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Top 5 Luxury Iphone Cases:

Everyone seems to have switched over to some form of smart phone and as most of us know the most popular is the Apple Iphone. These expensive pieces of our lives need to be protected. I have an iphone and I know it must be protected I always drop the phone and always say a little prayer when I see the case protect it from its possible cracked end!

So with this I know a thousand and one people all carry Iphone cases to prevent possible damages but its no longer cool to have a simple boring black leather case there are a huge selection of options to go into. But if you did want a black leather case why not get the one listed in our top 5!



Mulberry Iphone Leather Cover Chocolate

mullberry iphone case

The beautiful Mulberry Iphone case made from a stunning leather as well as stitch detailing and a brushed leather interior. The case fits all iphones from the first to the 4s. The Iphone simply sits inside the case so not perfect if you drop the phone whilst using but its a lush option for men that choose to have the phone inside a pocket. The Iphone case is finished with a Mulberry tree detail which I’m sure will match the lovely bag. The case comes with Luxury mulberry box.

mullberry iphone case

4. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Skull iPhone 4 case.

This £150.00 iphone case speaks loudly about fashion and personality, it does come in a variety of colours if the orange is too bright but this was our favourite. Eye catching and bold. Why not!

alexander mcqueen iphone case

This fits the iphone 4 and 4s and works by slipping the phone inside the case, again not great for mistakes if you drop the phone during use but works during any other time. The skull clasp is made from Swarovski crystal and the leather case wipe clean for spills and dirt.



Saffiano iPhone wallet

MICHAEL Michael Kors iPhone Saffiano Leather Zip Wallet

Michael Kors is one of our favourite designers producing some really lovely items from shoes, bags, iphone cases! its a lot and this one is no exception. The leather case with a gold hardware trim adds to the appeal of the item. The case also comes with the M.K plaque and a wrist strap for portability.

MICHAEL Michael Kors iPhone Saffiano Leather Zip Wallet

The iphone case fits for all iphones as well as three card slots. £125.00 will get you this beauty also available in a variety of colours.




Falabella iPhone 4 case


This pretty and hard iphone case combines faux suede and the hard chain metal trim with whip stich detailing, a famous Mccartney signature. The case is dramatic and stands out from the crowd.

STELLA MCCARTNEY Falabella iPhone 4 case

If you really like the case why not get the bag too!

The iphone case retails at £150.00


ICE LondonUnion Jack IPhone 4 Cover

We had to go British for the final cover, british with sparkles! Bright and patriotic and we love it!

union jack ice case

The ICE London pink union jack cover fits the iphone 4 and is covered completely in Swarovski elements which shines impressively and comes presented in a pouch and gift box. Retailing at £86.00


The great thing about this iphone case is that it protects the phone during use.


The high and esteemed fashion photographer Mario Testino received his first ever award Moet & Chandon Etoile ceremony last night, in a large soiree to honour him and his contribution to culture in society. Lots of his model friends came to support him, like Kate Moss and Victoria Secreat model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The lady that caught our eye was Candice Swanepoel, also a victoria secret model, as she arrived at the Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair and stopped for pictures

The 22 year old model arrived in a dashing black lace gown by designer Tom Ford from the Spring 2012 collection.

She pouted her way through cameras in a very glamourous old Hollywood style look, something I would imaged Marilyn Monroe to wear today, her hair was styled into a cool wavy updo again matching a very chic and 1960s look. Her makeup consisted of a bold bright red lipstick which worked to accentuate her sumptuous lips as well as thin eyeliner and the must have item for any party eye lash inserts. Minus the lipstick the makeup was very minimalist as a way to accentuate her charming blue eyes.

candice make up red lips

She had worn a Tom Ford design at his 2012 spring catwalk show a few days prior- and the images “leaked” on her twitter account– I use the term leaked as Tom has created a name for himself as a fashion designer to go rogue on the  internet! At the show for example, he placed cards on every seat with the words

tom ford fashion show no photography


“No Photography Please”- which is odd for a fashion show right?, at the end of the day your showcasing the fashion at the show?! Only one photographer was in sight and that was the one commissioned by Tom! So we can’t capture a glimpse of the runway show until the official release date which is not until mid January, when the dresses will be ready for purchase- sigh 🙁

However, the only other photograph was Candice and she snapped one backstage and she  was able to get away with it! this is the picture that has been floating around the internet.

tom ford backstage


Back to the award show- She took a picture using her iphone of herself enjoying the evening with her friends and again posted to twitter

candince in tom ford

She also got a picture with pal Rose for a very beautiful monochrome sultry pose

candice with rose


The official pictures of the two were very glam and showed how beautiful the black lace gown is with a long fish tail

It covers in all the correct places mixing glam and salutary.

candice black lace dress tom ford


Her friend Rose chose to wear a white Burberry number which looked just as lovely but I felt black is always better!

Make sure you note Rose’s shoes- they do look painful!

rose burerry white dress


Ex Disney teen and newlywed Hilary Duff stepped out in LA, California today and was spotted in a cool sophisticated outfit whilst walking back to her car from shopping in Maxwell’s

She looked extremely happy after recently returning back from her holiday with new husband Mike Comrie, the couple had traveled to Italy to spend some time together and enjoy Europe.

The young and only 23 year old sauntered back to the car wearing a simple outfit that we feel we would be happy to emulate…

hilary duff in isabel marant jacket
Happy Hilary



An Isabel Marant Jacket- which seems to be on everyone’s wish list at the moment with many other celebrities wearing the cool embroidered jackets.

Isabel Marant


She wore a simple black tee under and a pair of black skinny jeans to counter balance the striking coat.

She accessorized with some colourful fun red earrings and blue bangles.

Depending on the colour of the embellishments your free to mix and match the colour of the bangles but we loved these tropical wooden bracelets by Marc Jacobs, Hilary completed her look with the ever popular Louboutins black stacked hills.

Marc jacobs wooden bangles
Marc Jacobs


The craze of Isabel Marant has been super popular recently with Katie Holmes, Zoe Soldana, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley featured below as well as…

Isabel Marant Jackets


The common theme is to join the jacket up with a pair of jeans and some heels for a super sexy look or boots for a casual super cool look! Lots of choice from one dramatic jacket!

Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow



Isabel Marant hilary duff jacket


The Jacket’s rrp £1,400.00





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