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rihanna on elle magazine

Thats right, Rihanna once again covers another magazine – for the December issue of Elle, (does anyone else wonder where on earth 2014 disappeared to)

She gets an in depth interview with some of the strangest of questions- and she answers very candidly about a lot of the things.. (shrugs*)

Here is a brief excerpt from the said magazine.rihanna elle magazine 2014

If you want to find out more about what she has to say about children, pushing boundaries and her creative layers you will have to buy it. But this will wet your whistle.

rihanna elle magazine 2014

ELLE: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Rihanna: That’s still a secret.

What do people misunderstand about you?
I’m shy.

What’s the sexiest thing a man has ever said to you?
Any man that tells me what to do is sexy!

What’s your mantra?
“Fuck bitches, get money!

Your worst fear?

If you weren’t a singer, what would you be?
A wife.

The last time you were starstruck?
When I met Aaron Paul at the Spike awards.

The best hangover cure?
Ice, Chinese food! And an upside-down trash can and towels, preferably next to the toilet.

If you were a piece of jewelry, what would it be?
I’d be a choker!

What’s on your Christmas list?
A big, trimmed ****!!

rihanna elle magazine 2014

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So the Bold and the absolutely Beautiful Rihanna stepped out last night for the CFDA awards in New York.

rihanna nude dress

She wore a transparent dress with matching briefs to the ceremony and it really has left social media buzzing with excitement.

Basically naked Rihanna posed confidently for photographs clutching her winnings.

Later on that night a video appeared on instagram of her Twirking after winning her award.

Adam Selman was the creator of the eye catching gown- adorned with 230,000 Swarovski crystals with matching gloves, hat scarf and pink fur stole (I guess they forgot the bra!)


Rihanna is out in my town today -That being Central London promoting her latest venture into acting for her film Battleship which is due to hit cinemas sometime in May 2012. With it comes an entire new selection of fabulous fashion. The princess was spotted at a local area of 5 star hotel The Mandarin Oriental Hotel with her ultra slimmed physic that she has been working on for the release of the film.

She wore Alexander Wang pre fall 2012 dress which was a lovely shade of Green, deep and luxurious colour which we don’t often get to see, so a great choice really!

rihanna in green dress halter

She has been a blond for a while now, and I have voiced the dislike of this colour but shes gone ultra blond today which (sort of) complimented the green of the dress!

Surprisingly enough it was very sunny in the capital (Yes it can be sunny in London) so Rihanna choose a pair of $220 sunglasses by Karen Walker “Number One” sunglasses from the summer 2012 collection. Karen is known for her unique styles and this one is no different- I am particularly loving the side arrows on the arms of the glasses!

rihanna yellow sunglasses

The halter dress was a nice choice for a particularly warm day in the capitol- the satin material is perfect for her new svelte figure. Compared to the model I think the dress really comes alive on Rihanna. What do you think?

Of course she added some simple black Christian louboutin “Pigalle” pumps which gave the dress a rather sophisticated feel.

rihanna pigalle shoes lb

Just the day before Rihanna was spotted taking the tube through Waterloo station to catch up with Drake as he performed at the 02 in Greenwich. We love the fact she likes to be a bit controversial and I guess “normal” taking the tube with her friends- yes it caused a lot of commotion but she did it like a trooper! why not!


alexander wang rihanna green dress 2012 collection


rihanna blonde hair green dress london


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London has been once again put on the map in terms of fashion by our princess Rihanna.

This girl can do no wrong when it comes to fashion now a days- In fact, I believe she can do no wrong period!

She is at the top of her game musically, socially and fashionably she is doing all things correct as a business woman and just last night she put work aside to attend a basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Miami Heat. She gave up her seat at the Peoples choice awards for a front row position with a pal at the basketball game!

Can’t really hate on her for that !

rihanna london jumper basket ball game

She donned a simple casual outfit which saw her choosing one of her favourite brands from the streets of London Trapstar.  Rihanna has been shot in the brand before but her appearance here has meant she has made another item “famous” first being the Creepers now the Jumper- which is great for local designers and companies.

She simply paired the hoody with distressed jeans and some laced boots.

