Ok, we try not to blog too much on the Social Media Maven Ms Kim Kardashian, but this was just too good to miss, She looks fabulous in this outfit-

Beige- I love this colour- I love it in the home- on the walls on the carpet- as a dress! BEIGE BEIGE BEIGE It just has so much class and presence- its lovely!

So Kim has opted for this wrap dress with fitted belt and these awesome Pierre Hardy Wedges.

She has seemed to have gotten over the wedding mayhem as she shops out in Miami a few days ago- a true Media Maven..

The shoes are on sale from Pierre Hardy- at $630.00.

kim kardashain brown dress and pierre wedges

Beyonce has officially come out of hiding and is now been spotted walking the baby and what we have noticed is that her fashion has transformed to be more a relaxed and rather cool yummy mummy than her traditional sexy look she usually always goes for- which is great, she is embracing this time being a new mum and is doing well staying away from the 10 inch heels her feet are accustomed/subjected to.

Last week the Queen Bee was spotted out with the latest Carter in a rather urban looking outfit choosing sneakers and black woolly hat, sunglasses and a large overcoat very discrete whilst every inch of Baby Blue was covered in her baby wrap.

We have had a lot of request about her mega cool high top trainers / sneakers and we have managed to match them up with the shoes that a lot of celebrities have been wearing including Beyonce herself.

Beyonce’s $640/ £440 black suede sneakers by Isabel Marant have sold out since she has been snapped out in New York over the past few days. However similar colours of the shoe can be purchased from Mytheresa Barneys or Polyvore. Most shops have sold out but similar Isabel Marant sneakers are available..


beyonce's black sneekersThe singer has been spotted in the love on top music video wearing the shoes whilst she was in the early stages of her pregnancy – she teamed the sneakers with her now signature leotard and a gold sailor hat which worked well for the video keeping focus on the dance moves and not an over complex outfit and as usual her song was a hit.


beyonce's trainers in love on top videoOther celebrities that have given the casual look a try seem to be on the increase, could it be that flat shoes are becoming the new heel? Other than the recent videos Beyonce would never be caught dead in flat shoes so maybe they are the new heel.. (nah, I don’t think so either) but those that have tried it include the classically beautiful Anne Hathaway:

anne hathaway isabel marant sneakers

Alicia Keys is one to be very close with urban fashion so we would expect her in something such as these- here she sat with her Husband and son at a basketball game in a pair of the sneakers.

alicia keys isabel marant sneakersMiranda Kerr and son also had a pair of the trainers in red..

miranda kerr isabel marant red trainers

The great thing about the sneakers is that they come in a plethora of colours so you can pick one that suits you the most, black is most practical but if your like me and love a bit of colour go wild!

isabel marant trainers sneakers

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Megan Fox is out hitting the scene for her promotional tour for her latest film ‘friends with kids’ which is soon to be out on the 9th March- on this tour she happened to stop by on the ‘Tonight show with Jay Leno’

megan fox cosmo magazineOpting for something sharp and rather relaxed she picked a lovely skirt from the 2012 Dolce & Gabbana Spring collection.

The skirt slightly above the knee accentuated her legs and was the perfect mix of glam and sophistication- the metallic skirt a blend of gold silver and white with diamond sparkle pleats.

She added a white sleeveless simple black trim top to the skirt which sat perfectly on the waist and went rather natural with curly long locks which went well with the toned down look.

megan fox waving jay leno d&g dress

Megan has been seen on many times in Brian Atwood shoes so this was no different- she picked a nice black pair of ankle tied pumps with the skirt, alongside her Irene Neuwirth Jewels

megan fox black shoes

The actress teamed her skirt with a white sleeveless top with black satin ties.

We quiet like the skirt here at Sharp N Chic- its pretty, it looks very detailed and with the summer coming up here in London & New York this would be a lovely choice for a cool drinks with the girls afternoon lunch look- LOVE IT!

d&g spring 2012 skirt megan fox

I personally am not a huge fan of Ms Fox- I see her as a bit of an over hyped celebrity but she came across really nice in this interview and she looked cute-the girl next door look and its good to see she has put on some weight- good job don’t you think..



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In honour of the latest ambassadors to join the Mac VIVA Glam squad Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin where given a pretty cool party this past week. Nicki Minaj in true branding business style had to make an exhibition of herself and she done so in this stripy couture piece.

