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Crochet Dress -Inspiration

With the very slightly, (and I mean, slight ) change in weather here in the UK, and the surprise when I saw the yellow daffodils open in my front garden as I stepped out of the house this morning.


I knew it was time. I knew Spring was imminent and this nasty cold depressing season we call winter is almost on its way out. ‘Bye Felicia’ I hear you say! With that and the blue skies up ahead I thought to myself it is now time to start searching for summer wear.

This thought also came into my mind as a few friends have booked a trip to Dubai in a few weeks so summer outfits is almost certainly important.

With that said, with also  watching a few episodes of reality show it dawned on me that I need a cover up for the beach! but a cute one! One that shows skin but also hides skin (after all its a traditional country)

No more sarongs..

My search landed me to these awesome crochet cover ups.

So Ladies (and gentlemen) here are a few inspirational images to get you ready for summer.

Ways to wear your cover up:

With Boots and a groovy scarf- Light natural and cool!

Don’t forget the matching bikini

Crochet coverup summer

They are incredibly easy to wear- just add a floral garland and a ribbon bracelet..

garland long dress crochet beach summer coverup


Don’t forget the extra large fashion sunglasses.. Your on the beach! It is a must!






short crochet beach dress


The Sun hat can also be a fantastic accessory- the larger the better!


Why not have inverse : a darker crochet coverup matched with a lighter swimsuit.

black crochet and white bikiniThe Backless crochet dress is a gorgeous choice… This can be made more formal with wedges!

backless crochet dress summer


This Long crochet dress still combines sexiness and glamour whilst keeping your modesty.


long crochet sexy dress



The Batwing crochet dress give drama and elegance to the simple crochet design!

crochet bat wing


Even Halle Berry opted for the coverup – looks good !


halle berry crochet dress


From Behind the dress looks just as good!


crochet  dress bum


Whilst sunning on a boat in Europe it really is an excellent item for the suitcase which will not make you go over those pesky weight allowances.



crochet dress dubaiWe hope your inspired!

crochet dress

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David Beckham is back in London alongside his latest news for his collection onto the H&M store-

He was back to promote his bodywear collection at the flagship store in Regent Street carrying with him has deluxe manbag by Lanvin.

david beckham h&m


He went from car to store in a patterned scarf, white tee, zipped jacket and leather jacket paired with some hardcore boots.


As usual he worked his look well and looked exceptionally fabulous.

david beckham lavin bag

I’m not one to be too keen for man bags but I think David has a strong male physic and appearance that he pulls it off rather well.

The bag is a great size for mens travel items for a short weekend away- or all the David Beckham underwear any man could possibly desire!

With the  launch of the underwear the advertising company had launched a gorilla marketing campaign to get the utmost amount of attention- by leaving large bags of David around the capital city.

Interesting to say the least-

david beckham h&m bag covent garden David’s marketing team also released his ad during the superbowl yesterday as they panned across his toned body and tattoos

This looks like its going to be another money maker for the British footballer


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Jessica Jane Clement,
isnt one of those household names that most people know, quite frankly I had no clue who she was up until a few hours ago when I saw the listing of the new series of I’m a celebrity get me out of here, the reality show that sees G-list celebrities thrown into the Australian outback in order to revive their careers.

Jessica is one of those celebs that is currently doing that- but the reason why I had to post her here today because I saw a few interesting pictures of the glamour model posing on a beach in Cyprus looking rather ravishing in a pretty pink bikini. She has a massive picture of a lady on her side which I found rather “interesting” due to its randomness but maybe- perhaps- there is a story behind it but to the average onlooker it looks rather tacky.  But at least her nail varnish matches the bikini!

I know with declining tempretures here in the UK, New York and Europe the last thing anyone wants to see is swimwear but we have to remember winter is not forever- it is the planning we have to do now that will enable us to look fabulous come May, June, July and August!

Jessica jane 1 pink bikini

It is winter now, but it just means summer is coming again! with that said- I thought these pictures are rather inspiring for us to get in shape and toned and bikini ready!

jessica jane clement hot pink bikini

Her bikini was rather tiny but the colour screams “Here I Am” and I loved the boldness of it! I think such a colour will work with tanned and darker skin tones due to its strong impact so it works well with a tan! or darker skin for a real contrast.

We found something similar by Melissa Odabash which can be purchased here!




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A few months back, I posted an article on COCO, Iced T’s wife and her amazingly tiny swimming attire, well, the blond bombshell is back on the beach posing for pictures in yet another tiny bikini on the warm beaches of Miami.

I had recently finished watching their reality TV series “Ice loves coco” and it is the ONLY reason- I have come here today to post these images. Turns out I have grown to love Coco- I find her “interesting” or at least the way she walks rather interesting- For one- she is really small, has a tiny waist and huge hips- its unbelievably unproportioned and waddles along..hehe!

