picture but she was a little shy so did not want to become famous on Sharp N Chic just yet! but I have found something in the same ball park of what I am referring to so that I can showcase it to you..


perfect eyebrows


As you can see the brows are PERFECT!

Amazingly shaped, Perfectly Angled and Incredibly Sharp and Rather Chic!

How can I achieve such a brow for everyday looking fabulous wear-I thought to myself. Well, its simple.. and it is found in one product.

Benefit Brow Zings shaping kit.

zing brows perfect makeup

This little bad boy which myself and my friends purchased for $30 / £22.50 was the magic key to providing me with the best brows I have ever seen on my face! I thought my current regimin of a monthly eye brow threading was enough but NOW my brows had at last truly arrived.

The lovely Porterican sales lady did a demonstration on my face which instantly persuaded and convinced me to buy she achieved this look within a matter of five minutes giving me some pretty awesome tips.

katy perry eyebrows

The Brow kit comes with a coloured wax and coloured blending dust which you apply and adheres on top of the wax- it also comes with two dinky brow applicators one for creating the right shape and the other for blending to create the natural and hypnotising gaze.

The tips that the fiesty latina gave to me included :

  1.  A Perfect Brows is all about parallel lines- this creates the most striking look and fits better with your face.
  2. Draw on the outline with the contour brush first then fill in with the blending brush
  3. Keep practicing as it gets better each time
  4. Find either your concealer or your foundation to go over the top of the brow as a highlight
  5. Highest part of the eyebrow should be at your pupil and soften from there
Thats pretty much it..
I have to say, initiailly trying this out it was one of the hardest things- I never do much to my eyebrows so it was a shock when I appeared to my friends like Ms Mono-brow but over the next few days I suprisingly got better. It is pretty easy.
The kit really does work and really creates a lovely looking brow.
It supposidly lasts up to 2 years which- is possible since the brow is only a small part of the body and you do not need THAT much, It also come complete with tweezers and the two brushes.
I think I will be investing in a larger normal sized brush to help me become a pro at the brows but as a starting kit- it is all you need for celebrity inspired Eyebrows.

Pop over to your nearest Benefit counter for a demo and I am sure you will purchase as well!


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On the other side of this year Prada came out with their 2011 collection and with it came their version of the Brothel Creepers-

These rather interesting and eye catching shoes are the perfect mix between a trainer- (which is great as it incorporates a casual wear), an espadrille (so boasts comfort and great on the feet) and a platform so adds the element of high fashion.

prada creeper shoes

Finalised with the Prada stamp these are on today’s Shoe Addiction list.

The unique lace up shoes come in a variety of colours with the signature rope tied platform stiletto with the current rrp at £510.00. They can be purchased online and in store.

Its a great retake on the classic men’s courtroom shoe that they have modified with a cool new twist which is androgynous and sexy for women as well.

women's creepers prada

The shoe has been an amazing seller with the help of Rihanna, the singer put these babies back on the map- and these prada lace ups are a cool alternative for both men and women.

prada 2011 catwalk creeper

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Fat Joe has lost an immense amount of weight- so can’t really be called fat anymore but he has been working hard on new tracks and latest news straight out of twitter is from the set of his latest song with Chris Brown.

He tweeted “Another Round!!!! ft. @ChrisBrown. AMAZING VIDEO!!!!” and posted a pic from the set.

fat joe twitter chris brown

The outfits on set looked rather colourful and full of swagger.

Chris looked rather Dapper in his Versace for H&M Jacket rrp at $129.00 which is pretty reasonable.

versace mens collection

He matched this up with some very popular Dita Grandmaster 2 sunglasses at $600 / £400 which have been worn by Neyo and Usher and many other celebs.

dita grandmaster 2

usher in sunglasses

Chris Breezy was also styled in some awesome bright turquoise pants ($60) from the Versace collection and black gold topped button shirt ($50) a rather cool look than the standard low jeans and t-shirts that most artists wear nowadays.

black tipped shirt


chris brown sky blue trousers

In other news Chris Brown has just put down some cash for his latest purchase on new home in the hills of L.A as a present for himself for such a successful comeback- the house looks pretty awesome at a surprising $1.5 million.

The three bedroom house is said to be a stones through away from ex girlfriend Rihanna but is kitted out with some amazing features which include an elevator.

Rihanna is planning to move out of the neighbourhood as she has also purchased a new place..

chris new apartment

The house is over 2,300 square feet and the elevator takes Chris from the ground right to the front door- its full of glass, hi-tech touch screen interactive systems, a swimming pool and three bedrooms.

Just two years ago- before the great depression! the house was listed at 2.5million so they have knocked a nice million off for the singer! BARGAIN

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Since the Royal wedding back in April 2011, the Middletons have been a regular name in the fashion papers especially the perfect derrière of Pippa Middleton.

Other than the lady-in-waiting’s figure, her simple and elegant bridesmaids dress trended on Twitter throughout the entire Royal wedding weekend as it was the perfect mix of understated beauty with outstanding presence, the dress was a one of a kind by the fashion house Alexander McQueen designed by Sarah Burton.

The dress retailed at $39,000, but we are pleased to announce that it not only limited to those that want to spend the same amount as a car on a dress- with the assistance of high street retail department store Debenhams.

The Debenhams designers have put together the Pippa Bridesmaids dress for a superb and reasonable £200/ $250 which is out for release on the October 17th 2011- in great time for those getting married in 2012.

Alain Mehada, the Debenhams chief personal shopper at the flagship Oxford Street Store commented on the latest range “We’ve been inundated by customers asking if we have anything similar to dresses worn by Kate, Pippa and the flower girls, but the ivory dress worn by Pippa is the most request by far,” whilst Russell Fish,  the head of the occasional wear at Debenhams said “We have taken the best of the dresses and added our designer twist, Now everyone can get the Middletons’ look at high street prices”

pippa middleton fashion skirt and jeans

The question that really came into mind when I heard the news of these dresses is that- would you want to copy such a world known, renowned and recognisable dress? Would your guests and family at the wedding appreciate you for purchasing the copy? Why would you want to copy the dress that headlined twitter? Hmm.. Questions..Yes it was a lovely dress on Pippa but it really is some heavy shoes to fill- Well, I will have to keep an eye on the wedding blogs to see if there is a general conformity to such a dress. To be continued next year!!

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