Shoe Addiction

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Whilst out in Harrods today, I happened to pass a beautiful pair of shoes- OH WOW they stopped me dead in my tracks!

Amongst all the other shoes I had tried on and seen today- it was these that caught my eye… that is a big calling- so I thought it was an important one to let you know.

It wasn’t simply because they were in a showcase cabinet with bright light  that enhanced the sparkle alongside the matching purse!

No- no.. I am not one to fall for store selling tricks but Simply the art of these shoes that they are a real show stopper..

Retail price of these limited editions are £295.00

I loved the larger than life embellished crystals and the nude colour of the shoe- the heel isn’t ridiculously high so they can be worn to dance the night away. Which makes them Perfect.

karen millen crystal shoe round toe

Let me re-introduce the Karen Millen Swarovski Anniversary Collection.

They are for the sparkle princesses that love diamonds and bling- they are pretty and will get attention.

Take a Look..

The completely studded shoes can be paired with a multitude of colours- crystal ice whites- or demure blacks- colours- these shoes are really an investment piece!

Swarovski karen millen shoeThe shoe is apart of the Harrods Swarovski for Christmas Collection -of which are found throughout the store.

The shoes also have a matching bag

I do prefer the round toe shoes but for those that love to show their fresh pedicure there is also the peep toe.

Lovely ideas for the Christmas Party and even better NEW YEARS

Rihanna is one of the hottest singers at the moment- she has been a hit music-money-making-machine releasing the singles as if her life depended on it and they are all getting that number one spot.

She has been back in the studio in recent weeks working and recording the tracks for her next album which is due for release next week 21st November 2011, the album is named “Talk that Talk” and in preparation for it she has been submitting pictures to her facebook account for her thousands of fans to like and love.

rihanna sitting on pavement

The pictures are all very steamy in typical Rihanna form. But are taken from a friends perspective with the singer relaxing in a stripy baby onesy/ baby grow or backstage preparing to perform at her world tour all very candid and fun. Something most other artists are not doing- I believe she is young- she understands the power of social media such as Facebook and Twitter and she is using it to communicate with her fans and followers which is enabling her to become an even larger success. Business 100%

swimming costume

She has also released these professional fashion shots of herself in her latest pair of designer craze shoes- not as price conscious as her creepers but they follow the same sort of punk rocker style- Blaenciaga cut out flat boots.

They Retail at $1,275.00 and are taken from this years spring summer collection.

rihanna black boots cut out

The boots are not particularly something I would wear- but I guess if your aiming for a cool hard rocker look then these bad boys are awesome- very androgenous and masculine.


Mary-Kate has been spotted in them whilst walking the streets of New York- so Rihanna is not alone in this one.


mary kate balenciaga_cutout_boot

Check the pictures of Rihanna and some of the images that appeared on her facebook!

rihanna in her black and white stripy onesey

rihanna talk that talk album

rihanna backstage facebookrihanna facebook pictures track list talk that talk

rihanna creepers stockings

A picture of Lindsay Lohan arrived on my desk this morning and in fairness to her it looked pretty good! she had the injected trout pout look going on but in fairness to her she worked it well!

Dressed in a black chic classy outfit she walked the streets of New York with enough stride and confidence of a top American CEO exec.

The reason we particularly chose this story out of the many other options to publish is because it was the shoes that caught our attention- particularly enhanced with the profile angle of the image and it really was a great look.

This is a prime example of never/hardly-ever going wrong in black and simple can be best! two great tips- a minimalistic outfit can really do wonders.

lindsay lohan black oscar walter

Anyhoo- Lindsay wore a black  jumper dress with a simple Gold Chanel Black belt and the statement Walter Steiger Oscar platforms from his latest collection.

I have never really paid attention to the shoes before but simply because of the angle and as she was wearing black it really stood out to me that- yes I really like them! The quirkiness of the shoe is what is so appealing and inspiring.

The oversized designer bag and dark shades really finished the look for us.

Perhaps I am a tad late to jump on this band wagon as it seems as though there are an entire list of celebrities in the shoes.

Nicki Minaj has supported the platforms in several occasions turning up in a variety of loud colours from the pink and baby blue.

Nicki minaj in Walter Steiger platform muse

Walter Steiger platform muse pink

Black Eyed Peas female singer Fergie has also adopted a pair of the shoes- from a 2009 collection- her dainty shoes are called “Fire” and as with all fashion if you don’t get it whilst its hot it becomes no longer avaliable so currently it is bit hard to get hold of! but we can still admire the beauty of the shoes. The Fire pair are particularly cool as it looks as though your feet are barley in the shoe! it also looks as if like they are giving Fergie some major calf burn.

fergie in Walter Steiger platform fire


voluptuous Jessica Simpson has also seen to be supporting the curved shoes -looking rather dashing in a metallic dress.

jessica simpson in fire by walter steiger




The Fire pair a real amazing piece of work- in fact genius artwork- simple but yet so complicated when it is worn- How can the entire body fit and balance into such a complicated piece of footwear and continue to walk and move around whilst doing so! These particular pair of shoes are a posing for pictures only (P4P) sort!

This is also part of latest fashion lookout- the type of outfit you wear for Posing for Pictures! Typically because it is humanly impossible to do anything else- its the type of outfit/shoe/item you wear to simply BREATHE and possibly smile!


