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Chris Brown is on fire at the moment..we all know his songs and loyal gets Everyone up in the clubs.
This week he took to the shops to spend some of that well earned money with his on and off again girlfriend Karruche Tran. Only 25 (I know, he looks and feels older- don’t play with drugs ladies and gentlemen it does take effect!)

chris brown iphone 6

chris brown hard 25

He showcased his 24Karat gold limited edition Iphone 6 which matched his gorgeous XXL ring alongside his other jewellery.

chris brown with tran iphone 6

The phone was instagramed on Chris B’s instagram earlier on in the month but this is the first sighting of him with it in use. It is completely customised with a large script initials on the back.

chris brown's gold iphone 6

The X signifys the the name if his 6th album which was released on the 16th September 2014. (It is a good album) so no wonder he wants to engrave it on his phone. Placing number 2 on the bilboard charts.

The controversial singer was accompanied by his model girlfriend, who was looking trendy as usual.


A photo posted by BREEZY (@chrisbrownofficial) on

The petite 26-year-old sported a loose-fitted black top paired with baggy ripped jeans rolled halfway up her calf.

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So the other day my mother came over with a sly look on her face and a bright red l.e.d light on her wrist. I say sly because she has a small addition with buying electronics and knows I will ask for the reason for her latest purchase. I will admit I behave more like a financial guard than a daughter when it comes to her buying decisions.

After a short while of ignoring the massive red watch elephant in the middle if the room I go ahead and ask her how much it was. Choosing to ignore my normal barrage of question she presses the button and shouts “I’ve walked 3000 steps today”

Slightly intrigued with the bright red display I listen on..

“it tracks my activities, it’s waterproof (not that she swims)” I quickly interject and say it’s waterproof not heat proof you cannot wear it in the sauna.

My mother likes to purchase waterproof mp3 watches for when she’s at the gym sauna..and she has gone through about five of these quite expensive pieces of equipment and it occurred to me the other day is that they are waterproof but not heat proof to such a degree for them to survive the extreme conditions in the sauna which is why they give up hope after a meer two months..
I digress!

She happened to mention it was a polar and then my own knowledge of polar then assisted me in potentially finding out more;

I like to train at the gym with my polar watch. I’ve had two in my life time in six or seven years they have served me well. In fact I cannot workout in the gym without it as I feel I’m not able to track my workouts so it is wasted but of time!

So now I’m more open in listening.

I do some research on the watch and discover it does a fundamental thing the polar F9 doesn’t do.. Tracks every day activities to get a complete overall calorie expenditure.

“I like it already “I think in my head..
It’s sleek design and illuminating red led display which lights up when pressed.

The trophy and congratulations you get for the completion of your daily tasks.
It all seems pretty nifty.
We watch the promo ad which adds to my excitement and it retails at about £80.00 from amazon. Not bad.

To cut a long story short my polar is on it’s way! I’m not sure if I will keep it as I like having my heart rate monitored at the gym and having everything stored on the watch to tell me how hard I trained over the week but the loop is meant to connect to my iphone and keep everything in a more modern manner. It seems like a fantastic idea.
My mum loves telling us how many steps she’s taken in a day so for her she loves it.
It’s aesthetically pleasing on the eyes and mixed in with the right amount of technology it seems like a good purchase for a sport and lifestyle watch.



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If your looking for an alternate headphone system from the traditional boring silver headphone that everyone wears then this post is for you! Not only are the these newly designed pieces by Colorware plain headphones these are amazing perfect sound noise reduction music pieces which uses the start of the art technology.

Everyone knows BOSE is an awesome brand with such lovely and innovative products so I won’t bore you with the techno gargon in this post- but I will leave you with some stunning photographs of the illigitamte child of COLORWARE AND BOSE!

LADIES and gentlemen now presenting the future of in ear sound Bose Quiet Comfort 15:

 headphones colourful coloware bose

There are 46 available tones to choose from, plus two different finishes, gloss or matt. OH THE POSSIBILITIES IF they let us make a few of these including personalisation and complete customisation.

The price of these unique headsets will set you back about $500 but your will be the best personalised sound system out there!

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The most expensive camera is set to be released in Japan as a limited edition piece with an eye watering price tag of $31,000 making it one of the most expensive digital cameras in the world. The Leica camera was released originally earlier in 2011 and was the traditional black framed camera and is on sale for a more reasonable price of $8,000 on Amazon and other Leica suppliers. The latest white M9-P features most of the black version with a silver chrome setting a 50mm fo.95 Noctilux Aspherical lens, and an 18-megapixel CCD image sensor that able you to capture of the full 35-mm film format without any compromises

The m9-p is said to be scratch resistant and practically unbreakable with a beautiful sapphire crystal cover for its lcd display- the crystal is one of the hardest minerals used and can only be worked and cut using a special dimaond handling tools. Furthermore the screen as a special anti reflective shield on both sides for better user viewing.