She is one curvy mama and these pictures prove it-


coco ice t wife bode

Summer is a long way away BUT if you are looking for a bikini similar to that of the blond princess then her leopard print bikini should not go amiss.

A Dolce & Gabanna purchase at $240 from D&G can serve you well to have this super beach.

Leopard skin bikini d&g


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The Kardashian money making steam roller truck is about to get bigger with the coming of age of one of the youngest daughters Kendall Jenner.

We have all grown up watching the sisters antics but we have yet to see much on the younger sisters….that is, until NOW.

Kendall in recent seasons has been shown to get into modelling, she is tall beautiful and has legs to die for. She is now attempting to take the career seriously as she has been picked for the Australian brand White Sands.

kendall jenner bikini white sands

The Jenner beauty took to the challenge like a pro in an array of swimsuits which are classy and stunning on her slim figure.

At only 15 she is really showing potential have a look…

kendall jenner bikini white sands

The swimsuits are also pretty cool! from the 2012 collection which have an array of floral bikinis, deep cut maillots and caftans.

The swimsuits take us back to a historical era of high wasted 1960s swimsuit fashion.

The photo shoot took place in Los Angeles by Paul Smith.

kendall jenner bikini white sands


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Rihanna was spotted out in a remote field out in the sticks of Ireland yesterday (kind of hard to randomly spot someone in a remote field in Ireland though, so I’m sure there was a tip off somewhere along the line!)

rihanna red bandana bikini

Anyway- as you know, we love a bit of RiRi, here she is found in yet another bikini but for her latest upcoming song “We Found Love”

rihanna singing in red bandana bikini

The man down singer had a quick wardobe change to a rather patriotic american flag stipped bikini.

rihanna red american flag bikini

She took the outfit country with a flannal checkered shirt and large oversized massively distressed boyfriend jeans for a real farmer look.

rihanna american flag bikini

She has chosen to go back to long brown and blonde waves for her hair and I have to say the red was more striking and really made her stand out- this seems to be the safe Beyonce option…

Have to commend the girl on her body and maybe she looses a few points in the outfit-which to be fair was probably not picked out by her self- but her stylist! so lets blame her/him


Coco was out in full force in her most tiniest bikini showcasing her amazing and plenty curves!

Nicole Austin as she is known to her famous rapper husband and now reality star Ice-T were enjoying cocktails and the sun at the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

The couple were spending time together over the labour day weekend starting the night with a romantic meal with friends at Las Vegas’s latest hottest restaurant 35 Steaks + Martinis which we admit looks pretty amazing plus with a name like steak and martini’s – you can hardly go wrong!


35 steaks and martini

From the dinner they headed off to the Vanity nightclub whereby Coco hosted the party signing autographs and taking pictures with fans before heading back to the VIP section for more drinks and dancing with friends.

Coco prior to this was poolside in her white tight bikini and huge wedge pumps where she tweeted [quote]I think I’m the only one that wears heels in the pool. Coco style! [quote]


Coco white bikini

The main item about this “outfit” (and we use the term loosely) that we loved were the shoes!

She is right who wears heels to the beach?!- but are glad she did they are tremendously cute,

We found a similar pair made by Chloe yes the summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean your shoes have to go back to boring and grey-besides its an investment!

Its hard to go wrong with gold shoes- it razzles and dazzles any drab outfit.

chloe gold wedges

The Chloe Snake skin wedge has an ankle strap and gold hardware with a natural wooden heel that measures a wooping 5″ with a 2″ platform

RRP $850.00 from Kirnazabete.

Her white Bikini is as simple as a white bikini- so this look is pretty achievable.


Rihanna was out this week in her home of Barbados enjoying the sun and the beach in her tiny weeny bikini.

The Island singer showed her curves and the reason she has become the new underwear model to Calvin Klein, however this was not the bikini- this one has sold out in a few days since the princess put it on.

rihanna white bikini

The bikini is part of the new collection by Mikoh- the sister designers Oleema and Kalani Miller based in California orange county.

The brand goes to showcase femininity, strength and beauty fusing colours an bold prints inspired by the world-ideal for the confidant, chic woman that wants to stand out.

mikoh rihanna bikini black

No Doubt- Rihanna has achieved this.

Rihanna Life jacket on beach

She happily enjoyed her time on the beach sun bathing riding jet skies and having a laugh with her mates unaware of the cameras. She is currently on her loud tour which has been classed as incredibly racy.

We love the fact she has kept her slim yet curvy figure without giving into pressures of the industry..

rihanna bikini bottoms white string

The Bikini is currently sold out but be sure to check out Mikohswimwear to purchase your own of the bikini.

The bikini has a rep of under $200 for both the bottoms and strapless top- not too bad!

Not too keen on the blonde hair change- she does remind me a lot of Beyonce– don’t you think?

back to red please!

rihanna bikini




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