Anyone can achieve this look really- mixing causal with sexy.

london secret jumper rihanna

Whats more- the hoody is only £65.00 and can be orded online-

She looked pretty happy front row posing for pictures with a lucky young lad and her best mate- and seemed to fit right in with some popcorn and a beer-

rihanna basketball game jumper

rihanna basketball game

Rihanna is one of the hottest singers at the moment- she has been a hit music-money-making-machine releasing the singles as if her life depended on it and they are all getting that number one spot.

She has been back in the studio in recent weeks working and recording the tracks for her next album which is due for release next week 21st November 2011, the album is named “Talk that Talk” and in preparation for it she has been submitting pictures to her facebook account for her thousands of fans to like and love.

rihanna sitting on pavement

The pictures are all very steamy in typical Rihanna form. But are taken from a friends perspective with the singer relaxing in a stripy baby onesy/ baby grow or backstage preparing to perform at her world tour all very candid and fun. Something most other artists are not doing- I believe she is young- she understands the power of social media such as Facebook and Twitter and she is using it to communicate with her fans and followers which is enabling her to become an even larger success. Business 100%

swimming costume

She has also released these professional fashion shots of herself in her latest pair of designer craze shoes- not as price conscious as her creepers but they follow the same sort of punk rocker style- Blaenciaga cut out flat boots.

They Retail at $1,275.00 and are taken from this years spring summer collection.

rihanna black boots cut out

The boots are not particularly something I would wear- but I guess if your aiming for a cool hard rocker look then these bad boys are awesome- very androgenous and masculine.


Mary-Kate has been spotted in them whilst walking the streets of New York- so Rihanna is not alone in this one.


mary kate balenciaga_cutout_boot

Check the pictures of Rihanna and some of the images that appeared on her facebook!

rihanna in her black and white stripy onesey

rihanna talk that talk album

rihanna backstage facebookrihanna facebook pictures track list talk that talk

rihanna creepers stockings

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Rihanna has caused a huge storm during the shooting of her latest song We Found Love- the farmer of the land has been in papers after he complained about her scantily clad outfits.

She was found wearing her now notorious red bandana bikini- Article and images found here.

She was out yesterday causing even more of a scene in some pretty cool outfits- (however I think only Rihanna could pull it off)

Again she stepped out in her Creepers, which seem to be coming back in fashion because of the r&b princess.

This time a really quirky pair of orange platform with black and white leopard print- not as cool as the black pair but its another style!

rihanna in leopard and orange creepers

We first spotted her in the shoes a few weeks ago- view the article here


But Check the pictures of her shoot yesterday, at one stage the crowd got too much, However the trooper Rihanna remainded brave faced blowing kisses and smiling.

She was even spotted on the farm frolicking topless( yes pictures are below!)

Whats going on Rihanna! no doubt this little two day shindig is going to result in an increase in songs and ticket sales for her world tour.

rihanna in crowd



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Rihanna was spotted out in a remote field out in the sticks of Ireland yesterday (kind of hard to randomly spot someone in a remote field in Ireland though, so I’m sure there was a tip off somewhere along the line!)

rihanna red bandana bikini

Anyway- as you know, we love a bit of RiRi, here she is found in yet another bikini but for her latest upcoming song “We Found Love”

rihanna singing in red bandana bikini

The man down singer had a quick wardobe change to a rather patriotic american flag stipped bikini.

rihanna red american flag bikini

She took the outfit country with a flannal checkered shirt and large oversized massively distressed boyfriend jeans for a real farmer look.

rihanna american flag bikini

She has chosen to go back to long brown and blonde waves for her hair and I have to say the red was more striking and really made her stand out- this seems to be the safe Beyonce option…

Have to commend the girl on her body and maybe she looses a few points in the outfit-which to be fair was probably not picked out by her self- but her stylist! so lets blame her/him


Rihanna appears to be EVERYWHERE at the moment- the girl is on FIRE with her latest steamy campaign out with Armani jeans which has just gone live, her first film role is set for release in the upcoming months and her latest world tour is in full swing and has had raving reviews with the Barbados singer heading to the UK in a few weeks.

rihanna armani ad undeerware sexy

Where Rihanna goes fashion follows and she is one for the latest and greatest , with the sexy pictures with her in a white bikini pictured whilst on holiday a few weeks ago- However her latest fashion fix we have noticed, is her more frequent use and choice to wear flats and namely the androgynous wedge heeled type shoes named brothel creepers. She has been spotted in various locations sporting the standout shoes from leaving her jeep to coming out of a music video set in shorts, stockings and creepers?!

rihanna black wedge shoes fashion

A rather charming name for the shoes though!

t.u.k rihanna shoes black wedge shoes

Rihanna’s Creepers are designed by Mondo – we have taken this awesome quote from their site as a brief description of these underground shoes

rihanna music video shorts stockings and black wedge shoes fashion

The Mondo Hi Soled Creeper features a whopping 5cm high Mondo ribbed rubber sole! Extremely stylish in Black leather with a Black interlace.

