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Today I was enlightened to the beautiful craftsmanship of these unique designer I would like to call Sharp and most certainly Chic BIKES!

Oh yes, it is possible to have a couture bike and these German handcrafted piece of metal prove to be top notch.

Vandeyk bike
Uber cool

Vandeyk are one of the leading bicycle industry experts, in true Germanic engineering form they have created a bike that excels in design. A staggering medley and mix of eclectic genus skills have gone into the creation of the brand composing these self proclaimmed “ravishingly beautiful bicycles”.

vandeyk bike

The latest collection and staying true to the brand is retro-inspired, handbuilt and unique and aptly named Nightstream.

making a bike bandeyk

Only 25 of the bikes will be produced at the grand price of £16,500 each, a truely matching pricetag for the couture one off pieces.

They have been labelled pieces of art by the brand and will be avaliable from their website and on show at exhibitions.

Rolling up in one of these amazing pieces of art will be sure to turn heads.



unique bicycle wheel








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The enchanting Keira Knightley was on the red carpet today in my favourite country for the premier of her latest film “A Dangerous Method” she arrived on the red carpet looking absolutely stunning, picture perfect in the face and dramatic in the Valentino Gold embellished dress.

kiera knightley valentino dress venice 2011

The British actress took to the red carpet in a Valentino Fall 2011 dress which had the perfect amount of drama for the beautiful city of Venice.

The gown was carefully embroiled with gold and layered with tulle for a very theatrical effect. Long sleeved with mesh for an almost invisible appearance against her porcelain skin.

kiera knightley makeup valentino 2011 fall dress

Her Make up complimented the simple yet dramatic look of the dress with the favourited smokey eye effect and a matt red lipstick.

Her eye shadow has of red but its clear she wanted a soft appearance in the face alongside her central parting hair.

kiera knightley walking red carpet valentino 2011

The 26 year old has so far had mixed reviews about the film but we will have to wait and see as the film moves to Toronto next week.

The outfit was very simple she clearly did not want to show too much opulence as she choose not to wear any jewellery or diamonds but perhaps it is to keep focus on the outstanding dress..

Who knows!

She could have at least grabbed a bag!?!

kiera knightley walking red carpet valentino 2011


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How super cool and exciting to be spotted out shopping on the streets of London in the same rain mack coat- to be fair there could have been a lot worse of a person to match than Pippa Middleton.

The Aussie Singer Kylie Minogue was captured out in London on Tuesday in a black and khaki rimmed trench coat by Fay Metropolitan Folie. The cute contrasting coat retails at £800 and has already sold out since the pictures emerged online.


Everyone appears to be getting ready for autumn and in doing so we have noticed that the “hot sister of the princess” affect still has not worn off! and people are still inspired by her fashion today.

kylie in black coat middleton

Despite plummiting tempretures in London Pippa supports a dress, bare legs with ballerina pumps and glasses for a very demour chic look whilst Kylie opts for the very “london” look in a pair of black skinny jeans and a cute black bag!

The ladies looked lovely!

pippa middleton in black coat


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Last night was a huge burst of knowledge and information into the world that came tumbling out by a simple gesture made by the Queen Bee- Beyonce!

She took to the stage performing a mega watt performance that outshone Gaga dressed in drag as a man.


The rumours and speculation that had continued to dominate throughout the course of the singers career has finally been confirmed as the ex Destiny’s Child star unbuttoned her D&G jacket to reveal a bump!

lady gag vma 2011 man

That’s right! Beyonce is Pregnant and by the size of the bump she is already a bit of the way along.

beyonce pregnant at vma 2011

She revealed the bump in a typical dramatic steal-the-show theatrical way with Bey randomly dropping the mic turning to the side to strike a pose and rubbing the growing stomach-till she finally burst out laughing- In True Diva style

She was interviewed by Pierce Morgan a few weeks back and he questioned her about when she would potentially taking a break to have a child and she responded with a simple “only God knows” but clearly she knew as well!

She dazzled the stage in a striking purple jacket and black pant trousers which can be seen to have been taken from the collection of D&G 2011 Menswear so it was not only Gaga that went for the androgynous look that night!

Beyonce purple jackey vma 2011

Beyonce will turn 30 in September so clearly everything has been calculated to the nearest date and she will be a proud mum in 7 months time in time for a nice Spring Baby!

Jay-z and Beyonce have been married for 3 years and this will be the couples first baby.

