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Its very much spring here in London- (despite it feeling like winter) but we can’t help getting ready for summer as the days continue to grow in length and the temperature SLOWLY rises. With that said- everyone is out looking for their next bikini or swimwear for this years summer beach holiday. No doubt the ladies are all at the gym working on getting that body back- I know I have been attending the gym like a minor addict trying to work off the winter migration weight I have gained so with that said- this post has been created after seeing an abundance of the American ladies out in their droves by sunny beaches or gorgeous swimming pools in their unique swimming suites.


We all know the queen Bea has just had her baby (supposedly) and she is one for the beach, she has been quoted she loves boats and the sea as she is able to escape, well, with that said- here she is spotted yesterday in a rather demure black swimming costume which hid the correct areas whilst showing off the rest.

 beyonce in a black swimming costume with skirt

She looked good in her dark round shades hair pinned back and minimal jewellery. She took a quick dip in the pool then returned to her husband to sun her skin. The black swimming costume came with a little mini skirt to cover anything she did not want the world to see, which I think is a good call and an awesome bikini.

beyonce in a black swimming costume with skirt

Kim Kardashian:

Well, after much crowd control from her 70 day marriage it seems as though Kim is on the up again, she has been spotted back and forth to the gym in recent weeks in the terrible leggings, but it seems as though its paid off. The Kardashian clan took another filmed holiday to the Dominican Republic where she debuted her awesome extremely curvy figure in a two piece bikini.

kim kardashian in blue and white trim halterneck bikini this week

She was later spotted in an alternate light blue bikini which complimented her skin very well. With the hard work she has put into her body- there is no doubt that most bikinis would suit Kim at the moment. The halter neck white trim navy blue bikini is my favourite- as it really suits her shape and accentuates her figure to the best its been in months.

kim kardashian in blue halterneck bikini this week

Ashley Tisdall,

High school musical actress, now 26 Ashley Tisdall was also one to take to a swim suit this past week and she also had a good figure to show in a mini bikini with a cross over back- she looked very glam in glasses and a tan sitting pool side in Santa Barbra she opted for a pair of aviator sun glasses and a simple updo and took to the water to flaunt her good shape.

ashley tisdall in bikini

Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell black bikini slim body

Naomi, has maintained a stable weight for a lifetime now, and she still looks good at the age of 41, good genes, height and the odd master cleanse diet helps her keep her great figure. She was spotted hanging out with her Russian partner on yet another vacation in a tidy black simple bikini. Her body is that good she does not need to bother with all the thrills of crazy coloured bikinis. The simple halterneck tie did the job perfectly.

naomi campbell butt arse black bikini

Evelyn Lozada

I’m not a huge basketball fan wife, in fact I have only seen a few of the episodes but even one of the ladies from the show Evelyn took to the beach in a two piece bikini and sarong to show off her buff figure.

She went for the most colourful option out of the women seen on the beach this week, opting for a pink and leopard skin bikini which I personally found grotesque. It looked more like a bra than something to wear to the beach- (may have been!) She too adopted aviator glasses which always looks great..



basketball wives evlyn beach bikini

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Saw these and lOVED these so had to do a quick post on these Valentino Fancy Jelly Flip flops


Even the name is pretty cool since I am an avid Jelly eater! The weather in London at the moment isnt quite summer so I cant exactly put these on yet but- the weather cannot stop me from loving them now-

These cute £160 jelly flip flows with the largly stated bow look really cute- and would be perfect along side a nice warm beach and some shorts.. falling short of that a stroll in Hyde Park and some shorts will do the trick too!

What do you think?


The flops also come in a variety of colours if the cool black ones don’t float your boat

Valentino flip flops


The shoes even have a matching bag- which I also find really cute- and its a bag large enough to take more than a credit card and your mobile!

double handed valentino spring summer 2012 peach shiny bag


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Giuseppe Zanotti is a favourite around here and by a lot of celebrities but I was shown these beautiful pair of Zanotti silver mirrored pumps and fell in love.

Which made me to delve deeper into the designers beautiful range of shoes and collections, I love heels but I wanted something that has the same affect without a heel, is this possible? would this look nice? Heck, Beyonce has given up on the heels whilst transporting the baby Carter around so why can’t the rest of us adopt more a relaxed look, I mean a lot of other celebrities are doing the same so why can’t we, at least for a while!

