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Crochet Dress -Inspiration

With the very slightly, (and I mean, slight ) change in weather here in the UK, and the surprise when I saw the yellow daffodils open in my front garden as I stepped out of the house this morning.


I knew it was time. I knew Spring was imminent and this nasty cold depressing season we call winter is almost on its way out. ‘Bye Felicia’ I hear you say! With that and the blue skies up ahead I thought to myself it is now time to start searching for summer wear.

This thought also came into my mind as a few friends have booked a trip to Dubai in a few weeks so summer outfits is almost certainly important.

With that said, with also  watching a few episodes of reality show it dawned on me that I need a cover up for the beach! but a cute one! One that shows skin but also hides skin (after all its a traditional country)

No more sarongs..

My search landed me to these awesome crochet cover ups.

So Ladies (and gentlemen) here are a few inspirational images to get you ready for summer.

Ways to wear your cover up:

With Boots and a groovy scarf- Light natural and cool!

Don’t forget the matching bikini

Crochet coverup summer

They are incredibly easy to wear- just add a floral garland and a ribbon bracelet..

garland long dress crochet beach summer coverup


Don’t forget the extra large fashion sunglasses.. Your on the beach! It is a must!






short crochet beach dress


The Sun hat can also be a fantastic accessory- the larger the better!


Why not have inverse : a darker crochet coverup matched with a lighter swimsuit.

black crochet and white bikiniThe Backless crochet dress is a gorgeous choice… This can be made more formal with wedges!

backless crochet dress summer


This Long crochet dress still combines sexiness and glamour whilst keeping your modesty.


long crochet sexy dress



The Batwing crochet dress give drama and elegance to the simple crochet design!

crochet bat wing


Even Halle Berry opted for the coverup – looks good !


halle berry crochet dress


From Behind the dress looks just as good!


crochet  dress bum


Whilst sunning on a boat in Europe it really is an excellent item for the suitcase which will not make you go over those pesky weight allowances.



crochet dress dubaiWe hope your inspired!

crochet dress

Whilst on holiday in turkey I was taken to one of the gold shops and was immediately introduced to the brand Belmond.
Not exactly high end or particularly expensive.. But for that reason I loved it!
I high shine stainless steel incredibly sparkly crystal Swarovski encrusted watch which I can use as an every day run around whilst the Rolex is on clean!
This gorgeous time piece does exactly what it’s meant to.. Capture some attention, tell the time and look good!

Have you found watches off the beaten track that are not big brands but you still love?

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Having just looked through the 2014 collection by Zuhire Murad, I would say I am a devout fan.

zuhair murad 2014 collection black dress zuhair murad 2014 collection black dress

The dresses ooze glamourous high fashion and drama- the type of dress that will make everyone stop and stare- not for the faint hearted or the shy these gowns are the top of our list for the fall couture 2014.zuhair murad 2014 collection blue dress zuhair-murad034

Plunging necklines, nipped waists, sharp shoulders and silutte enhancing structures show which show just the right amount of skin to be uber sexy yet still sophisticated.

zuhair murad 2014 collection green dress zuhair murad 2014 collection green dress zuhair murad 2014 collection green dress

Floor length and shorter styles graced the catwalk with bright colours such as teal, royal blue and burgundy red a colour for every skin tone and personality.

Inspiration behind this line was geometric patterns and metallic sequins.

With such dramatic and wow-ing gowns accessories such as necklaces and earrings were at a minimum which is perfect-put the budget to the dress! So all that you need is a small clutch and a cinched belt

zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress

Makeup was also kept to the classic smokey eye, swept back hair and nutrual tones once again to keep focus on the beauty of the gown.


zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress

Just the other day I thought to myself- I love the look of a sharp suit- black is a bit boring, grey is becoming the norm so why not add some colour.. Well Kendal Jenner – sister to the Kardashian Klan was spotted leaving her hotel  to her book signing in New Jersey alongside her sister Kylie.


kendal jenner blue suit

The blue suit is a stunner- bold beautiful and blue!

The 18 year old seems to be getting more risque by the day, opting not to wear a top underneath the over sized jacket.

Paired with a point stiletto it really is a great look.

Why not try other colours for fashion.

These celebrities have also been spotted looking chic in their suits.

Nicki minaj dons the bright pink trouser suit

nicki minaj pink suit

Rihanna opts for the white suit..classically chic and the contrast with her hair is gorgeous!

rihanna white suit
Finally Heidi Klum, wears the bright red suit pants suit and it looks superb.

Why stick for the standard black grey boring colours go wild!

red suit

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For the past 2 months I have wanted a really dramatic red coloured lipstick with a little gloss simply because I was in the festive season and I wanted my lips to stand out!

However Christmas has gone yet my red lipstick has stayed. I guess I liked the dramatic look of what it did.

