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Most of you will remember Soda Streme from your childhood before fizzydrinks ever came onto the shelves. Before cola was easily accessible from the shelves of Walmart or Tesco.
But with the adaption and acceptance of mass production of the fizzy drinks market the soda stream market also died, but the creators have come back recebntly with a new and exciting campaign to relaunch Soda Stream givng us new uses and reasons to purchase the fizzy making machine.
New funky, sleek, sexy designs are out and look fab in the mordern kitchen against an ultra cool coffee maker or ice cream maker.

There are four main types of soda streme that caught our eye:
The Jet Soda: available in a variety of colours and a beautiful amount of techniology has been invested in making an automatic has release, ability to fit extra large carbonators yet very small compact and beautifully crafted to be easy to clean.

Jet sodastream
Jet Sodastream

The Penguin Sodastream is the most unique of the range as it comes with a glass carafes, with a body that resembles that of a penguin, the design is still sleek and modern and easy to clean.

penguin soda stream
penguin soda stream

So after you have choosen one of the four unique sodastream machines you need a container!

The company has been very good at coming with new funky chic designs and this also includes the carbonating bottles that not only can be reused for two years whislt the penguin (mentioned above) bottle can be used infinate number of times with proper care.

The Number of flavours avaible to you now and back when you were younger and first heard about the sodastream market is huge, over 30 sodamix syrups from diet, caffeine free and regualr mixes. Flavours touch upon everything you could think of cola, lemon, rootbeet, mango and diet grapefruit emmense options for you to try out and never get bored of! Furthermore each sodamix can make 12 litres of fizz which is abou 33 cans which works out at about 25p per drink!


Flavour SodaStreams
Flavour SodaStreams

The final requirement for some fizz juice is the sodastream carbonators- made from light aluminum which can make up to 60 or 130 litres of pop for each carbonater cylindar. Sodastream have been very keen to note that they are very aware of corporate responsibility of recycling and the reuse of their products

SodaStream Carbonators are made of lightweight aluminum to exacting standards set forth by the US Department of Transportation. We maintain the highest quality standards to ensure safety and purity of our CO2 refills. Carbonators are available in two sizes, to make up to 60 or 130 liters of soda or sparkling water per carbonator. A full, licensed CO2 carbonator is included with the purchase of every SodaStream soda maker kit. When empty, SodaStream takes back the cylinder to be cleaned, inspected, refilled and reused. Carbonators may be exchanged online, or at select SodaStream authorized retailers

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Over a year ago Jennifer Hudson gave birth to her first child and a year and a bit later she is now down to her lowest dress size US size 4/6.

Skinny Jennifer Hudson

Looking absolutely fabulous back in September when she first surfaced as the face of WeightWatchers and her new streamline body she dazzled photographers again with her new body with an additional loss of a further 20lbs or 2 stone at the 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors in DC on Monday.  Performing as part of the Oprah Winfrey Tribute singing from a selection of songs from the Broadway musical “The Colour Purple”

The American Idol Winner & Dream Girls actress dropped from a size16 in just over a year.

Jennifer hudson skinny
Little black dress

She claims to be counting the calories and working out 5 times a week with a celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

So how does Weight Watchers Work?

You sign up,

Follow the daily allocation of points,

Every food has a different points number and you are given your own personal allocation of daily points,

Ensure you do not to go over your daily points,

Add some exercise,

Get some support from your network of family and friends,

You then have a lifetime of weightloss and the body you want!

With a mixture of meetings, online information, point counting and exercise it has a proven long term track record of working well and leading to a successful weight loss. Membership starts at £2.99 per week, so  there is no excuse, to drop a few pounds.

So we can say the Weightwatchers program is definatly something to adopt for a body like Jennifers so WE WANT THAT NOW!

Nicki is one of the hottest rappers at the moment she is literally on everything with or without the singer!

Will I am, Sean Kingston, Jay Sean, Willow Smith plus her mix tapes covers most artists from Beyonce, Drake and Lil Wayne and the list goes on…Without a doubt you would have heard or seen this girl.