Walter steiger fire 2009 shoes fergie and jessica simpson

Of course the next celeb to support the shoes- or rather support anything – are the Kardashians opting for the pale blue like Nicki Minaj.

walter steiger kourtney kardashian

It is rather apparent that these shoes are paid the most justice when the wearer is wearing black!

Average price $950.00

Lindsay Lohan spotted out and about in New York City wearing an all black outfit as she made her way down the streets of the SoHo neighborhood

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Passing through Harrods today we came across an eye catching mannequin with shoes that I immediately fell in love with.

The New Miu Miu Fall Autumn 2011 collection is newly out a have already sold out in most stores around London

These Sparkly pumps are immensely full of Bling and dazzle which will brighten up any outfit.

miu miu sparkle shoes

These shoes have so much potential with fashion- they can be worn out with shorts for a day in the sun and fun!

They can be combined with a nice dress comfortable low shoes which are great for the tube and walking around without compromising your fashion.

The Shoes are encrusted with diamonds and sparkles which really dazzle in the light.

The Light weight design made from a leather coating which despite all the gems feels comfortable whilst the soles are cushioned that make your feet feel as if your walking on air!


They are smart trainer shoes which have a rather posh appearance and style giving the opportunity to rock up at any party to dance the night away.

The matching laces compliment the shoes brogue shaped shoes as no attention to detail is spared.

The party christmas season is rapidly appraoching and that means glitz and glam for all those work parties- give your feet a break in these.


miu miu sparkle shoes brogue style

The shoes are still in stock at Harrods Knightsbridge and select Miu Miu stores -currently retailing for £375.00

Woohoo! Lovin them 🙂

Dr Martens are no longer labelled the “Bova- Boots” worn by punks and anarchists but a cool chic foot gem worn by loads of celebs and stars in attempt to ditch the heels and be comfortable and cool for a nonchalant appearance cool chic appearance.

We have noticed they are turning up EVERYWHERE… These shoes were made popular back in the 90s and just like all fashion it has come back round- so if you have got yours from back in the day its time to dust them off and put them on!

So here is our little list of Dr Marten fans that have shunned the painful heels in search of this new punk chic cool chick  look.

Jessica Alba– the new mother of two, happily adopts the comfy look in her burgundy red Dr Martens- she pairs them with tight leggings, jeans or shorts to add more femininity to the look then paired with a long shirt and glasses to up the glam level.

jessica alba dr martens


She wears her burgundy Dr Martens which can be found at Office for £90.00
red burgundy dr martens


Kanye West’s prodigy / ex-girlfriend curvy Amber Rose is also a big fan of the boots- she has a slight androgynous look that she likes to adopt so the boots fit in well to her style

amber rose dr martens

She has quite a unique style we like the fact she does not shy away from colours- particularly the yellow doc Martens are pretty cool with her colourful under jacket and black jeans.

The Queen on top at the moment Nicki Minaj also adopted the boots in her Superbass video in a simple white t-shirt and shorts- her backing dancers also compliment her look with alternating colours of Docs- we have to admit its a cool picture and probably made the song get to top figures in the charts!

Nicki’s fashion is rather odd- we believe the main purpose is to stand out so she can be spoken about for all the wrong reasons or to be labelled “too cool for school”.. her stylist clearly has a plan with each fashion disaster.

nicki minaj pink dr martens

pink docs are also favoured by new bandmate member to the sugarbabes

pink doc martens

Actress turned director Drew Barrymore is also a fan choosing the black Docs which are our favourites as well as Cher Lloyd in her music video Swagger Jagger and out and about- once again this must be a styling choice as she consistently wears variety of boots to create an “image” of the cool rock urban chic!

CHER LLOYDD doc martens

drew barrymore doc martens

We particularly love the black docs- the high shine of a brand new pair of classic blacks are versatile and still rugged to create impact when walking and making in entrance-

Pair with a mini skirt and baggy top for a super chic look.

There are a multitude of colours and patterns to choose from if you do want to move away from the traditional and why not customise your own if you buy a pair of black Docs!

black doc martens with skirt


Coco was out in full force in her most tiniest bikini showcasing her amazing and plenty curves!

Nicole Austin as she is known to her famous rapper husband and now reality star Ice-T were enjoying cocktails and the sun at the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

The couple were spending time together over the labour day weekend starting the night with a romantic meal with friends at Las Vegas’s latest hottest restaurant 35 Steaks + Martinis which we admit looks pretty amazing plus with a name like steak and martini’s – you can hardly go wrong!


35 steaks and martini

From the dinner they headed off to the Vanity nightclub whereby Coco hosted the party signing autographs and taking pictures with fans before heading back to the VIP section for more drinks and dancing with friends.

Coco prior to this was poolside in her white tight bikini and huge wedge pumps where she tweeted [quote]I think I’m the only one that wears heels in the pool. Coco style! [quote]


Coco white bikini

The main item about this “outfit” (and we use the term loosely) that we loved were the shoes!

She is right who wears heels to the beach?!- but are glad she did they are tremendously cute,

We found a similar pair made by Chloe yes the summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean your shoes have to go back to boring and grey-besides its an investment!

Its hard to go wrong with gold shoes- it razzles and dazzles any drab outfit.

chloe gold wedges

The Chloe Snake skin wedge has an ankle strap and gold hardware with a natural wooden heel that measures a wooping 5″ with a 2″ platform

RRP $850.00 from Kirnazabete.

Her white Bikini is as simple as a white bikini- so this look is pretty achievable.





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