It was a hard choice picking a red simply because some shades can make you look a little like a clown! but The Maybelline has to be my favourite.

I apply the First colour stay over my lips

Wait a few moments for it to dry

Then add the Clear lipgloss over

Thats it!


However unlike the marketing suggest it certainly isn’t a 24hour lipstick it does need to be reapplied however when it was time to reapply the gloss chipped and pretty much rubbed of instantly.

I took the time to message Maybelline on their Facebook and a got a quick response that suggested the lipstick needs to be applied to a clean lip and should be removed each time which is a bit difficult to carry around makeup wipes in a clutch purse?!

What ever the case I have continued to purchase this lipstick as I love the colour.

I love the striking Red colour.. I will be on the hunt for another colour stay type lipstick as its nice to always have that..”wow” look.


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Wow- I was blown away by Beyoncé’s dress that I had to do a top three from the latest collection by Stephane Rolland. His epic designs feature amazing shapes are really dramatic eye-catching gowns which I have fallen in LOVE with.

So without much pomp and pageantry the top three gowns from the latest collection are as followed.


Stephane designs are really renown for their huge majestic presence and I believe my choice for number three really showcases those exact words:

The drop hem high leg oozes amazing drama and appeal taken in at the waist to provide amazing curves and the wide shoulders create a further illusion simply perfectly designed- LOVE IT!


Stéphane Rolland Couture 2012 black dress




Wearing white always tends to look dramatic and slightly attention seeking behaviour so combining with with a very dramatic dress will result in even more OTT…

Being over the top is great…sometimes at least and in this gown that’s all you can look! The dress is soft and elegant, very Grecian and matched with the same round gold belt as above.


Stéphane Rolland Couture 2012 white float dress



Well, unfortunately to be predictable I had to pick the 110lb dress as number one simply due to its size!

It’s huge its dramatic and its BRIGHT RED.

I believe black, white and red are the staples for any type of dramatic down and Stephane captured all three right here!

Its simply stunning..

What do you think?

Stéphane Rolland Couture 2012

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You know that feeling when you walk past someone, be it on the tube, whilst walking down the street, in a shop or just in a small confined area and you take in a great big whiff of their perfume and think “oohhhh she smells nice” We all love that feeling, and the other day a randomer happened to say those exact words to me and it is the foundations of this post on my top 5 perfumes at the moment.



Kimora Lee Simmons- Fabulosity


Yes- the queen of fabulosity has generated a really beautiful scent, I am never a fan of big celebrity endorsed perfumes but this one is actually really nice- and the perfume the randomer commented on last week. With such a good price tag I lovingly squirted a lot of the perfume over my clothes, hair and my “aura” which is spraying the air and walking through!

A good 6 or 7 squirts did the trick to create my beautiful surrounding of smell!

The scent is sweet lovely and at £18.00/ $25 its worth the beautiful glow and the oohh she smells nice face you get whilst walking in close proximity to any stranger!

fabulosity kimora perfum



This count down is prooving very hard as my perfumes all mean the world to me! A slight dramatisation but they are all pretty nice smells that I adore.

So choosing number 4 as Dune by Dior, came pretty hard.

Its a classic perfume, very rich, wealthy scent which warms to you as you wear it, I find it to be long lasting throughout the day.. It is a perfume that I wear on realy nice occasions as it is simply delightful.

Due to the branding of the Dior it retails at £37.00 however you will only need a few squirts of the perfume to get the desired “mmm” effect.


dune dior perfume3. Tresor by Lancom


Tresor is another favourite- very very similar to the effects of choice number 4, Dune- wealthy, warm smell which everyone always responds well to. It’s longevity and distinct nature of the perfume really makes it a favourite of mine. Retailing at £40 and up  it would be a good choice for yourself or as a gift to your mother, girlfriend, other half or friend but you only need a few spritz to make yourself smell as though you have bathed in roses.

tresor perfume

2. Cartier Delices,

I was given this perfume as a gift which was rather surprising as I had not really noticed Cartier for perfume but on pumping the first spray it was music to my nose! a melody to my nose and really just a sweet perfume, so sweet I wanted to eat it ( of course I wouldn’t in fear of death or at the very least a very bitter mouth) but this was a very sweet perfume- its young its fruity and really  a nice choice for going out for drinks or the cinema-  £35.00 a bottle.


cartier perfume

1. Gucci Rush

has to be my old time favourites- one of the first perfumes I ever purchased as a young teenage- at one stage I felt it was my own signature scent! A good friend once told me when ever he smelt the Gucci Rush smell it instantly made him think of me.. I guess that shows how much I chose to wear it- Instant love, only thing with it- is that it is a bit on the popular side that almost everyone has worn it and I guess for my friend he would smell it on a lot of people and I guess think of me a lot..

gucci rush perfume smells nice

Again due to branding it is not the cheapest of perfumes retailing at £29.00 and up.