Beyonce announced pregnancy in her D&G Purple Jacket live at VMAs

The outfit can be seen here on the run way last year- and it is also  from the same collection that Rihanna wore on the cover of Glamour magazine last month– (you can view that here) .


We wish Beyonce luck in this new path in her life- and we can’t wait to see the maturnity wear the Queen is going to be rocking in a few months time
Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 purple jacket

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The hottest member to join x factor judges stepped out on the red carpet for the press conference in preparation for the new series in Cineworld in the 02 arena on the today on the 17th August 2011

Kelly Rowland versace dress 2011 x factor

She posed for photos in the latest Versace Fall 2011 dress- the black and green dress paired with some Giuseppe Zanotti wedges very sexy.

She added accessories of a multicoloured nail varnish and a gold metallic cuff and simple dainty earrings.

She beautifully had her hair feathered with some low cut bangs.


kelly rowland face hair


We loved her matching make up of green under eye liner, long lash inserts black top eye liner and pink and purple eye shadow.

We recommend the Mac Eye Kohl which is a great soft on easy to use liner which leaves a rich colour and silky-smooth matte and pearl finish.

mac kohl

The new 5 colour eye palette by Dior that provides you with an assortment of colours in one handy compact case for long lasting wear and easy application.



Kelly Rowland’s dress can be seen here on the runway modelled by Isabella.


Versace fall dress 2011 Kelly rowland


The UK version of the X factor starts on Saturday 20th August at 8pm on ITV.

The X factor has a new set of judges from the young Tulisa from N Dubz aiming to attarct a younger audience into the demographics, Gary Barlow for the olders and the old Louis Walsh for the traditional viewers of ITV music live shows.

Everyone’s looking to see how the show will fair this new season without “The Simon!” My guess is ratings won’t be as high- the show is over done and we have had enough!

But its still great to see the fashion and what they have to wear!


new judges x factor

Rihanna was out this week in her home of Barbados enjoying the sun and the beach in her tiny weeny bikini.

The Island singer showed her curves and the reason she has become the new underwear model to Calvin Klein, however this was not the bikini- this one has sold out in a few days since the princess put it on.

rihanna white bikini

The bikini is part of the new collection by Mikoh- the sister designers Oleema and Kalani Miller based in California orange county.

The brand goes to showcase femininity, strength and beauty fusing colours an bold prints inspired by the world-ideal for the confidant, chic woman that wants to stand out.

mikoh rihanna bikini black

No Doubt- Rihanna has achieved this.

Rihanna Life jacket on beach

She happily enjoyed her time on the beach sun bathing riding jet skies and having a laugh with her mates unaware of the cameras. She is currently on her loud tour which has been classed as incredibly racy.

We love the fact she has kept her slim yet curvy figure without giving into pressures of the industry..

rihanna bikini bottoms white string

The Bikini is currently sold out but be sure to check out Mikohswimwear to purchase your own of the bikini.

The bikini has a rep of under $200 for both the bottoms and strapless top- not too bad!

Not too keen on the blonde hair change- she does remind me a lot of Beyonce– don’t you think?

back to red please!

rihanna bikini

Beyonce was spotted this past week leaving her black SUV in New York wearing a rather colourful couture looking number which we managed to find for a mere $24.00, yes that’s right! $24.00.

Beyonce nyc block colourful dress one shoulder

Minus the shoes, the Run the world singer hit the streets in New York in this lush affordable asymmetrical one shoulder number.

The dress can be found on Love Couture– which she chose to match or rather, up-market the outfit with a pair of Black shiny Louboutins and Black toe nail varnish!

It is awesome to see a star of such high calibre still rocking the $24.00 outfits!

The true appeal is turning a $50 outfit into something that looks like a million bucks! and Bey as usual- turns it out!

beyonce dress off shoulder

Her oversized dark sunglasses alongside her large hoop earings give her a sun sea and San Tropez look which works well and can just as equally be achieved.

These D&G DG4101 tiger print framed glasses rrp $200.00 give Beyonce’s frames a run for thier money!

DG4101 d&g glasses

She tied her hair back in a timeless bun which completes the fresh free summer look.

beyonce sunglasses

Beyonce is also celebrating the amazing sell out of her intimate concert in New York which sold out in a record breaking time of 24s for the only four dates.

The concert will have the lady perform all the songs from her latest 4 album.

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Glamour Model and mother of 3 Katie Price has been in recent news for the launch of her latest collection- the business mogul created the brand back in February of this year naming her clothing line Day 22.