Most of the features found on the black traditional version can also be found on the white so this camera is for sheer luxury and statement.

How many people carry a white camera!

The piece will be out in June in time for the summer holiday snaps

Some of the boring specifics of the camera below!

  • Camera type: Compact digital view and range finder system camera.
  • Lens attachment: Leica M bayonet with additional sensor for 6-bit coding.
  • Lens system: Leica M-Lenses from 16 to 135 mm.
  • Picture format/image sensor: 5270 x 3516 pixels (18.5 megapixel) CCD chip, active area approx. 23.9 x 35.8 mm; 5212 x 3472 pixels (18 megapixel) (corresponding to usable format of analog Leica M models).
  • Resolution: Adjustable, DNG: 5212 x 3472 (18 megapixel), JPEG: 5212 x 3472 (18 megapixel), 3840 x 2592 (10 megapixel), 2592 x 1728 (4.5 megapixel), 1728 x 1152 (2 megapixel), 1280 x 846 pixels (1 megapixel).
  • Data formats: DNG (raw data), choice of uncompressed or slightly compressed (by non-linear reduction of color depth), 2 JPEG compression levels.
  • File size: DNG: 18 MB (compressed)/36 MB (uncompressed), JPEG: approx. 2–10 MB.
  • Color spaces: Adobe RGB, sRGB.
  • White balance: Automatic, manual, 7 presets, color temperature selection.
  • Storage: medium SD cards up to 2 GB/SDHC cards up to 32 GB.
  • Menu languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian.
  • Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X (10.6).
  • Exposure metering: Exposure metering through the lens (TTL), center-weighted with working aperture. Center-weighted TTL metering for flash exposure with system-compatible SCA-3000/2 standard flash units.

More can be found on the Leica website


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So whilst shopping in John Lewis this weekend for some awesome new surround sound speakers for my TV-something else in the electrical section caught my eye and became the inspiration for todays post.

DAB radios- ok not the hippest of items known to man and Sharp N Chic fashion, however the design of these products really stood out to me and have now been made cool simply because of the really chic and fun way they had been created.

I know most people have iphones or smart phones that they can listen to music from- Thank you Apple- but Radio still is rather popular in the car and in the office when the iphone isnt plugged in- so these pretty cute radios can still come in handy. As an avid driver around the streets of London I’m often tuned into London’s biggest conversation-(LBC) which has become my favourite station! lots to learn and talk about and we all know I LOVE to talk so its very fitting!

However, I digress,

If you are planning to purchase a DAB radio- the clear advantage is the plethora of radio stations that become available to you then these cute designer sets are an option for you!


EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely

I had never heard of Orla Kiely before seeing this radio- but from it I find her and her designs to be pretty cool- its certainly a new take on the boring drab black plastic radio designs that we all once had- ideal for the young and the young-at-heart radio/ music lovers- small and discreet and fits in anywhere. It also has an Iphone and mp3 player doc so it works out to be very useful.

EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely

Orla has a homerange which this particular radio fits into quite well bright colourful and fun.

It was on sale in John Lewis for £149.00.

What do you think?


EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely

Roberts DAB Radios

John Lewis had an unpecidented amout of the Roberts brand and these are really exciting and very funky indeed- a colour and design for every possible person.

I, of course, fell in love with the Union Jack- even though I’m not particularly patriotic I JUST LIKED the boldness of it! HA!  OTHER Than that It does a great job of mixing vintage styling and the contemporary technology- it is a special edition version so if you do plan on buying it get it now as there are only limited numbers.

But there are loads of styles to choose from if this one is not for you- from pastels to patterns and more.

roberts dab radio

The brand of Roberts radio boasts 120 hours of battery life which is about five times more than competing models as well as multi station presets and a favourite button storage. Like the Orla it comes with the stereo line in for ipod and MP3 players and an LCD display.

dab roberts union jack radio flag

So why not check out both Orla and Roberts to match the radio to your personality..

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Bang & Olufsen are defiantly a Sharp N Chic brand that we are more than happy to showcase, and after having a chance to try out their latest and greatest creation that continues to push the boundaries of modern electronics, incorporating as much style and beauty  into their awesome products- we are please bring to you The BeoVision 4. The cinematic dream TV that goes above and beyond the call of duty in the luxury home cinema.