Giuseppe+Zanott silver mirror sneakers trainers

Which lead me down the path to the Giuseppe Zanotti high top mirrored sneakers / trainers which look FABULOUS

Imagine going anywhere in these high tops, not only would your feet stand out for all the right reasons, the high shine means they should stay a cleaner and have that IMPACT for a lot longer than the traditional white sneaker that I have a love/hate relationship for.

The Zanotti Heel can be found by clicking the image below and viewing the Nieman Marcus store for an impressive $650 / £400.00


Whilst in contrast to the high fashion feminine look, we have the sneaker, laid back yet still cool and representing the side of high fashion the high tops are available, with a matching pricetag as the pumps these ultra shine high tops are a groovy alternative. We recently posted a popular post featuring Beyonce in high top trainers and have since out everywhere after the images went viral as she has been supporting the comfortable trainers.

giuseppe silver mirror sneakers

These are certainly retro and unforgettable and will be made available soon- check back for the release date of these babies!


Ok, we try not to blog too much on the Social Media Maven Ms Kim Kardashian, but this was just too good to miss, She looks fabulous in this outfit-

Beige- I love this colour- I love it in the home- on the walls on the carpet- as a dress! BEIGE BEIGE BEIGE It just has so much class and presence- its lovely!

So Kim has opted for this wrap dress with fitted belt and these awesome Pierre Hardy Wedges.

She has seemed to have gotten over the wedding mayhem as she shops out in Miami a few days ago- a true Media Maven..

The shoes are on sale from Pierre Hardy- at $630.00.

kim kardashain brown dress and pierre wedges

Ms Jennifer Aniston attended the premier of her latest film “Wanderlust” at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood California this past week.

Her dress a smart choice for the premier looked great, from the Tom Ford Spring 2012 collection worked well for the recent birthday girl. Known for often going for the “safe option” whilst on the red carpet or anywhere she travels Aniston tried something a bit different today. I guess this isn’t really THAT adventurous/ different but it has hints of quirkiness that paid off. See taking a risk can be good!

jennifer aniston tom ford dress

The Tom Ford creation has a formal initial appearance but has been made youthful with the addition of the Peplum and bodice corset body. The peplum waist is awesome for creating a slim waist appearance but beware if you are bottom heavy it can add inches! but for the slim Aniston it works well. Her biceps are also looking pretty toned and defined here- loving that too- she should stick to sleeveless as she has the tone to carry it off.

tom ford spring 2012 black and white dress

Simple but cute the black trims work well to compliment her black Christian Louboutin shoes and gold bracelet cuffs work well with her tan. Do you agree was it was a good choice today?

jennifer aniston red carpet black and white dress 2012 tom ford

Its been a little quiet around here for the past few weeks- this has been due to our annual vacations out to see what the world is up to.

I managed to escape away to the Big Apple over New Year and had the time of my life shopping, eating and partying whilst, of course, never forgetting about fashion- with that said, I would like to present to you my latest find.

I have always noticed certain girls that would turn up at clubs, bars, parties or even shopping with absolutely stunning eye catching brows- but due to time or circumstance I never really looked into or researched behind what it was that they were doing to create such a look- but during holidays I made sure I checked this out at the first opportunity- This happened to be whilst walking through Macys in New York City. I happened to spot, stop and question this gorgeous girl working on the jewellery counter with The Perfect Brows.

I did get a picture but she was a little shy so did not want to become famous on Sharp N Chic just yet! but I have found something in the same ball park of what I am referring to so that I can showcase it to you..


perfect eyebrows


As you can see the brows are PERFECT!

Amazingly shaped, Perfectly Angled and Incredibly Sharp and Rather Chic!

How can I achieve such a brow for everyday looking fabulous wear-I thought to myself. Well, its simple.. and it is found in one product.

Benefit Brow Zings shaping kit.

zing brows perfect makeup

This little bad boy which myself and my friends purchased for $30 / £22.50 was the magic key to providing me with the best brows I have ever seen on my face! I thought my current regimin of a monthly eye brow threading was enough but NOW my brows had at last truly arrived.

The lovely Porterican sales lady did a demonstration on my face which instantly persuaded and convinced me to buy she achieved this look within a matter of five minutes giving me some pretty awesome tips.

katy perry eyebrows

The Brow kit comes with a coloured wax and coloured blending dust which you apply and adheres on top of the wax- it also comes with two dinky brow applicators one for creating the right shape and the other for blending to create the natural and hypnotising gaze.

