Be An Addict with Dior!

Whilst in Gatwick Airport a few weeks back on the way to Milan, I happened to stop in Duty Free in search for a new gloss as my old one had been discontinued. :-( I wanted a bright red, with a high gloss so the search began.

Ginger Beer for the warmth

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going into Holland and Barrett for a few vitamins and on entrance to the store I happened to see a pretty bottle of Rochester Ginger Beer! I love the true Jamaican Ginger Beer, I love the fire, the fizz the smell, Everything, I have to say its beautiful.
We have all heard of Rosetta Stone, even hip hop star Drake quoted the language lesson software in his lyrics, but I had never thought to incorporate it in my learning of the language of love (Italian) in my spare time, so I wanted to test this so called...

The New Macbook Air

The coolest brand at the moment have come out with yet another success to their stunning range of products, cannibalising the old and in the new with the New edition of the Macbook Air.

Kate’s Famous Blue Dress

Right, the Royal Wedding has been going mad on the Internet- we have been inundated with stories about clothing, her hair, location, venue, The royal bank holiday, the ring, the DRESS! Yes, yes and yes we cannot forget or overlook that fantastic blue dress. So much has been said about the...

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