The full HD 3D plasma screen boasts stunning visual clarity and with added features that enhance the colour with automatic colour management that scans the picture on the TV every 100 hours to adjust the colour accordingly- This is the king og kings when it comes to Television.

BANG & OLUFSEN tv latest

The TV also monitors the rooms lighting and ambiance, similar to the little sensor found on most smart phones- this enables the colour to be adjusted automatically which is a great well thought about feature- no longer do you have to fiddle with the remote to adjust the screen for a movie- simply draw the curtains and the TV does the rest. Furthermore- the designers carefully included a fully adjustable tilt, swivel and shimmy screen stand that can move around perfectly to line up for the best viewing pleasure- and what’s more you can do this with the REMOTE! -It is all electrical!- No need to even stand up and walk over to the tv to get the perfect view, everything can be done from the comfort of the armchair. PERFECT!

Bang & Olufsen
Nifty Remote

The TV has a motorised self raising speaker that automatically activates once the TV is turned  on- high tech and beautiful crisp sound. This is a great design feature for when the TV is off, leaving the room clear and the TV area tidy.

The design of the BeoVision is sleek and chic with a fine aluminium. Diamond cut joints ensures lasting quality and perfection- its design speaks for itself with a daring and elegant mix that is recognisable from any angle!

Bang & Olufsen tv

The TV is available in two sizes – the 85″ and 103″ two sizes that can help create your cinematic 3D living room experience.

Available in Silver, Dark grey, Black, Red, Blue, Golden- enough colour to compliment your decor for something truly unique and stunning in every point possible.

The price of this bad-boy tv- £100,000 / $140,000.visit Bang&Olufsen.com for more information.

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Today I was enlightened to the beautiful craftsmanship of these unique designer I would like to call Sharp and most certainly Chic BIKES!

Oh yes, it is possible to have a couture bike and these German handcrafted piece of metal prove to be top notch.

Vandeyk bike
Uber cool

Vandeyk are one of the leading bicycle industry experts, in true Germanic engineering form they have created a bike that excels in design. A staggering medley and mix of eclectic genus skills have gone into the creation of the brand composing these self proclaimmed “ravishingly beautiful bicycles”.

vandeyk bike

The latest collection and staying true to the brand is retro-inspired, handbuilt and unique and aptly named Nightstream.

making a bike bandeyk

Only 25 of the bikes will be produced at the grand price of £16,500 each, a truely matching pricetag for the couture one off pieces.

They have been labelled pieces of art by the brand and will be avaliable from their website and on show at exhibitions.

Rolling up in one of these amazing pieces of art will be sure to turn heads.



unique bicycle wheel








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Mobile phone giant Blackberry have officially released the launch date of their first ever tablet computer expected to be out on the 16th June 2011.

The sexy playbook is looking to compete against the Apple Ipad and other competitors for a slice of the market. Priced more competitively than the Apple the 16gb tablet is only £399, 32GB £479 and 64GB £559.

The Apple alternative can be purchased from all good electrical retailers such as Best Buy, Dixons, Currys, Carphone Warehouse and phones4u. With a lot of suppler channels Blackberry aim to saturate the market with the tablet. It is already on sale in America over the past month and “It has done well but it has not been a frenzy” according to Steve Coffin an american Future Shop manager  suggested.

Playbook Blackberry vs apple
Playbook Plays Adobe

The main comparisons between the Playbook and mac include a smaller screen on the playbook (7-inch screen vs 9,7 inch screen with the mac) However, the Playbook matches the Ipad’s processor, resolution and has the option of larger memory, it also has a dual camera that can record full HD footage at 1090p.

The great thing about this tablet is the functionality of running bespoke apps, android apps and blackberry java apps.

It’s a beautiful bit of equipment and it’s a great alternative to the other products out there at the moment.

blackberry playbook
Blackberry Playbook



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Most of you will remember Soda Streme from your childhood before fizzydrinks ever came onto the shelves. Before cola was easily accessible from the shelves of Walmart or Tesco.
But with the adaption and acceptance of mass production of the fizzy drinks market the soda stream market also died, but the creators have come back recebntly with a new and exciting campaign to relaunch Soda Stream givng us new uses and reasons to purchase the fizzy making machine.
New funky, sleek, sexy designs are out and look fab in the mordern kitchen against an ultra cool coffee maker or ice cream maker.

There are four main types of soda streme that caught our eye:
The Jet Soda: available in a variety of colours and a beautiful amount of techniology has been invested in making an automatic has release, ability to fit extra large carbonators yet very small compact and beautifully crafted to be easy to clean.

