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When I saw these boots about ten minutes ago on a lady walking down the Knightsbridge High Street in London, I HAD to go and speak to her to find out where on earth they are from!

They were a very sexy, inappropriate (might i it was raining!) but fabulous pair of Tom Ford knee high Peep toe laced up boots.


tom ford lace up boots knee high

She said she found it extremely hard to purchase back in April but got hers from New York as they are limited edition.

I later returned to do some research on the beautes to discover Beyonce and Eva pigford/Marcille had supported the same shoes!

FYI- Isn’t Eva’s hair mega chic?! we love it!

It is from the 2011 Spring Summer collection from Tom Ford and currently incredibly difficult to find but I figured they were so fab it was worth informing you of them!

beyonce in tom ford boots

The shoes have been on sale for $5,200 in certain stores..

tom ford lace up boots knee high


Currently harder to find than oil!


The high and esteemed fashion photographer Mario Testino received his first ever award Moet & Chandon Etoile ceremony last night, in a large soiree to honour him and his contribution to culture in society. Lots of his model friends came to support him, like Kate Moss and Victoria Secreat model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The lady that caught our eye was Candice Swanepoel, also a victoria secret model, as she arrived at the Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair and stopped for pictures

The 22 year old model arrived in a dashing black lace gown by designer Tom Ford from the Spring 2012 collection.

She pouted her way through cameras in a very glamourous old Hollywood style look, something I would imaged Marilyn Monroe to wear today, her hair was styled into a cool wavy updo again matching a very chic and 1960s look. Her makeup consisted of a bold bright red lipstick which worked to accentuate her sumptuous lips as well as thin eyeliner and the must have item for any party eye lash inserts. Minus the lipstick the makeup was very minimalist as a way to accentuate her charming blue eyes.

candice make up red lips

She had worn a Tom Ford design at his 2012 spring catwalk show a few days prior- and the images “leaked” on her twitter account– I use the term leaked as Tom has created a name for himself as a fashion designer to go rogue on the  internet! At the show for example, he placed cards on every seat with the words

tom ford fashion show no photography


“No Photography Please”- which is odd for a fashion show right?, at the end of the day your showcasing the fashion at the show?! Only one photographer was in sight and that was the one commissioned by Tom! So we can’t capture a glimpse of the runway show until the official release date which is not until mid January, when the dresses will be ready for purchase- sigh 🙁

However, the only other photograph was Candice and she snapped one backstage and she  was able to get away with it! this is the picture that has been floating around the internet.

tom ford backstage


Back to the award show- She took a picture using her iphone of herself enjoying the evening with her friends and again posted to twitter

candince in tom ford

She also got a picture with pal Rose for a very beautiful monochrome sultry pose

candice with rose


The official pictures of the two were very glam and showed how beautiful the black lace gown is with a long fish tail

It covers in all the correct places mixing glam and salutary.

candice black lace dress tom ford


Her friend Rose chose to wear a white Burberry number which looked just as lovely but I felt black is always better!

Make sure you note Rose’s shoes- they do look painful!

rose burerry white dress


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The country turned pop singer Taylor Swift wowed onlookers as she treated the New York pavement as her very own runway in an elegant but vintage style lace ivory dress on her way to the Rodarte Fashion show in New York this past Tuesday.

TAYLOR SWIFT NEW YORK rodart dress lace

The dress was also by the designer Rodart 2011 collection made from a soft floral lace with long lace sleeves and ankle length crocheted material which complimented her svelte figure. The nude coloured wedges gave her an elegant walk and classically beautiful fashionable appearance.

TAYLOR SWIFT NEW YORK rodart dress lace

The singer had clear flawless makeup with a shocking RED vibrant lipstick which really contrasted her porcaline skin and have her an english rose look- I would even say it was close to that of the british actress Kiera Knightley.

Swifts aim for this outfit was to have the trendy vintage look, that was made incredibly popular this year by the royals, she mimicked the current fashion style which continued throughout her outfit with her hair style which she loosely pinned back, which enhanced her beauty in a very natural and simply way by showcasing her gorgeous cheek bones and contoured jawline.

Her makeup followed that of the traditional dark smokey eye- favoured by most celebrities- with her usual long eyelash inserts and lashings of mascara.

TAYLOR SWIFT NEW YORK rodart dress laceTaylor had every right to pound the streets in a command and conquor fashion, after all, she was heading for the Rodart show and not only gaining entrance but prime seats next to Vogue editor-in-chief Annor Wintor. She was seen talking to the queen Bee during the show which was also only a few seats down from another Bea- ( Beyonce!)

Annor wintor and taylor swift


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Today marked the launch of Jennifer Lopez’s (pending) ex husband  Marc Anthony’s grand opening of his fashion line.

