The first UK Burberry Brit store opened last night and creative director Christopher Bailey beamed with excitement about the new upcoming project.   “At the moment I’m working on menswear and new stores around the world, it is all so very exciting and with the project launching in September... it is...


The launch of the new Shopping specific section of our website is underway. We will be focusing on the celebrities and every day fashion trend setters to see what is going on in the streets of London to New York

Fizzy fun with Soda Stream

Most of you will remember Soda Streme from your childhood before fizzydrinks ever came onto the shelves. Before cola was easily accessible from the shelves of Walmart or Tesco. But with the adaption and acceptance of mass production of the fizzy drinks market the soda stream market also died, but...

The King of R&B is Back

The self proclaimed King of R&B  is back with his latest album Love Letter due to be released on the 14th December 2010. Having heard his first song out named "When a woman loves" I had to research some more, it has already entered the billboards at #23 and has...
Over a year ago Jennifer Hudson gave birth to her first child and a year and a bit later she is now down to her lowest dress size US size 4/6. Looking absolutely fabulous back in September when she first surfaced as the face of WeightWatchers and her new streamline...
Nicki is one of the hottest rappers at the moment she is literally on everything with or without the singer!

Be An Addict with Dior!

Whilst in Gatwick Airport a few weeks back on the way to Milan, I happened to stop in Duty Free in search for a new gloss as my old one had been discontinued. :-( I wanted a bright red, with a high gloss so the search began.

Ginger Beer for the warmth

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going into Holland and Barrett for a few vitamins and on entrance to the store I happened to see a pretty bottle of Rochester Ginger Beer! I love the true Jamaican Ginger Beer, I love the fire, the fizz the smell, Everything, I have to say its beautiful.
We have all heard of Rosetta Stone, even hip hop star Drake quoted the language lesson software in his lyrics, but I had never thought to incorporate it in my learning of the language of love (Italian) in my spare time, so I wanted to test this so called...

The New Macbook Air

The coolest brand at the moment have come out with yet another success to their stunning range of products, cannibalising the old and in the new with the New edition of the Macbook Air.

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