Rihanna is one of the hottest singers at the moment- she has been a hit music-money-making-machine releasing the singles as if her life depended on it and they are all getting that number one spot.

She has been back in the studio in recent weeks working and recording the tracks for her next album which is due for release next week 21st November 2011, the album is named “Talk that Talk” and in preparation for it she has been submitting pictures to her facebook account for her thousands of fans to like and love.

rihanna sitting on pavement

The pictures are all very steamy in typical Rihanna form. But are taken from a friends perspective with the singer relaxing in a stripy baby onesy/ baby grow or backstage preparing to perform at her world tour all very candid and fun. Something most other artists are not doing- I believe she is young- she understands the power of social media such as Facebook and Twitter and she is using it to communicate with her fans and followers which is enabling her to become an even larger success. Business 100%

swimming costume

She has also released these professional fashion shots of herself in her latest pair of designer craze shoes- not as price conscious as her creepers but they follow the same sort of punk rocker style- Blaenciaga cut out flat boots.

They Retail at $1,275.00 and are taken from this years spring summer collection.

rihanna black boots cut out

The boots are not particularly something I would wear- but I guess if your aiming for a cool hard rocker look then these bad boys are awesome- very androgenous and masculine.


Mary-Kate has been spotted in them whilst walking the streets of New York- so Rihanna is not alone in this one.


mary kate balenciaga_cutout_boot

Check the pictures of Rihanna and some of the images that appeared on her facebook!

rihanna in her black and white stripy onesey

rihanna talk that talk album

rihanna backstage facebookrihanna facebook pictures track list talk that talk

rihanna creepers stockings

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So Beyonce has been out and about flaunting her baby bump curves and yesterday as she headed back to her office she was seen looking rather casual in this fab Love Potion jumper by Wildbox.

The jumper is a cute one- obviously the Chanel perfume bottle which is legendary.

Beyonce’s adoptive sister Kelly Rowland has also worn the jumper on a photo shoot- they claim to share everything including fashion!

kelly rowland love potion jumper

Kelly looks pretty hot in the blue short shorts and cropped bob.

The jumper has also been seen on country singer Taylor Swift.

taylor swift wildfox jumper

The jumper can be purchased from here- and is a reasonable $178


Beyonce teams her cool jumper with some YSL Tiger print  Palais leopard-print calf hair pumps which are $850.00 / £566.00

Palais leopard-print calf hair pumps

beyonce love potion jumper

One thing we have noticed about Beyonce is her nails- she likes pointy witch like nails- I cannot stand her nails!

For a closer look…

beyonces nails

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The controversial couple we spotted on the red carpet yesterday for the premier of “Mountaintop” in New York City. Alicia Keys looked “nice” in a simple black jeans, sheer black top and striking green jacket number as she posed next to her husband music producer Swizz Beats. The two adopted an arrange of clothing from the latest collection of the most popular designers at the moment in support of the film starring Angela Bassett and Mr Samuel L. Jackson.


For one- Alicia Keys’ shoes have been taken from the Christian Louboutin collection retailing at $2,295 for the outspoken newspaper print pair of shoes.

daffodile brodee pumps

The shoes are a mark to celebrate 20 years of Louboutin’s which is deemed unforgettable and self proclaimed très fantastique- smart embroidery finished by hand give these shoes their elevated price tag- alongside the sky high  heels which add 160mm to any wearers height.


metallic python Christian Louboutin Artemis spike strap handbag

She had her Italian Christian Louboutin Artemis metallic python spike strap handbag carefully placed over one shoulder- which attempted to turn the outfit into something more spectaculer. The bag retails at $2,000 and can be purchased from Barneys!

The look of this outfit is rather plain, She also appears to be trying to get back into shape post pregnancy  so is often found in black outfits which hide a multitude- I actually prefer her this shapely its nice!

alicia keys green jacket

Swizz went for a Philip Lim Double breast wool peacoat ($1,100) and some L.V Winter summit boots ($1,100)

The couple seem to be doing well- glad to see you out Alicia!


