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Michael kors bag designs

Have you noticed, over the past year Michael Kors bags seem to be everywhere, everyone and and thier mother has a MK bag and the trend seems to be getting more immense. (My mother bought her bag last month!)

Early on in the year, before I noticed the popularity of the MK, I stepped into my local Covent Garden Michael Kors shop in London and instantly fell in love with the beige bag:

This one to be exact:

Michael kors bag beigeIt was tidy- ready for business and play!

I loved it and instantly purchased..

Then over the next months I noticed everyone had the same bag- I can’t say that I was pleased- but its a cute bag so I guess its expected.


So this post is a top five list of my favourite MK bags!




Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Medium Tote

We think this is a traditional, no nonsense sensible yet sexy bag perfect for meetings, work, after work drinks and the usual city office busy life.

Perfect for the modern business woman.

Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Medium Tote



Miranda Crocodile Medium Tote

Miranda Crocodile Medium Tote

This is a luxury bag- one of the more expensive bags by the MK. Crocodile makes the price point of this around the $7000 mark. It is a great bag for those that want that exclusive look- and one that not everyone will have!



Hamilton Large Saffiano Leather Tote


Hamilton Large Saffiano Leather Tote

The Tote is a classic bag for the feminine arm and works well with any outfit- Large enough for the files and folders. Traditional Statement piece in a bold solid cadbury purple colour.



Sutton Medium Logo Satchel Bag

Sutton Medium Logo Satchel Bag

The Satchel bag is a classic for many of the other brands so MK of course had to come out with something similar and this print is a favourite. Medium sized perfect for everyday use.


1.The Tan Selma

selma mk bag

Of course my bag had to be number one! the shape- size- colour everything about the bag is simply worth it.

If your thinking about buying your lady a bag- then the Michael Korrs is a good choice- the price point isn’t ridiculous and you can have a little bit of luxury.




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So Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot this past week, what with his birthday that ended horribly with it closing due to underage guests, his tour visiting London arriving 2 hours late for his angry screaming fans and random freak outs at the paparazzi. So the teenager has to be in the top clothing and accessories whilst out and about.

justin bieber

Whats caught our attention, due to its bold print is his Leopard print backpack he choose to wear whilst leaving his self proclaimed “worst birthday ever”


The bag retailing at £1,695 direct from the website can be worn in three different styles.

Man bags seem to be the new in thing and Justin Bieber is on trend with this luxury manbag and we will be on the lookout to see who will be next!

justin bieber with backpack

Stay tuned for more!



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News just out from the creative hands of Pierre Hardy is that the designer is finally ready to release the Hermes miniature bags which will be the utmost luxurious bag of them all, yes that’s right- its hard to get more luxury in a bag than Hermes but the two seemed to have superseded themselves with the latest bag costing $1.9 million. Currently holding the record for the most expensive bag to date.

These particular Birkin/Hardy bags are a very slim collection with the team commissioning only 4 bags and taking almost two years to create, the bag boasts intricate handiwork alongside 1,160 diamonds and precious gold stones however they cannot really be called handbags. The rose gold Kelly bags are one of a kind in the fact that they are not large enough to carry much more than a pair of sunglasses so with such mini status and size how does this bag come with such a hefty price tag.

hermes hardy bag expenisive

Well, the Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas couldn’t confirm either but they are more so to be considered as a jewellery piece or bracelets than traditional handbags and he also suggested he did not know who would buy the bags but joked that they would be needing two security guards!

In honour of the $1.9 Miillion dollar bag we would like to present a more traditional Hermes-

Classic leather and normal sized!

At the semi normal bag of $10,000 -HORAH!

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So this week, Jessica Simpson has been out and about showcasing her latest accessory- her baby bump- she finally gave in to the rumours and happily told press she was having a baby- over recent weeks there has been a media freenzy over the singers stomach and quotes of her claiming she wants to have a larger announcement than Beyonce. I believe Beyonce may have stolen the lime light when she appeared at the MTV awards right before Jessica was due to announce her news- it could be the reason why Jessica held back for a while.. but anyway it has been confirmed that she IS in fact pregnant and was out in New York in a designer favourite Celine.


She clutched the over sized medium luggage bag over her rapidly growing stomach as she left her hotel- it is not the first time the blond has opted for such a bag- she owns quite a few of the designer outstanding collections.

She was spotted again this week with another of the bags- this time a leopard print which we did not particularly find that attractive! but what pregnant lady wants pregnant lady gets!

jessica-simpson-celine bag leopard skin

She was seen here back in May in a ready-to-wear green print silk caftan shirt from the spring 2011 collection- the vibrant green is an awesome choice for her.

Celine is a French brand that carry a beautiful collection of bags, shoes, accessories and ready to wear pieces Pheobe Philo- the designer is fabulously talented and we had a peak over at the latest collection of bags and particulalry loved the Large Trapeze in Vernice Black. The elegant shape of the bag is remarkably timeless and elegant.

celine large trapeze in vernice blackAs with all Celine bags- the attention to detail and near invisable stiching is the clear undeniable reason for its success and popularity .

Jessica’s particular bag retails at $2,700 and can be purcahsed direct from Celine!


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We all recognise Scott Kardashian, (yes, I know his surname is not Kardashian- but the way he behaves at times- he might as well be) as the man with impeccable fashion sense and a remarkable personality (tee hee) and today made no difference to that statement.

The dapper gent was seen heading back to his New York hotel dressed to the nines in a custom made sharp suite and his man bag that means business.

louis vuitton honore bag scott

The tan coloured Louis Vuitton is an absolute stunner with a fine mix of fashion and multi functional purpose in comparison to your regular boring mundane business portfolio.