Nanette Lepore nicki minaj spring 2012 dress

Compared to recent pictures this was actually rather toned down appearance at the penultimate party at New York Fashion Week. The Viva Glam squad assists the charity by raising funds to donate 100% of profits to the Mac Aids fund which is pretty great news for everyone all around- Mac for brand recognition and awareness and Nicky, whom claimed she had an uncle affected by aids.

nicki minaj stripy dress pink blue

Anyhoo, she arrived in a stripy dress jacket combo from the Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 collection sticking to her branding Minaj colours of pink. The dress has an alternating blue and navy colour block stripe-which is certainly eye catching. The collection itself is very bright and over the top, I am not sure if pieces from this season can be worn into the local Sainsbury’s supermarket or even the office without getting a lot of looks from concerning strangers but I guess it is perfect for Nicki.

Nanette Lepore nic

nicki minaj stripy jacket

She mixes the jacket with the dress for a bright combo as well as a Cute Chanel blue bag and some Giuseppe Zanotti colour block blue sandals ($1100)

Giuseppe Zanotti

Her new blonde hair does not excite me- I guess its better than pink but blah for blonde!

nicki minaj stripe dress butt

Ms Jennifer Aniston attended the premier of her latest film “Wanderlust” at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood California this past week.

Her dress a smart choice for the premier looked great, from the Tom Ford Spring 2012 collection worked well for the recent birthday girl. Known for often going for the “safe option” whilst on the red carpet or anywhere she travels Aniston tried something a bit different today. I guess this isn’t really THAT adventurous/ different but it has hints of quirkiness that paid off. See taking a risk can be good!

jennifer aniston tom ford dress

The Tom Ford creation has a formal initial appearance but has been made youthful with the addition of the Peplum and bodice corset body. The peplum waist is awesome for creating a slim waist appearance but beware if you are bottom heavy it can add inches! but for the slim Aniston it works well. Her biceps are also looking pretty toned and defined here- loving that too- she should stick to sleeveless as she has the tone to carry it off.

tom ford spring 2012 black and white dress

Simple but cute the black trims work well to compliment her black Christian Louboutin shoes and gold bracelet cuffs work well with her tan. Do you agree was it was a good choice today?

jennifer aniston red carpet black and white dress 2012 tom ford

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David Beckham is back in London alongside his latest news for his collection onto the H&M store-

He was back to promote his bodywear collection at the flagship store in Regent Street carrying with him has deluxe manbag by Lanvin.

david beckham h&m


He went from car to store in a patterned scarf, white tee, zipped jacket and leather jacket paired with some hardcore boots.


As usual he worked his look well and looked exceptionally fabulous.

david beckham lavin bag

I’m not one to be too keen for man bags but I think David has a strong male physic and appearance that he pulls it off rather well.

The bag is a great size for mens travel items for a short weekend away- or all the David Beckham underwear any man could possibly desire!

With the  launch of the underwear the advertising company had launched a gorilla marketing campaign to get the utmost amount of attention- by leaving large bags of David around the capital city.

Interesting to say the least-

david beckham h&m bag covent garden David’s marketing team also released his ad during the superbowl yesterday as they panned across his toned body and tattoos

This looks like its going to be another money maker for the British footballer


Actress Sofia Vergara who plays Gloria from hit sitcom Modern Family attended the golden globes in L.A alongside a multitude of stars but she was one that really stood out amungst the pleathera of gowns and dresses that hit the red carpet that night.

Looking absolutely superb in a Vera Wang original the Latin American posed for pictures showcasing her remarkably curvy body that was made for such a dress.

The mermaid shape gown provided her with even more angles and edges for cameras to snap highlighting her narrow waist, ample bust and slender hips.vera wang blue dress sofia

Sofia is certainly our look of the day as she teamed her eye catching dress with Harry Winston jewellery, estimated to be worth over $5 million for the combined collection of the bracelet, rings and earrings.

The dress was a prominent navy blue which was perfect colour for the evening soirée, she unfortunately missed out on a globe this year for her part in a supporting role, but that did not get the actress down as she happily gave love to her home country Columbia and she even told as she told NBC’s Carson Daily that she “felt like a million bucks” which we have to agree with, after all she looked fab.

Twitter went crazy that night in support of the loved actress, and this isn’t the first time the actress has been spotted in Vera Wang, Just back in September for the Emmy awards she went for a vibrant orange flame colour gown which also looked superb- Simply if it works why change it!

She looked good- we love her and she is our Fashion inspiration of the day!

On a side note- New episodes of Modern Family are back! yay!


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London has been once again put on the map in terms of fashion by our princess Rihanna.

This girl can do no wrong when it comes to fashion now a days- In fact, I believe she can do no wrong period!