She has been out promoting her new album with her ever dramatic looks never failing to amaze.

pink friday mac lipstick
Pink Friday Mac Lipstick

She is also the new spokesperson for her Mac Pink lipstick  made and designed especially for her.

The Lipstick is a special edition and is only out for a few weeks but it has been a success and the site says it is already out of stock.

Nicki Minaj's colourful rainbow hair
Nicki minaj's hair

Her latest craze is this coloured hair streaks.

She is always into wearing her different colour wigs but this is a new take on that, she has chosen to combine them horizontally!

nicki minaj hair styles

Out at the Mac store in New York City.

Nicki Minaj Hair

We personally love the fire in this girl she has made a name for herself and is making some serious money doing so.

She has a huge world wide following and has really expolded over the past year so she can do no wrong!

If you want to achive such a look as Nicki Minaj’s explosive colour streaks it can be as simple as…

1. Choose the colours you would want

2. Grab a piece of paper to get a defined line

3. Spray away

4. Using the paper to cover the hair you want to leave out

You can get spray cans from any supermarket, fancy dress shop or online.

StarGazer is a great brand and it washes out easily with Shampoo, plus its really cost effective too.

You could even mix it up with neon colour mix.

We can defiantly say that We want that now!

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We all know the snow has been the talk of most conversations and  extended journeys to and from work, college or meetings. So whilst the snow is out we all know its time to put away those killer but beautiful 6 inch heels and go for something low but still classy.

We have a top 5 countdown of some of the cutest Wellington Boots to help you hold your ground on the snowy pavements this winter!

Miss KG

Miss KG Boots
Miss KG boots

This black puffy boot were very popular in Milan this past week, the Italians, as we all know are top when it comes to fashion and looking great so we had to put them in our list. Your feet will be very much protected in these bad boys!

Laced- fully for complete support with a black faux fur trim.

Simply Stunning.

We like these because  they represent warmth, comfort and beauty all rolled into one.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs Boots

These fantastic white Marc Jacobs boots available from a variety of sites and M.J stores.

They are a luxury off-white with a  rubber cris-cross quilted pattern, a low heel of only 0.5 inches. Loose fitting with a smooth and soft finish at the foot with a black sole and simply pull to put on and they are 100% Rubber of course!

We love these because of the off white colour, the pattern and the shine of the boot – would be fab with a fitted coat and jeans.


Gucci Boots
Gucci low heel boot with GG detail

We had to include a Gucci in our top 5 boots list and it was a hard choice but we have to say these Nubuck Leather’s caught our eyes.

Available in Brown, Black and Light Brown

Light weight with a gold hardware GG buckle, a 2″ Black heel

We chose these because of the slim fit, its clean, calm, tidy and a overall beautifully made boot.

You can purchase this on the Gucci site or take a trip down to any of the Gucci stores to pick up yours!

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo Snake skins

Oh yes, the SJP favourite brand is back!

These boots are BEAUTIFUL, we love them:

Silver and metallic rubber with a crocodile print effect. These amazing pieces are part of the Hunter Collection with a round toe with a buckle to fasten at the top. It also has a lovely designer-stamped trim and a designer stamp at the front for easy access.

We love this because of the crocodile skin effect, you can battle any snow blizzard or rain storm with these. The silver & metallic colour will ensure you stand out from the rest, pair with some leggings for the uber model look!


Burberry black wellington boots
Burberry black Boots

These are the favourite of the pack as they are a slight modification of the traditional wellington with a touch of metal for a bit of class and the Burberry statement. You can never go wrong with a strong black boot and the added shine on these make it high fashion. The heel is only 2 inches but enforced with hard wearing rubber to protect you from embarrassing trips and falls on ice. You have got to love these.

Sold throughout this time of year, online or in any luxurious Burberry store!

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The coolest brand at the moment have come out with yet another success to their stunning range of products, cannibalising the old and in the new with the New edition of the Macbook Air.