The tips that the fiesty latina gave to me included :

  1.  A Perfect Brows is all about parallel lines- this creates the most striking look and fits better with your face.
  2. Draw on the outline with the contour brush first then fill in with the blending brush
  3. Keep practicing as it gets better each time
  4. Find either your concealer or your foundation to go over the top of the brow as a highlight
  5. Highest part of the eyebrow should be at your pupil and soften from there
Thats pretty much it..
I have to say, initiailly trying this out it was one of the hardest things- I never do much to my eyebrows so it was a shock when I appeared to my friends like Ms Mono-brow but over the next few days I suprisingly got better. It is pretty easy.
The kit really does work and really creates a lovely looking brow.
It supposidly lasts up to 2 years which- is possible since the brow is only a small part of the body and you do not need THAT much, It also come complete with tweezers and the two brushes.
I think I will be investing in a larger normal sized brush to help me become a pro at the brows but as a starting kit- it is all you need for celebrity inspired Eyebrows.

Pop over to your nearest Benefit counter for a demo and I am sure you will purchase as well!


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Just last week I introduced to you the temporary stick on lipstick well now- today I bring you the stick on eye-liner. Thats right the stick on eye liner. Founded and created by Dior.


The limited edition Backstage Eyeliners boats the ability to speedily apply to the eyes to leave dramatic catwalk ready eye liner that anyone can wear, instantly transforming boring to stunning, which is a rather tall order and yet another item in that now huge carry case we call a make up bag.

make up case
Make up Case

A typical basic range of makeup now usually consists of a selection of  foundations, mascaras, primer, concealer, lip liner, eye shadow, blusher, bronzer, false eyelashes, lash glue, tatto stick on lipstick and NOW stick on eye liner- and thats just the products we apply to the skin- we cant forget the eye lash curler, brow brush, the entire range of Mac blending brushes, and blotting tissues.

I understand the need for everything to be quick and easy but COME ON- These will clearly make everyone look the same. Furthermore, all the glue these stick ons require can’t be good for the skin can it? The stick on eye liner is said to last a few applications and have 4 different styles in the box retailing at £47.00 per pack- I do not feel convinced that this is the right move in make up, but the cosmetic companies seem to be developing more and more stick on items, are they implying that everyone will be switching to a full face of stick on?

dior eyeliner stick on

I myself am no way a Van Gogh or michael angelo when it comes to paint and creating a work of art on my face- I stick to the basics with a bit of experimintation here and there- I quite liked the stick on lips because you are able to achieve uniuqe lips but eye liner- I think it is a bit overboard and not worth the time to attempt to apply. Eyelashes are hard enough to line up correctly I can only imagine sticking the black strips down straight initially but then ending the night with each strip aligned down my face like war paint. PRETTY!

war paint

Despite my not-so-postive reaction to these babies celebrities in true endorsement fashion have adopted them faster than you can say paycheque seen here is House actress Olivia Wilde posing in the regular dramatic version of the stick ons.

To be fair- applied professionally these look really good- but surely prior to this- she looked just as good?!


olivia wilde eyeliner dior

If you are interested to try out these for yourself they can be purchased from the Dior boutique in London or on line at Sephora

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The Sharp Shoe Stash :

These beautiful mini boots are part of the latest YSL collection – and bring us our today’s Sharp Shoe Stash.

I have a thing for mini boots- They have a great ability to be combined with a variety of outfits making them an investment- elevating a simple jeans outfit into something sassy and sultry or a summer dress into elegant and chic. Pretty cool right!

These particular booties by YSL incorporates a platform heel which is a signature feature in their designs for over half a century. Alongside the curved edge creates a natural contour and the shoe really makes the ankle dainty and feminine as the boot does not take over the foot.

Very Elegant and fashionable for a boot.

The shoe has delicate piping, patent leather insert at heel cap and refined stiletto heel creating a seductive silhouette.

ysl bootie

The beautiful model Selita Ebanks has been spotted wearing the YSL booties with a fitted bandage dress alongside a cool leather studded biker jacket and she looks lovely.


The shoe retails for around £700 from the YSL online store or boutiques.






over the knee boots

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