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Michael kors bag designs

Have you noticed, over the past year Michael Kors bags seem to be everywhere, everyone and and thier mother has a MK bag and the trend seems to be getting more immense. (My mother bought her bag last month!)

Early on in the year, before I noticed the popularity of the MK, I stepped into my local Covent Garden Michael Kors shop in London and instantly fell in love with the beige bag:

This one to be exact:

Michael kors bag beigeIt was tidy- ready for business and play!

I loved it and instantly purchased..

Then over the next months I noticed everyone had the same bag- I can’t say that I was pleased- but its a cute bag so I guess its expected.


So this post is a top five list of my favourite MK bags!




Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Medium Tote

We think this is a traditional, no nonsense sensible yet sexy bag perfect for meetings, work, after work drinks and the usual city office busy life.

Perfect for the modern business woman.

Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Medium Tote



Miranda Crocodile Medium Tote

Miranda Crocodile Medium Tote

This is a luxury bag- one of the more expensive bags by the MK. Crocodile makes the price point of this around the $7000 mark. It is a great bag for those that want that exclusive look- and one that not everyone will have!



Hamilton Large Saffiano Leather Tote


Hamilton Large Saffiano Leather Tote

The Tote is a classic bag for the feminine arm and works well with any outfit- Large enough for the files and folders. Traditional Statement piece in a bold solid cadbury purple colour.



Sutton Medium Logo Satchel Bag

Sutton Medium Logo Satchel Bag

The Satchel bag is a classic for many of the other brands so MK of course had to come out with something similar and this print is a favourite. Medium sized perfect for everyday use.


1.The Tan Selma

selma mk bag

Of course my bag had to be number one! the shape- size- colour everything about the bag is simply worth it.

If your thinking about buying your lady a bag- then the Michael Korrs is a good choice- the price point isn’t ridiculous and you can have a little bit of luxury.




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So whilst shopping in John Lewis this weekend for some awesome new surround sound speakers for my TV-something else in the electrical section caught my eye and became the inspiration for todays post.

DAB radios- ok not the hippest of items known to man and Sharp N Chic fashion, however the design of these products really stood out to me and have now been made cool simply because of the really chic and fun way they had been created.

I know most people have iphones or smart phones that they can listen to music from- Thank you Apple- but Radio still is rather popular in the car and in the office when the iphone isnt plugged in- so these pretty cute radios can still come in handy. As an avid driver around the streets of London I’m often tuned into London’s biggest conversation-(LBC) which has become my favourite station! lots to learn and talk about and we all know I LOVE to talk so its very fitting!

However, I digress,

If you are planning to purchase a DAB radio- the clear advantage is the plethora of radio stations that become available to you then these cute designer sets are an option for you!


EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely

I had never heard of Orla Kiely before seeing this radio- but from it I find her and her designs to be pretty cool- its certainly a new take on the boring drab black plastic radio designs that we all once had- ideal for the young and the young-at-heart radio/ music lovers- small and discreet and fits in anywhere. It also has an Iphone and mp3 player doc so it works out to be very useful.

EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely

Orla has a homerange which this particular radio fits into quite well bright colourful and fun.

It was on sale in John Lewis for £149.00.

What do you think?


EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely

Roberts DAB Radios

John Lewis had an unpecidented amout of the Roberts brand and these are really exciting and very funky indeed- a colour and design for every possible person.

I, of course, fell in love with the Union Jack- even though I’m not particularly patriotic I JUST LIKED the boldness of it! HA!  OTHER Than that It does a great job of mixing vintage styling and the contemporary technology- it is a special edition version so if you do plan on buying it get it now as there are only limited numbers.

But there are loads of styles to choose from if this one is not for you- from pastels to patterns and more.

roberts dab radio

The brand of Roberts radio boasts 120 hours of battery life which is about five times more than competing models as well as multi station presets and a favourite button storage. Like the Orla it comes with the stereo line in for ipod and MP3 players and an LCD display.

dab roberts union jack radio flag

So why not check out both Orla and Roberts to match the radio to your personality..

So, It looks like Lipstick has got an upgrade! with temporary tattoo lips.

We have all read about permanent makeup- which is ultimately, makeup; that usually, isn’t really ,THAT permanent, BUT lasts a few weeks or months- individual eye lashes for example tend to last 2-3 weeks if you are lucky and don’t wash your face or touch your eyes!

long eyelashes

Whilst eyebrow tattoo kits can last up to three months or real permanent eyebrows can last – well permanently!

eyebrow tattoo

But now, at long last the lipstick has got its permanent partner and this is found in the new craze that has seemed to have swept the American nation…not so much British just yet but we thought we would get in first to tell you about it!