The couple are currently going through a divorce to end their 7 years of marriage but before the announcement of the breakup they had been preparing a new fashion line which is still out for release today. Marc happily presented his line at the Kohl’s department store in downtown Jersey City N.J to cut the ribbon and officially open the brand but with current relationship issues Jennifer was no where to be seen. Anthony did give his wife her props by informing us that they collaborated a lot on the work and that Jennifer was a soundboard for ideas and vice versa. Furthermore he happily said he was proud of Lopez and is really happy about her line as she put a lot of work into it.


Marc’s collection is about elegance from an era of style and chic-ness of timeless style with a modern vibe, capturing passion and romance of the musician and the sexy earthy style of them.

marc anthony collection   We Love the new collection which features suits, casual wear and shoes, everything you need to look dapper! The price points vary from $40 and upward depending on the item reasonable fashionable and fair. marc anthony at new store launch It is a nice collection but I do wonder if it is any different from other brands- have to wait and see for this to roll out. Marc looked sombre as he posed for pictures in his own line and pretty comfortable and relaxed in the store.

marc anthony launch of new fashion line

Dr Martens are no longer labelled the “Bova- Boots” worn by punks and anarchists but a cool chic foot gem worn by loads of celebs and stars in attempt to ditch the heels and be comfortable and cool for a nonchalant appearance cool chic appearance.

We have noticed they are turning up EVERYWHERE… These shoes were made popular back in the 90s and just like all fashion it has come back round- so if you have got yours from back in the day its time to dust them off and put them on!

So here is our little list of Dr Marten fans that have shunned the painful heels in search of this new punk chic cool chick  look.

Jessica Alba– the new mother of two, happily adopts the comfy look in her burgundy red Dr Martens- she pairs them with tight leggings, jeans or shorts to add more femininity to the look then paired with a long shirt and glasses to up the glam level.

jessica alba dr martens


She wears her burgundy Dr Martens which can be found at Office for £90.00
red burgundy dr martens


Kanye West’s prodigy / ex-girlfriend curvy Amber Rose is also a big fan of the boots- she has a slight androgynous look that she likes to adopt so the boots fit in well to her style

amber rose dr martens

She has quite a unique style we like the fact she does not shy away from colours- particularly the yellow doc Martens are pretty cool with her colourful under jacket and black jeans.

The Queen on top at the moment Nicki Minaj also adopted the boots in her Superbass video in a simple white t-shirt and shorts- her backing dancers also compliment her look with alternating colours of Docs- we have to admit its a cool picture and probably made the song get to top figures in the charts!

Nicki’s fashion is rather odd- we believe the main purpose is to stand out so she can be spoken about for all the wrong reasons or to be labelled “too cool for school”.. her stylist clearly has a plan with each fashion disaster.

nicki minaj pink dr martens

pink docs are also favoured by new bandmate member to the sugarbabes

pink doc martens

Actress turned director Drew Barrymore is also a fan choosing the black Docs which are our favourites as well as Cher Lloyd in her music video Swagger Jagger and out and about- once again this must be a styling choice as she consistently wears variety of boots to create an “image” of the cool rock urban chic!

CHER LLOYDD doc martens

drew barrymore doc martens

We particularly love the black docs- the high shine of a brand new pair of classic blacks are versatile and still rugged to create impact when walking and making in entrance-

Pair with a mini skirt and baggy top for a super chic look.

There are a multitude of colours and patterns to choose from if you do want to move away from the traditional and why not customise your own if you buy a pair of black Docs!

black doc martens with skirt


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Today the grand opening of Chanel World proudly opened its doors to fans from all around the world at the renowned luxury story in London Harrods.

Over 20,000 square feet of historical and modern Chanel Fashion, beauty, and products were on display at the very special exhibition.

harrods window chanel

The staff at Harrods had been working extremley hard over night to turn around the store to resemble all things Chanel from entire window displays overlooking the Brompton Road.

Chanel world continues inside with assistance from Karl Lagerfield’s rock Chic autumn winter 2011 and 2012 collection which showcases over a series of mini boutiques throughtout the enormous store.

Karl Lagerfield's rock Chic

The exhibition also features exclusive and unique-to-Harrods fashions, accessories, jewellery and limited edition Harrods only make up. A remarkable opportunity for anyone that loves a bit of Chanel.

There is also an extra special section on the level 3 floor which features an enchanted Alice In Wonderland-esk garden which was used in the Chanel spring summer fashion show (wow!) The exhivibition goes to show how much work is put into making one of the iconic and spectacular Chanel handbags as well as replicas of the gowns owned by Coco.

And of course- no one can forget the Chanel No 5 perfume bottle!

chanel bottle

We will be heading down to the exhibition on Wednesday to see hands on what is going on!

More to come then!!

If you want to go and check out the exhibition get down there soon as it finishes in 3 weeks …


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The enchanting Keira Knightley was on the red carpet today in my favourite country for the premier of her latest film “A Dangerous Method” she arrived on the red carpet looking absolutely stunning, picture perfect in the face and dramatic in the Valentino Gold embellished dress.

kiera knightley valentino dress venice 2011

The British actress took to the red carpet in a Valentino Fall 2011 dress which had the perfect amount of drama for the beautiful city of Venice.