The style and aesthetic that started T.U.K over 20 years ago remains the same:  shoes inspired by a rich history of music, art, and fashion that represent individuality and expression. These styles have been the staple of the underground rock n’ roll music scene for decades and are sought after for their originality and traditional look and feel.” (T.u.k website)

The shoes retail at around $120 or £70.00 which is a bargain for a pair of leather shoes and can be worn with anything as Rihanna has demonstrated!

The shoes have also been supported by English singer and songwriter Jessie J– whilst she has broken her leg whilst performing- she wears a striking red pair to compliment her bright lipstick.


jessie j shoes broken foot


Rock on!


Rihanna was out this week in her home of Barbados enjoying the sun and the beach in her tiny weeny bikini.

The Island singer showed her curves and the reason she has become the new underwear model to Calvin Klein, however this was not the bikini- this one has sold out in a few days since the princess put it on.

rihanna white bikini

The bikini is part of the new collection by Mikoh- the sister designers Oleema and Kalani Miller based in California orange county.

The brand goes to showcase femininity, strength and beauty fusing colours an bold prints inspired by the world-ideal for the confidant, chic woman that wants to stand out.

mikoh rihanna bikini black

No Doubt- Rihanna has achieved this.

Rihanna Life jacket on beach

She happily enjoyed her time on the beach sun bathing riding jet skies and having a laugh with her mates unaware of the cameras. She is currently on her loud tour which has been classed as incredibly racy.

We love the fact she has kept her slim yet curvy figure without giving into pressures of the industry..

rihanna bikini bottoms white string

The Bikini is currently sold out but be sure to check out Mikohswimwear to purchase your own of the bikini.

The bikini has a rep of under $200 for both the bottoms and strapless top- not too bad!

Not too keen on the blonde hair change- she does remind me a lot of Beyonce– don’t you think?

back to red please!

rihanna bikini

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Man down singer Rihanna was out early this morning on route to a photoshoot- hence her laid back relaxed attention toward her hair and outfit.

Rihanna red hair and green shoes


She wore a short bright blue and green jumpsuit alongside bright luminous green gladiator sandals.

Not one to blend in she rocked a “just out of bed” look with her frizzy curly red/orange hair and no make up..

Her shoes are a unique choice that stand out in the dark- a similar pair can be found by camper

Camper green gladiators

Camper has designed these incredibly trendy gladiator sandals. The thin criss-crossed straps over the foot will charm any fashionista looking for fashionable shoe.

Currently on sale for £50 – not bad really!

She is in current media in Glamour magazine in preparation for the launch of her new venture as an actress, she is staring in the movie Battleship so looks like she is going to be heading for a few photo shoots in upcoming weeks.

The glamour magazine captured her looking fabulous with very sticking RED hair and a variety of figure hugging outfits.

rihanna glamour magazine shootShe adopted a white halterneck backless top with some very sparkly trousers which showcased her round derriere.

With matching red hair and nail varnish! we LURVE the detail.

rihanna glamour d&g sparkle pantsThe Bright sparkle pants by Dolce & Gabanna fall 2011 collection really stand out on the front cover.

rihanna mark jacobs green polka dott dress fall collection 2011
Marc Jacobs Polka Dress

The magazine also features her in a capped cuff green polka Dot dress by Marc Jacobs– with a sharp black top hat and vibrant curly red locks.

The dress is something similar to what Beyonce wore a few months ago- the outfit admittedly looks better on Riri- but the green and red Dot combo is an alternative look-

beyonce in marc jacobs green polka dress rihanna
Beyonce also adopts the Marc J

She also adopts the classic look in this black dress which carefully demonstrates her wonderful curves by Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011

The dress in black looks a lot better than the white and the feather bows adds extra drama- WE LOVE IT!

rihanna glamour magazibe







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