Apple logo

The Thinnest Apple yet is the slogan of this beauty and they are not lying. Apple, renowned for  ingenious marketing strategies and smart branding campaigns have continued with a cross marketing strategy, to that of the Iphone 4 released earlier this year, of which had the slogan the “smartest phone yet” it seems as if they are trying to continue to get better every time.

Iphone 4
The Iphone 4

The thinnest notebook is their best yet, with numbers estimated that out of every 1,000,000 Mac products sold 250,000 are of the new Mac Air, indicating the consumer agrees.

The release date of the new Mac is perfect timing in the run up to Christmas and with there cyclical release of new products.

The new Mac has been praised for its advancements what with the creation and development of the Ipad. Apple have openly informed its loyal following that the Ipad has enabled them to create such a beauty.

Apple Laptop
Apple Laptop

Some of the fantastic features include its Flash storage which is said to have reduced the size of the Mac by 90% making it lighter and thinner, giving more space for a larger battery that runs for longer on a single charge.

Multi-touch features accustomed to the Iphone, Ipad, tracker mouse and most apple devices have been refined and used for the Air. Designed to introduce intimacy on all apple products the new tracker pad due to its size can now perform many more tricks.


The Face time camera, a familiar friend to those with the new Iphone 4, claimed to be thinner and encased in the fantastically smooth pure aluminium case.


High resolution display, also improved and reduced to the size of a 13-inch notebook, not to bog you down with the nitty gritty of detail it ultimately attempts to make the smaller screen feel like a 15-inch

Apple boasts stereo speakers that are heard but not seen being space effiecent with rich audio experience whilst chatting online, listening to music and playing games.

Nvidia Geforce graphic card and Intel Core 2 Duo processors ideal  for gaming, video playback, and general everyday tasks. Twice the power than the previous Macbook air, making everything faster and more efficient.

Wireless networking, two usb ports, a microphone and an earphone-jack, ideal for the modern on-the-go notebook users.

Software wise- Apple places the usuals Imovie, garage band MacOs the worshipped greats on all Mac products.

Mac Air
Mac Air- the thinnest mac yet!

We have all seen the adverts, the plain black background with a simple hand lifting  the display screen to demonstrate the amazingly thin size of the notebook.  The specs have been upgraded the performance has been perfected and Apple further cementing their glory and annual bonuses  Despite the price tag starting at £849.00 for the lowest spec computer we have to say I want that Now

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Right, the Royal Wedding has been going mad on the Internet- we have been inundated with stories about clothing, her hair, location, venue, The royal bank holiday, the ring, the DRESS!

The ISSA Dress kate
Kate's famous Blue dress

Yes, yes and yes we cannot forget or overlook that fantastic blue dress.

So much has been said about the dress- and it was picked for so many reasons politacal, social, historical and because we cannot ignore that it looked fab on the new princess!

The dress made by Issa London, immediately went out of stock in London department store Harvey Nichols, the senior buy said they sold out within a few hours of the announcement and since we have been inundated with requests for more Issa products.

Just with everything the quickest on the market gets the customers and this time Tesco got there first with a replica version of the dress for an amazing £16 which in contrast to the original of around £350 is a major discount, and not bad for a dress. Further more the low cost emulated version of the dress also sold out within hours of its release.

Tesco Blue dress
The replica by Tesco for only £16

This just demonstrates the amazing power the princess already has on the population. Only a few royalties/ those in political power have had such an influence over the market. Thus being Michelle Obama and Princess Diana, so its clear to note that the nation is in love with the new royal family member.

I can honestly say I would love to wear a dress such as this, maybe not the Tesco version but I think a new replica from another shop will be out soon and I know I will be in queue to purchase!

We are probably not the first to say this but at the moment this girl is on Fire and in more ways than her hair!

Rihanna and her red hair
Fire Head

Her latest song with Drake had me literally crying – I loved her confidence and her outfits and the chemistry with Drake

Can’t wait to see what else her new album has to offer!

I have never been a big fan of the chick but this video has turned me…slightly!




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