The gown was carefully embroiled with gold and layered with tulle for a very theatrical effect. Long sleeved with mesh for an almost invisible appearance against her porcelain skin.

kiera knightley makeup valentino 2011 fall dress

Her Make up complimented the simple yet dramatic look of the dress with the favourited smokey eye effect and a matt red lipstick.

Her eye shadow has of red but its clear she wanted a soft appearance in the face alongside her central parting hair.

kiera knightley walking red carpet valentino 2011

The 26 year old has so far had mixed reviews about the film but we will have to wait and see as the film moves to Toronto next week.

The outfit was very simple she clearly did not want to show too much opulence as she choose not to wear any jewellery or diamonds but perhaps it is to keep focus on the outstanding dress..

Who knows!

She could have at least grabbed a bag!?!

kiera knightley walking red carpet valentino 2011


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How super cool and exciting to be spotted out shopping on the streets of London in the same rain mack coat- to be fair there could have been a lot worse of a person to match than Pippa Middleton.

The Aussie Singer Kylie Minogue was captured out in London on Tuesday in a black and khaki rimmed trench coat by Fay Metropolitan Folie. The cute contrasting coat retails at £800 and has already sold out since the pictures emerged online.


Everyone appears to be getting ready for autumn and in doing so we have noticed that the “hot sister of the princess” affect still has not worn off! and people are still inspired by her fashion today.

kylie in black coat middleton

Despite plummiting tempretures in London Pippa supports a dress, bare legs with ballerina pumps and glasses for a very demour chic look whilst Kylie opts for the very “london” look in a pair of black skinny jeans and a cute black bag!

The ladies looked lovely!

pippa middleton in black coat


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Last night was a huge burst of knowledge and information into the world that came tumbling out by a simple gesture made by the Queen Bee- Beyonce!

She took to the stage performing a mega watt performance that outshone Gaga dressed in drag as a man.


The rumours and speculation that had continued to dominate throughout the course of the singers career has finally been confirmed as the ex Destiny’s Child star unbuttoned her D&G jacket to reveal a bump!

lady gag vma 2011 man

That’s right! Beyonce is Pregnant and by the size of the bump she is already a bit of the way along.

beyonce pregnant at vma 2011

She revealed the bump in a typical dramatic steal-the-show theatrical way with Bey randomly dropping the mic turning to the side to strike a pose and rubbing the growing stomach-till she finally burst out laughing- In True Diva style

She was interviewed by Pierce Morgan a few weeks back and he questioned her about when she would potentially taking a break to have a child and she responded with a simple “only God knows” but clearly she knew as well!

She dazzled the stage in a striking purple jacket and black pant trousers which can be seen to have been taken from the collection of D&G 2011 Menswear so it was not only Gaga that went for the androgynous look that night!

Beyonce purple jackey vma 2011

Beyonce will turn 30 in September so clearly everything has been calculated to the nearest date and she will be a proud mum in 7 months time in time for a nice Spring Baby!

Jay-z and Beyonce have been married for 3 years and this will be the couples first baby.

Beyonce announced pregnancy in her D&G Purple Jacket live at VMAs

The outfit can be seen here on the run way last year- and it is also  from the same collection that Rihanna wore on the cover of Glamour magazine last month– (you can view that here) .


We wish Beyonce luck in this new path in her life- and we can’t wait to see the maturnity wear the Queen is going to be rocking in a few months time
Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 purple jacket

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The hottest member to join x factor judges stepped out on the red carpet for the press conference in preparation for the new series in Cineworld in the 02 arena on the today on the 17th August 2011

Kelly Rowland versace dress 2011 x factor

She posed for photos in the latest Versace Fall 2011 dress- the black and green dress paired with some Giuseppe Zanotti wedges very sexy.

She added accessories of a multicoloured nail varnish and a gold metallic cuff and simple dainty earrings.

She beautifully had her hair feathered with some low cut bangs.


kelly rowland face hair


We loved her matching make up of green under eye liner, long lash inserts black top eye liner and pink and purple eye shadow.

We recommend the Mac Eye Kohl which is a great soft on easy to use liner which leaves a rich colour and silky-smooth matte and pearl finish.

mac kohl

The new 5 colour eye palette by Dior that provides you with an assortment of colours in one handy compact case for long lasting wear and easy application.



Kelly Rowland’s dress can be seen here on the runway modelled by Isabella.


Versace fall dress 2011 Kelly rowland


The UK version of the X factor starts on Saturday 20th August at 8pm on ITV.

The X factor has a new set of judges from the young Tulisa from N Dubz aiming to attarct a younger audience into the demographics, Gary Barlow for the olders and the old Louis Walsh for the traditional viewers of ITV music live shows.

Everyone’s looking to see how the show will fair this new season without “The Simon!” My guess is ratings won’t be as high- the show is over done and we have had enough!

But its still great to see the fashion and what they have to wear!


new judges x factor




over the knee boots

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