Made from Nomade leather and finished perfectly with a gold brass lock closure ensures its place as the perfect man accessory.

man bags

The inside is even better- with cleverly designed pockets to hold every mans essentials such as a PDA, two pens, two document pockets one battery space, mouse holder, four credit card slots as well as space for a notepad or notebook,

PURE MAN CANDY for $2,250 / £1,500 from the L.V Store! 

scott kardashian with bag



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Paris Fashion week is well under way and we have been looking at some of the uber cool bags that have been stutting the runway.

One from the Valentino spring summer 2012 collection that caught our attention due to its prominent and pretty lime green colour, subtle shape and great presence.

Fundemental to Valentino style he uses the triangle prisms to ornate and decorate his bags and this particular purse is no exception.

It has obvious inspiration from the 2011 winter ready-to-wear collection which is currently ready to purchase from the Valentino store.

Retails at $2,000 direct.

valentino white handbag

The bag is made from lamb skin with a chain strap and the famous studded detail and has the logo plate and platinum metal finish.

A similar crocodile skin bag also debut last year correctly named ‘The Va Va Voom crocodile shoulder bag’  RRP $11,000 now discounted down to $5000 on Net-A-Porter.


Valentino Va Va Voom Crocodile Shoulder Bag


We are lovin’ Paris Fashion week..more to come soon!

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I recently saw a picture of a stunning piece of craftsmanship and handy work on the arm of the very perfectly dressed and immaculate model and burlesque entertainer Dita Von Tease (38).

Clutching the personalised handbag she looked, as always, very chic as she waited outside of her hotel in France.

Seeing this; I had to delve further into the creation of such a beautiful homage, creative genius of tailoring with such impeccable skill of being a malletier.

Sharp N Chic would like to present the Goyard Bag

Goyard, one of the remaining French Malletiers made famous and renowned for their exquisite and impeccable creations in leather goods since 1853 by creator François Goyard

The Goyard canvas, similar to that by Louis Vuitton is symbolic to the brand demonstrating 3 chevrons, designed to form a Y. symbolising a family tree of which the Goyard family spans three centuries.


One of the unique parts of to the Goyard brand is the fantastic option of being able to customise.  This defining feature is adopted by most buyers of the bag, typically adding initials or personal stipes to create a one off piece.


Dita shown below has her famous initals of D.V.T inscribed on the outer side of her Goyard.

dita von tease goyard bag

The Signon bag, has also been adopted by Kim Kardashian, Dita and Nicki Hilton are retailing around £1,500 /$2000 a price dependant on availability and colour. The bags are still very exclusive and thus difficult to get a hold of as they are only sold in the boutiques which are currently in London and all other major cities.

kim kardashian goyard handbag

The signon bag has a firm wooden handle and an A-line structure with the signiture Goyard print.

I am loving the bag with Kim’s maxi dress it looks fab.

Whilst Nicki wears hers more casually with a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt.



So Today, the 1st october 2011, we saw the hottest ever October in records to hit London and most of the UK with temperatures reaching record highs of 30 degrees- I have been enjoying the sun- over the past week, however I realised it’s time to find something to wear for the Pimms in London tomorrow.

Something elegant, pretty, and bright with a mixture of autumn colours, simple enough to just wear yet with enough presence to turn heads – Furthermore, the outfit needs to be somewhat functional in the approaching winter season, So the question arose…what to wear on a sunny Sunday october 2011.

We have come up with this really price economical outfit that will leave you looking lovely in the British Indian Summer Snap.


So what do we have…

River Island Skater Dress

This bright and lovely red sleeveless dress which tapers out- very simple but its what we do with it that can make it really chic!

RRP £30.00- Bargain!



Red river island dress ideas







With this outfit- sticking to two colours acts for a stronger bold impacting statement- similar to that of colour blocking we have noticed celebrities like Kim Kardashian going for recently. Beige is a lovely colour, easy to match and always looks sophesticated.

These Aldo heels create a lovely calf to every womans leg, simple patented and have a concealed platform to give you hidden height! it is also much more comfortable to have the concealed platform.

Glamourous and a fab colour to contrast the brightness of the red dress.

RRP Currently on SALE at £50

aldo shoes beige



Zara Tasselled Messenger Bag

Made from Cow leather, small compact to keep the attention on you and the dress rather than the large purse that is wearing you- great for the sun as its light large enough to carry the lipstick, credit card plus the iphone- all us girls really need!


RRP £79.99



Monsoon Bangles

Simple accessories are the best for summerwear, just a basic gold and brown bangle stackers are great for decorating the arms- the gold compliments the brown from the shoes and the bag- great choice.

RRP £12.00

monsoon Regents Stacker Bangles


Burberry Nude Glasses


Of course- glasses are a natural choice as soon as the tiniest crack of sun comes out- and the ever popular Aviators you can never go wrong.

These nude glasses give you UV protection as well as a high fashion look.

RRP £165.00

burberry aviater glasses



EUGENIA KIM-Claudia feather-embellished silk-satin headband

Again, the point of this outfit is to get the right balance of exposure and subtlety- we considered a large sunhat but- considering its October use over the winter months are rather limited- unless the aim is to be laughed at! so- instead something more versatile yet glamourous enough to carry up this outfit is the headband. Creating a beautiful continuation of beige colour and fashion with a bit of uniqueness it is the perfect final piece to finish off this cool sexy summer look.

RRP £107.00



The complete outfit is all for under £500 with a mixture of high street fashion and luxury designer fusion-

Get the most out of this ‘Last few days of summer cocktail with friends’ outfit over the next few days in London…





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