The 33 year old drama queen featured in the debut of the new collection wearing a uber tight leopard skin dress that did not hug her body in the right way!



katie price new fashion dress leapard skin


She minced down the aisle with blond hair and black heels posing for pictures- opting for more of a tighter outfit in comparison to her other models whom had more of a causal relaxed attire of tracksuits and large jumpers.

She named the latest collection SS12. The launch was solely open for trade buyers only and she even stopped by to give a Q&A with the audience and happily left tweeting she was off to gets some Mcdonalds with her kids. (Sweet!)



Katie price day 22


The outfits are colourful, girly and fun.

Not for the majority of the girls in the mass media but pretty confidant Katie’s followers will be wearing her line.




At Q&A she claimed the name was created due to the fact new items from glasses, bags, shoes will be released on the 22nd of each month! Quirky business Idea which therefore means girls should keep coming back to the shop periodically every month! AWESOME for business!

Katie Price Day 22





The Show took place it London’s Pure Spirit in Earls Court this past week.



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Man down singer Rihanna was out early this morning on route to a photoshoot- hence her laid back relaxed attention toward her hair and outfit.

Rihanna red hair and green shoes


She wore a short bright blue and green jumpsuit alongside bright luminous green gladiator sandals.

Not one to blend in she rocked a “just out of bed” look with her frizzy curly red/orange hair and no make up..

Her shoes are a unique choice that stand out in the dark- a similar pair can be found by camper

Camper green gladiators

Camper has designed these incredibly trendy gladiator sandals. The thin criss-crossed straps over the foot will charm any fashionista looking for fashionable shoe.

Currently on sale for £50 – not bad really!

She is in current media in Glamour magazine in preparation for the launch of her new venture as an actress, she is staring in the movie Battleship so looks like she is going to be heading for a few photo shoots in upcoming weeks.

The glamour magazine captured her looking fabulous with very sticking RED hair and a variety of figure hugging outfits.

rihanna glamour magazine shootShe adopted a white halterneck backless top with some very sparkly trousers which showcased her round derriere.

With matching red hair and nail varnish! we LURVE the detail.

rihanna glamour d&g sparkle pantsThe Bright sparkle pants by Dolce & Gabanna fall 2011 collection really stand out on the front cover.

rihanna mark jacobs green polka dott dress fall collection 2011
Marc Jacobs Polka Dress

The magazine also features her in a capped cuff green polka Dot dress by Marc Jacobs– with a sharp black top hat and vibrant curly red locks.

The dress is something similar to what Beyonce wore a few months ago- the outfit admittedly looks better on Riri- but the green and red Dot combo is an alternative look-

beyonce in marc jacobs green polka dress rihanna
Beyonce also adopts the Marc J

She also adopts the classic look in this black dress which carefully demonstrates her wonderful curves by Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011

The dress in black looks a lot better than the white and the feather bows adds extra drama- WE LOVE IT!

rihanna glamour magazibe




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Cat woman Halle Berry was spotted out in La today with her scrumptious daughter Nahla, whom munched on a scrummy ice cream.

giggles and hugs la

The mother and daughter pair were out in Westfields LA Giggles N Hugs which has been made popular by many celebrities such as Gwen Stifani, Ben Affleck and many other famous mummies and daddies.



halle berry black and white maxi dress

Halle opted for a gorgeous summer maxi halter neck dress with bold black and white print and baby Nahla matched in a black tiered dress and cute blue sandals and even cuter face painting from the Giggles N Huggs party store and restaurant.

Halle stuck to two colours keeping her outfit simple but striking- black gladiator sandals really kept the look looking chic.

Halle Berry white and black maxi dress

Alongside her little gold headband which matched her cool shades also complimented the elegant summer look and glowing skin.

The Gorgeous actress is facing court battles with her ex model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry over the custody of Nahla- but despite returning to court last month she looked stunning out in LA.

Halle berry and ex baby daddyAs it is officially summer many other celebs have been at the maxi dress shops and in particular picking the black and white combo…

black and white maxi dresses
Everyone is wearing one..

One famous beaut we have not seen in a while is Vanessa Hudgens– she was spotted refueling her Audi in a white maxi dress and wedges… we have to say we love the new hair cut and fuller figure-or rather NORMAL FIGURE… she looks amazing..I can already tell most people will begin to insult the girl- but not us…we love this..

vanessa hudgens
Looking Sharp

She looks very sophisticated with her new shorter cute hairstyle..

Great Job to Miss Halle and Vanessa..




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