Violet Lips call it “Temporary Lip Appliqués” which is basically temporary lip applications.

They sell them in packs of three- so thats three dramatic lip tattoos that can supposedly last 8 hours, which is longer than any normal lipstick or gloss.

The pack retails on their website from $9.99 and upwards depending on the style you want.

It has a similar concept to the Minx nail applications which you cut, wet and stick on for dramatic designs which cannot really be done free hand.

minx nails


Jessie J, is one of the most popular artists that have worn the union jack lip application- in this particular picture it has been retouched so it gives the effect of dripping but she also wore the similar pack to the set whilst she was performing her song.

jessie j lips

jessie j lip temp union jack


More recently Kendall Kardashian must have got the stickons sent to her through the post for a bit of “FREE” advertising aka ‘plugging’- she tweeted a picture of her in the stickons looking very pretty as usual.

She commented on the picture “Just tried these super cool purple leopard lips I got them from Violentlips tattoos. Love them!

I’m sure she also loved the cheque that came through as well!

Can’t blame the princess..

kendall jenner kardashian lips

Her sister also got a pair for the twitter pages as well as Vanessa from the Saturdays.



VIOLET LIPs seem to be everywhere and its like one big hidden secret – so for a semi permanent lip colour try out these exciting stick ons!

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Bang & Olufsen are defiantly a Sharp N Chic brand that we are more than happy to showcase, and after having a chance to try out their latest and greatest creation that continues to push the boundaries of modern electronics, incorporating as much style and beauty  into their awesome products- we are please bring to you The BeoVision 4. The cinematic dream TV that goes above and beyond the call of duty in the luxury home cinema.

The full HD 3D plasma screen boasts stunning visual clarity and with added features that enhance the colour with automatic colour management that scans the picture on the TV every 100 hours to adjust the colour accordingly- This is the king og kings when it comes to Television.

BANG & OLUFSEN tv latest

The TV also monitors the rooms lighting and ambiance, similar to the little sensor found on most smart phones- this enables the colour to be adjusted automatically which is a great well thought about feature- no longer do you have to fiddle with the remote to adjust the screen for a movie- simply draw the curtains and the TV does the rest. Furthermore- the designers carefully included a fully adjustable tilt, swivel and shimmy screen stand that can move around perfectly to line up for the best viewing pleasure- and what’s more you can do this with the REMOTE! -It is all electrical!- No need to even stand up and walk over to the tv to get the perfect view, everything can be done from the comfort of the armchair. PERFECT!

Bang & Olufsen
Nifty Remote

The TV has a motorised self raising speaker that automatically activates once the TV is turned  on- high tech and beautiful crisp sound. This is a great design feature for when the TV is off, leaving the room clear and the TV area tidy.

The design of the BeoVision is sleek and chic with a fine aluminium. Diamond cut joints ensures lasting quality and perfection- its design speaks for itself with a daring and elegant mix that is recognisable from any angle!

Bang & Olufsen tv

The TV is available in two sizes – the 85″ and 103″ two sizes that can help create your cinematic 3D living room experience.

Available in Silver, Dark grey, Black, Red, Blue, Golden- enough colour to compliment your decor for something truly unique and stunning in every point possible.

The price of this bad-boy tv- £100,000 / $140,000.visit Bang& for more information.

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Today I was enlightened to the beautiful craftsmanship of these unique designer I would like to call Sharp and most certainly Chic BIKES!

Oh yes, it is possible to have a couture bike and these German handcrafted piece of metal prove to be top notch.

Vandeyk bike
Uber cool

Vandeyk are one of the leading bicycle industry experts, in true Germanic engineering form they have created a bike that excels in design. A staggering medley and mix of eclectic genus skills have gone into the creation of the brand composing these self proclaimmed “ravishingly beautiful bicycles”.

vandeyk bike

The latest collection and staying true to the brand is retro-inspired, handbuilt and unique and aptly named Nightstream.

making a bike bandeyk

Only 25 of the bikes will be produced at the grand price of £16,500 each, a truely matching pricetag for the couture one off pieces.

They have been labelled pieces of art by the brand and will be avaliable from their website and on show at exhibitions.

Rolling up in one of these amazing pieces of art will be sure to turn heads.



unique bicycle wheel











over the knee boots

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