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Autumn is in full swing as the warm summer temperature plummets, shorter evenings and falling brown leaves line the streets and its only natural in this transformation of seasons that we head to the depths of our wardrobes to find the light to medium jackets for the morning commute. Feeling rather disheartened by the change around in the outfits from summer to autumn with the correct shoes this can be fun and easy.

The shoes I really find attractive at the moment are the mens loafers.

Loafers are a cool dapper option for men to wear from the usual comfortable  shoes like trainers, Vans or Timberlands.

This guide looks to a few of our favourite Loving the Loafers shoes which can easily add some dapper to your look!




These elegant Manshoes are an exclusive from Carshoe-  now Prada owned, theses shoes boasts sophistication, charm and suave.

The signature item of these are the nuggets on the bottom of the shoe.

The simple bow gives a superb finish alongside the high shine and ribbon- sheer culture and beauty. The mini buckle can be customised for initials for extra personalisation.

These particular exclusive shoes are available from Carshoe or any retail stores in Italy. RRP £700.00






Bottega Veneta

Sapphire Intrecciato Suede Shoe

bottega veneta shoes

These lovely blue soft suede moccasin comfort shoes are a stunning choice with an intrecciato front and rubber sole for added comfort. These are a great choice for a leisurely sunday morning brunch in a small village enjoying a smooth cappuccino, newspaper and a warm sun.

These shoes are distinguished and demonstrate a wealth of prominence and confidence for any wearer! Oh yes we Love Loafers!

soft suede moccasin features an intrecciato front.

A rubber sole gives added comfort.



Harrys of London



Oh these are Divine! the colour, the shape, the lining it is all lovely.

Simple shape of a loafer, the lining of the white gives the shoe a great shape and transforms them from a standard green leprechaun pair of shoes to a refined gentlemanly item.

The heel as a superb and unique H heel which has an exclusive suede covered Technogel footbed for extreme foot comfort. We love the sage green but it comes in a multitude of yummy colours

Chocolate, Tobacco, Violet and Polished Kudu Tobacco.

RRP £295.00


These are only three of some of our favourite mens footwear- It only occured to me how cute these shoes are as I walked through Bond Street in London yesterday.

One gentleman worked his loafers wonderfully accross New Bond Street- Even I had to take note!

Celebrities are also realising the attractive side of the English Dapper fashion featured on the male style icon Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Scott.

Found here only two days ago (October 6th) out with his mother in law Chris Jenner.

His fashion is truley defined and we love it!

Men Take Note

scott in loaffers


So another weekend passes us and we have found some lovely celebs to comment on today!

One of my favourite bands The Black Eye Pea’s performed for charity at the Great Lawn in New York in aid of the Robin Hood Foundation- Fergie the only female member of the band was spotted leaving the New York Hotel ahead of the concert that took place that evening in a lovely outfit by Givenchy.

fergie in givinchy dress

The same Tee / dress was spotted on Liv Tyler this weekend as she attended the The Givenchy ready to wear Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Liv opted for a pretty Olive green floral satin dress, which she kept simple with minimilist accessories and jewellery and a pair of black heels. (Not keen on them though..)

liv tyler givinchy

She looked rather dandy in her version of the satin dress whilst she sat next to singers Ciara and the now very slim Jennifer Hudson at the fashion show.

liv tyler jennifer hudson and ciara

Which dress of the two do you think is the best? I prefer the way Fergie has adapted the dress with a pair of leather shorts.

fergie leaving hotel in givenchy dress and shorts

Fergie’s outfit is something I would be happy to wear whilst walking out on the streets of London..

givenchy shirt 2011 fall collection

The dress/ Tee, as worn by Fergie comes in at $650.00, it is a modification of the pullover version found on the 2011 Fall catwalk.

fergie givenchy dress

I’m in Love with her black Prada baroque glasses- A classic that can be worn with pretty much anything- my definition of an investment! RRP of £130 or $290. Rihanna was also spotted in the shades earlier this week.

prada sunglasses

The first Lady of the Black Eyed Peas chose to wear her own brand of shoes from the Fergie collection, named “Tremble” which worked well with her leather skirt.