It is amazing how smells can conjure up emotions and thoughts and people- so its important you get the smell correct- No one wants to be known for smelling bad HA! Any one of these perfumes will leave beautiful thoughts in a strangers mind about how amazing you smell.

So stop buy the stores and pick your favourite today..

Rihanna is out in my town today -That being Central London promoting her latest venture into acting for her film Battleship which is due to hit cinemas sometime in May 2012. With it comes an entire new selection of fabulous fashion. The princess was spotted at a local area of 5 star hotel The Mandarin Oriental Hotel with her ultra slimmed physic that she has been working on for the release of the film.

She wore Alexander Wang pre fall 2012 dress which was a lovely shade of Green, deep and luxurious colour which we don’t often get to see, so a great choice really!

rihanna in green dress halter

She has been a blond for a while now, and I have voiced the dislike of this colour but shes gone ultra blond today which (sort of) complimented the green of the dress!

Surprisingly enough it was very sunny in the capital (Yes it can be sunny in London) so Rihanna choose a pair of $220 sunglasses by Karen Walker “Number One” sunglasses from the summer 2012 collection. Karen is known for her unique styles and this one is no different- I am particularly loving the side arrows on the arms of the glasses!

rihanna yellow sunglasses

The halter dress was a nice choice for a particularly warm day in the capitol- the satin material is perfect for her new svelte figure. Compared to the model I think the dress really comes alive on Rihanna. What do you think?

Of course she added some simple black Christian louboutin “Pigalle” pumps which gave the dress a rather sophisticated feel.

rihanna pigalle shoes lb

Just the day before Rihanna was spotted taking the tube through Waterloo station to catch up with Drake as he performed at the 02 in Greenwich. We love the fact she likes to be a bit controversial and I guess “normal” taking the tube with her friends- yes it caused a lot of commotion but she did it like a trooper! why not!


alexander wang rihanna green dress 2012 collection


rihanna blonde hair green dress london


Ms Jennifer Aniston attended the premier of her latest film “Wanderlust” at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood California this past week.

Her dress a smart choice for the premier looked great, from the Tom Ford Spring 2012 collection worked well for the recent birthday girl. Known for often going for the “safe option” whilst on the red carpet or anywhere she travels Aniston tried something a bit different today. I guess this isn’t really THAT adventurous/ different but it has hints of quirkiness that paid off. See taking a risk can be good!

jennifer aniston tom ford dress

The Tom Ford creation has a formal initial appearance but has been made youthful with the addition of the Peplum and bodice corset body. The peplum waist is awesome for creating a slim waist appearance but beware if you are bottom heavy it can add inches! but for the slim Aniston it works well. Her biceps are also looking pretty toned and defined here- loving that too- she should stick to sleeveless as she has the tone to carry it off.

tom ford spring 2012 black and white dress

Simple but cute the black trims work well to compliment her black Christian Louboutin shoes and gold bracelet cuffs work well with her tan. Do you agree was it was a good choice today?

jennifer aniston red carpet black and white dress 2012 tom ford

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This trend we have mentioned over the past few months has been found on stage with none other than Beyonce!

beyonce white halter neck dress gold sequins

The hottest singer performed songs from the past and her current album 4 in a variety of hot outfits- one included a white halter dress with gold embellished sequins on the shoulder and it appears to combine a gladiator style skirt with varied lengths of stings.

beyonce white halter neck dress gold sequins

The dress was awesome showed off the right amount of her fabulous body- the filming of this show was clearly before she begun to “show” her baby bump so she is still very slim.

beyonce orange drop hem skirt performing

The Orange Drop hem red skirt is a very dramatic piece- it works well to showcase her toned legs and small hips due to its large poofy dimensions.

beyonce orange skirt long at back and short front

We looked at a few similar options for you to achieve this trend.

Our favourite is this black drop hem Maria Grachvogel : Aesop skirt RRP £1,181.67 | $1,774.50

The black skirt is great for a multitude of occasions from a date out with the friends to an exclusive party its a great versatile skirt that can be worn with most and to most places.

drophem skirt black designer

Marchesa Couture

Designed by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, this pink fruity dress has the same drama as Beyonce’s in her UK performance last night- The dress can be found here at $6,500. The gown is clearly couture and is ideal for balls summer proms and more! We love it.


FINDERS KEEPERS –Shining Star Maxi in Taupe/Mustard

yellow drop hem dressThis drop hem dress is a great option for a night out on the town or to dinner- its the third and final choice in our drop hem Beyonce style fashion options. Only $203.00 makes it a fabulous option and price efficient. Available from Revolve Clothing.










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