Jet sodastream
Jet Sodastream

The Penguin Sodastream is the most unique of the range as it comes with a glass carafes, with a body that resembles that of a penguin, the design is still sleek and modern and easy to clean.

penguin soda stream
penguin soda stream

So after you have choosen one of the four unique sodastream machines you need a container!

The company has been very good at coming with new funky chic designs and this also includes the carbonating bottles that not only can be reused for two years whislt the penguin (mentioned above) bottle can be used infinate number of times with proper care.

The Number of flavours avaible to you now and back when you were younger and first heard about the sodastream market is huge, over 30 sodamix syrups from diet, caffeine free and regualr mixes. Flavours touch upon everything you could think of cola, lemon, rootbeet, mango and diet grapefruit emmense options for you to try out and never get bored of! Furthermore each sodamix can make 12 litres of fizz which is abou 33 cans which works out at about 25p per drink!


Flavour SodaStreams
Flavour SodaStreams

The final requirement for some fizz juice is the sodastream carbonators- made from light aluminum which can make up to 60 or 130 litres of pop for each carbonater cylindar. Sodastream have been very keen to note that they are very aware of corporate responsibility of recycling and the reuse of their products

SodaStream Carbonators are made of lightweight aluminum to exacting standards set forth by the US Department of Transportation. We maintain the highest quality standards to ensure safety and purity of our CO2 refills. Carbonators are available in two sizes, to make up to 60 or 130 liters of soda or sparkling water per carbonator. A full, licensed CO2 carbonator is included with the purchase of every SodaStream soda maker kit. When empty, SodaStream takes back the cylinder to be cleaned, inspected, refilled and reused. Carbonators may be exchanged online, or at select SodaStream authorized retailers

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We have all heard of Rosetta Stone, even hip hop star Drake quoted the language lesson software in his lyrics, but I had never thought to incorporate it in my learning of the language of love (Italian) in my spare time, so I wanted to test this so called amazing software suite out myself.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone

It all began, when I was minding my own business in the mall one Saturday, walking from one shop to the next when my attention was suddenly diverted to the bright yellow display stand and digital screen speaking Italian, being one of my passions it automatically caused me to stop and turn.

Italy map
Uk & Italy

The display had a voice booming out and a women attached to a microphone talking back to the “TV” in Italian,  puzzled I went in for a closer look.

The lady explained voice recognition was correcting her on pronunciation, whilst the software also tested her on reading, writing and her listening skills, and can immediately begin to teach you new words, phrases and with enough practice it can even  be enough to become semi conversational in 6 months .

Rosetta Stone Software
Software screen grab

Of course I mocked her at this, how could it be possible? she said its innovative software that uses pictures and life examples the way in which every individual has taught to communicate. This surprised me as I am an avid studier, I like pen to paper, repetition, re-writing and testing and of which I would need not to study in this way to learn the language. I was intrigued!

I tested it out as soon as I got home, starting with lesson one of the disks, which took me through the basics.

I worked through the CD’s daily, because I enjoyed it, I enjoyed getting checks and ticks, I enjoyed completing the chapters and I also realised I was learning new words.

I found myself in my car saying the Italian word for certain items I see whilst driving, surely it must be the affect of the program.

Woman thinking

Progressing through at a steady pace completing and finishing chapter after chapter and as my Italian grew so did my confidence in the software.

I went back for the further two levels 2 & 3, to allow me to gain more words and understanding, each chapter taking longer to complete with more grammar, vocabulary and words it most certainly elevated my learning.

Quite a pricey software out of the few available but defiantly the market leader and dominator in the variety languages and quality of program. I did find I would turn off the voice recognition software as my voice wasn’t picked up too well but this didn’t stop me from speaking Italian out loud to anyone that would hear me.

So if you are trying to learn a language, assist your learning with Rosetta Stone’s and their impressive collection of over 30 languages including French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

Rosetta Stone languages
Various Languages

Coming in at £179 for level 1 for the majority of the languages or £379 for the 3 pack set the software’s certainly stands tall in pricing but does actually justify this pricing with how fast and effectively you do learn with the system.

I have almost finished level 3 and I can have a “slow” conversation with some Italian friends, (my 3 month stint in Italy also helped) but I was better equipped to learn having invested time and money in the software.

I don’t understand why schools do not incorporate the software into learning, it is certainly a more efficient way of introuducing a language, purhaps the price doesn’t go down well on the budgets, but in terms of learning it would beat most methods.

But for me and my goal in wanting to be better at Italian I can honestly say that I want That Now




over the knee boots

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