The shoes are priced very reasonably at $99 or £59.00 and come in a mix of colours.

fergie tremble shoes


Her bag is one which Fergie seems to adore- like many girls she must carry a heap of items and crap- I know, I often struggle to fit my bits into a small clutch so this bag must do her items justice!

Her large statement bag is by Celine and it is a black Phantom bag retailing at RRP $2,200

Celine luggage Phantom bag



So Today, the 1st october 2011, we saw the hottest ever October in records to hit London and most of the UK with temperatures reaching record highs of 30 degrees- I have been enjoying the sun- over the past week, however I realised it’s time to find something to wear for the Pimms in London tomorrow.

Something elegant, pretty, and bright with a mixture of autumn colours, simple enough to just wear yet with enough presence to turn heads – Furthermore, the outfit needs to be somewhat functional in the approaching winter season, So the question arose…what to wear on a sunny Sunday october 2011.

We have come up with this really price economical outfit that will leave you looking lovely in the British Indian Summer Snap.


So what do we have…

River Island Skater Dress

This bright and lovely red sleeveless dress which tapers out- very simple but its what we do with it that can make it really chic!

RRP £30.00- Bargain!



Red river island dress ideas







With this outfit- sticking to two colours acts for a stronger bold impacting statement- similar to that of colour blocking we have noticed celebrities like Kim Kardashian going for recently. Beige is a lovely colour, easy to match and always looks sophesticated.

These Aldo heels create a lovely calf to every womans leg, simple patented and have a concealed platform to give you hidden height! it is also much more comfortable to have the concealed platform.

Glamourous and a fab colour to contrast the brightness of the red dress.

RRP Currently on SALE at £50

aldo shoes beige



Zara Tasselled Messenger Bag

Made from Cow leather, small compact to keep the attention on you and the dress rather than the large purse that is wearing you- great for the sun as its light large enough to carry the lipstick, credit card plus the iphone- all us girls really need!


RRP £79.99



Monsoon Bangles

Simple accessories are the best for summerwear, just a basic gold and brown bangle stackers are great for decorating the arms- the gold compliments the brown from the shoes and the bag- great choice.

RRP £12.00

monsoon Regents Stacker Bangles


Burberry Nude Glasses


Of course- glasses are a natural choice as soon as the tiniest crack of sun comes out- and the ever popular Aviators you can never go wrong.

These nude glasses give you UV protection as well as a high fashion look.

RRP £165.00

burberry aviater glasses



EUGENIA KIM-Claudia feather-embellished silk-satin headband

Again, the point of this outfit is to get the right balance of exposure and subtlety- we considered a large sunhat but- considering its October use over the winter months are rather limited- unless the aim is to be laughed at! so- instead something more versatile yet glamourous enough to carry up this outfit is the headband. Creating a beautiful continuation of beige colour and fashion with a bit of uniqueness it is the perfect final piece to finish off this cool sexy summer look.

RRP £107.00



The complete outfit is all for under £500 with a mixture of high street fashion and luxury designer fusion-

Get the most out of this ‘Last few days of summer cocktail with friends’ outfit over the next few days in London…


A picture of Lindsay Lohan arrived on my desk this morning and in fairness to her it looked pretty good! she had the injected trout pout look going on but in fairness to her she worked it well!

Dressed in a black chic classy outfit she walked the streets of New York with enough stride and confidence of a top American CEO exec.

The reason we particularly chose this story out of the many other options to publish is because it was the shoes that caught our attention- particularly enhanced with the profile angle of the image and it really was a great look.

This is a prime example of never/hardly-ever going wrong in black and simple can be best! two great tips- a minimalistic outfit can really do wonders.

lindsay lohan black oscar walter

Anyhoo- Lindsay wore a black  jumper dress with a simple Gold Chanel Black belt and the statement Walter Steiger Oscar platforms from his latest collection.

I have never really paid attention to the shoes before but simply because of the angle and as she was wearing black it really stood out to me that- yes I really like them! The quirkiness of the shoe is what is so appealing and inspiring.

The oversized designer bag and dark shades really finished the look for us.