She is at the top of her game musically, socially and fashionably she is doing all things correct as a business woman and just last night she put work aside to attend a basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Miami Heat. She gave up her seat at the Peoples choice awards for a front row position with a pal at the basketball game!

Can’t really hate on her for that !

rihanna london jumper basket ball game

She donned a simple casual outfit which saw her choosing one of her favourite brands from the streets of London Trapstar.  Rihanna has been shot in the brand before but her appearance here has meant she has made another item “famous” first being the Creepers now the Jumper- which is great for local designers and companies.

She simply paired the hoody with distressed jeans and some laced boots.

Anyone can achieve this look really- mixing causal with sexy.

london secret jumper rihanna

Whats more- the hoody is only £65.00 and can be orded online-

She looked pretty happy front row posing for pictures with a lucky young lad and her best mate- and seemed to fit right in with some popcorn and a beer-

rihanna basketball game jumper

rihanna basketball game

Its been a little quiet around here for the past few weeks- this has been due to our annual vacations out to see what the world is up to.

I managed to escape away to the Big Apple over New Year and had the time of my life shopping, eating and partying whilst, of course, never forgetting about fashion- with that said, I would like to present to you my latest find.

I have always noticed certain girls that would turn up at clubs, bars, parties or even shopping with absolutely stunning eye catching brows- but due to time or circumstance I never really looked into or researched behind what it was that they were doing to create such a look- but during holidays I made sure I checked this out at the first opportunity- This happened to be whilst walking through Macys in New York City. I happened to spot, stop and question this gorgeous girl working on the jewellery counter with The Perfect Brows.

I did get a picture but she was a little shy so did not want to become famous on Sharp N Chic just yet! but I have found something in the same ball park of what I am referring to so that I can showcase it to you..


perfect eyebrows


As you can see the brows are PERFECT!

Amazingly shaped, Perfectly Angled and Incredibly Sharp and Rather Chic!

How can I achieve such a brow for everyday looking fabulous wear-I thought to myself. Well, its simple.. and it is found in one product.

Benefit Brow Zings shaping kit.

zing brows perfect makeup

This little bad boy which myself and my friends purchased for $30 / £22.50 was the magic key to providing me with the best brows I have ever seen on my face! I thought my current regimin of a monthly eye brow threading was enough but NOW my brows had at last truly arrived.

The lovely Porterican sales lady did a demonstration on my face which instantly persuaded and convinced me to buy she achieved this look within a matter of five minutes giving me some pretty awesome tips.

katy perry eyebrows

The Brow kit comes with a coloured wax and coloured blending dust which you apply and adheres on top of the wax- it also comes with two dinky brow applicators one for creating the right shape and the other for blending to create the natural and hypnotising gaze.

The tips that the fiesty latina gave to me included :

  1.  A Perfect Brows is all about parallel lines- this creates the most striking look and fits better with your face.
  2. Draw on the outline with the contour brush first then fill in with the blending brush
  3. Keep practicing as it gets better each time
  4. Find either your concealer or your foundation to go over the top of the brow as a highlight
  5. Highest part of the eyebrow should be at your pupil and soften from there
Thats pretty much it..
I have to say, initiailly trying this out it was one of the hardest things- I never do much to my eyebrows so it was a shock when I appeared to my friends like Ms Mono-brow but over the next few days I suprisingly got better. It is pretty easy.
The kit really does work and really creates a lovely looking brow.
It supposidly lasts up to 2 years which- is possible since the brow is only a small part of the body and you do not need THAT much, It also come complete with tweezers and the two brushes.
I think I will be investing in a larger normal sized brush to help me become a pro at the brows but as a starting kit- it is all you need for celebrity inspired Eyebrows.

Pop over to your nearest Benefit counter for a demo and I am sure you will purchase as well!


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Known for his charming good looks and amazing soccer skills and impeccable European dress sense Cristiano Ronaldo did not come up short today as he sat second row at a Basketball match between Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona in Spain. The player sat with his signature high gelled hair and beautiful underwear model girlfriend of almost two years Irina Shayk.

Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend basketball game

Since he was sitting down he was sure to decorate his neck (As it was most likely to be seen from second row!) with a $280 Gucci print patterned scarf with web and print.

ronaldo with gc scarf

The scarf made from a wool and silk blend features the traditional GC print and infamous green and red stripe and are available from the Gucci website alongside two other variations of silver and black. Winter is in its full glory in most parts of the world at present so why not pick up your own GUCCI PRINT scarf to help you look fabulous in the cold!


gucci gc print scarf with fringe and web

silver gucci scarf

black gucci scarf




over the knee boots

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