Perhaps I am a tad late to jump on this band wagon as it seems as though there are an entire list of celebrities in the shoes.

Nicki Minaj has supported the platforms in several occasions turning up in a variety of loud colours from the pink and baby blue.

Nicki minaj in Walter Steiger platform muse

Walter Steiger platform muse pink

Black Eyed Peas female singer Fergie has also adopted a pair of the shoes- from a 2009 collection- her dainty shoes are called “Fire” and as with all fashion if you don’t get it whilst its hot it becomes no longer avaliable so currently it is bit hard to get hold of! but we can still admire the beauty of the shoes. The Fire pair are particularly cool as it looks as though your feet are barley in the shoe! it also looks as if like they are giving Fergie some major calf burn.

fergie in Walter Steiger platform fire


voluptuous Jessica Simpson has also seen to be supporting the curved shoes -looking rather dashing in a metallic dress.

jessica simpson in fire by walter steiger




The Fire pair a real amazing piece of work- in fact genius artwork- simple but yet so complicated when it is worn- How can the entire body fit and balance into such a complicated piece of footwear and continue to walk and move around whilst doing so! These particular pair of shoes are a posing for pictures only (P4P) sort!

This is also part of latest fashion lookout- the type of outfit you wear for Posing for Pictures! Typically because it is humanly impossible to do anything else- its the type of outfit/shoe/item you wear to simply BREATHE and possibly smile!


Walter steiger fire 2009 shoes fergie and jessica simpson

Of course the next celeb to support the shoes- or rather support anything – are the Kardashians opting for the pale blue like Nicki Minaj.

walter steiger kourtney kardashian

It is rather apparent that these shoes are paid the most justice when the wearer is wearing black!

Average price $950.00

Lindsay Lohan spotted out and about in New York City wearing an all black outfit as she made her way down the streets of the SoHo neighborhood

Joe Jonas, (the cute one!) was seen out doing a spot of shopping yesterday in Beverly Hills- he had spent some time in the All Saints Store Spitilfields but couldn’t find anything particularly great so left empty handed.

The singer looked rather dashing in his cool urban outfit- which consisted of baggy distressed jeans a navy blue t-shirt.


joe jonas shopping spitalfields


He seems to be going for a urban swagger look at the moment to coincide with his new solo career- new career means new style- new style means selling hits!

The statement item in his outfit are his trainers-

all saints spitalfields beverly hills

The sneeakers are Adidas Originals DB Gazelle Vintage Mid DB– RRP $212.00 / £97.00- Lovely leather burgendy finish with a stacked thick rubber sole- these are not the newest sneaker out but they still have major props! Especially combined with a simple yet cool outfit such as this.

joe jonas trousers jeans red trainers sneekers

Please note! his jeans are baggy but they are not falling off him! THAT is the new style! and its HOT!

Don’t you think he looks a bit like Robin Thicke in this picture…WE HEART ROBIN THICKE!!

The trainers can be purchased from here

Adidas Originals DB Gazelle Vintage Mid DB Sneakers

Joe has just released his new video for his song “Just in love” you can view his “masterpiece” below!


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When I saw these boots about ten minutes ago on a lady walking down the Knightsbridge High Street in London, I HAD to go and speak to her to find out where on earth they are from!

They were a very sexy, inappropriate (might i it was raining!) but fabulous pair of Tom Ford knee high Peep toe laced up boots.


tom ford lace up boots knee high

She said she found it extremely hard to purchase back in April but got hers from New York as they are limited edition.

I later returned to do some research on the beautes to discover Beyonce and Eva pigford/Marcille had supported the same shoes!

FYI- Isn’t Eva’s hair mega chic?! we love it!

It is from the 2011 Spring Summer collection from Tom Ford and currently incredibly difficult to find but I figured they were so fab it was worth informing you of them!

beyonce in tom ford boots

The shoes have been on sale for $5,200 in certain stores..

tom ford lace up boots knee high


Currently harder to find than oil!





over the knee boots

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Over The Knee Boots Todays post is on the new trend we have notice around whilst shopping on the streets of London. With the cold weather...