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Whilst on holiday in turkey I was taken to one of the gold shops and was immediately introduced to the brand Belmond.
Not exactly high end or particularly expensive.. But for that reason I loved it!
I high shine stainless steel incredibly sparkly crystal Swarovski encrusted watch which I can use as an every day run around whilst the Rolex is on clean!
This gorgeous time piece does exactly what it’s meant to.. Capture some attention, tell the time and look good!

Have you found watches off the beaten track that are not big brands but you still love?

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Having just looked through the 2014 collection by Zuhire Murad, I would say I am a devout fan.

zuhair murad 2014 collection black dress zuhair murad 2014 collection black dress

The dresses ooze glamourous high fashion and drama- the type of dress that will make everyone stop and stare- not for the faint hearted or the shy these gowns are the top of our list for the fall couture 2014.zuhair murad 2014 collection blue dress zuhair-murad034

Plunging necklines, nipped waists, sharp shoulders and silutte enhancing structures show which show just the right amount of skin to be uber sexy yet still sophisticated.

zuhair murad 2014 collection green dress zuhair murad 2014 collection green dress zuhair murad 2014 collection green dress

Floor length and shorter styles graced the catwalk with bright colours such as teal, royal blue and burgundy red a colour for every skin tone and personality.

Inspiration behind this line was geometric patterns and metallic sequins.

With such dramatic and wow-ing gowns accessories such as necklaces and earrings were at a minimum which is perfect-put the budget to the dress! So all that you need is a small clutch and a cinched belt

zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress

Makeup was also kept to the classic smokey eye, swept back hair and nutrual tones once again to keep focus on the beauty of the gown.


zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress zuhair murad 2014 collection silver dress

Just the other day I thought to myself- I love the look of a sharp suit- black is a bit boring, grey is becoming the norm so why not add some colour.. Well Kendal Jenner – sister to the Kardashian Klan was spotted leaving her hotel  to her book signing in New Jersey alongside her sister Kylie.


kendal jenner blue suit

The blue suit is a stunner- bold beautiful and blue!

The 18 year old seems to be getting more risque by the day, opting not to wear a top underneath the over sized jacket.

Paired with a point stiletto it really is a great look.

Why not try other colours for fashion.

These celebrities have also been spotted looking chic in their suits.

Nicki minaj dons the bright pink trouser suit

nicki minaj pink suit

Rihanna opts for the white suit..classically chic and the contrast with her hair is gorgeous!

rihanna white suit
Finally Heidi Klum, wears the bright red suit pants suit and it looks superb.

Why stick for the standard black grey boring colours go wild!

red suit

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Top 5 Luxury Iphone Cases:

Everyone seems to have switched over to some form of smart phone and as most of us know the most popular is the Apple Iphone. These expensive pieces of our lives need to be protected. I have an iphone and I know it must be protected I always drop the phone and always say a little prayer when I see the case protect it from its possible cracked end!

So with this I know a thousand and one people all carry Iphone cases to prevent possible damages but its no longer cool to have a simple boring black leather case there are a huge selection of options to go into. But if you did want a black leather case why not get the one listed in our top 5!



Mulberry Iphone Leather Cover Chocolate

mullberry iphone case

The beautiful Mulberry Iphone case made from a stunning leather as well as stitch detailing and a brushed leather interior. The case fits all iphones from the first to the 4s. The Iphone simply sits inside the case so not perfect if you drop the phone whilst using but its a lush option for men that choose to have the phone inside a pocket. The Iphone case is finished with a Mulberry tree detail which I’m sure will match the lovely bag. The case comes with Luxury mulberry box.

mullberry iphone case

4. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Skull iPhone 4 case.

This £150.00 iphone case speaks loudly about fashion and personality, it does come in a variety of colours if the orange is too bright but this was our favourite. Eye catching and bold. Why not!

alexander mcqueen iphone case

This fits the iphone 4 and 4s and works by slipping the phone inside the case, again not great for mistakes if you drop the phone during use but works during any other time. The skull clasp is made from Swarovski crystal and the leather case wipe clean for spills and dirt.



Saffiano iPhone wallet

MICHAEL Michael Kors iPhone Saffiano Leather Zip Wallet

Michael Kors is one of our favourite designers producing some really lovely items from shoes, bags, iphone cases! its a lot and this one is no exception. The leather case with a gold hardware trim adds to the appeal of the item. The case also comes with the M.K plaque and a wrist strap for portability.

MICHAEL Michael Kors iPhone Saffiano Leather Zip Wallet

The iphone case fits for all iphones as well as three card slots. £125.00 will get you this beauty also available in a variety of colours.




Falabella iPhone 4 case


This pretty and hard iphone case combines faux suede and the hard chain metal trim with whip stich detailing, a famous Mccartney signature. The case is dramatic and stands out from the crowd.

STELLA MCCARTNEY Falabella iPhone 4 case

If you really like the case why not get the bag too!

The iphone case retails at £150.00


ICE LondonUnion Jack IPhone 4 Cover

We had to go British for the final cover, british with sparkles! Bright and patriotic and we love it!

union jack ice case

The ICE London pink union jack cover fits the iphone 4 and is covered completely in Swarovski elements which shines impressively and comes presented in a pouch and gift box. Retailing at £86.00


The great thing about this iphone case is that it protects the phone during use.


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Wow- I was blown away by Beyoncé’s dress that I had to do a top three from the latest collection by Stephane Rolland. His epic designs feature amazing shapes are really dramatic eye-catching gowns which I have fallen in LOVE with.

So without much pomp and pageantry the top three gowns from the latest collection are as followed.


Stephane designs are really renown for their huge majestic presence and I believe my choice for number three really showcases those exact words:

The drop hem high leg oozes amazing drama and appeal taken in at the waist to provide amazing curves and the wide shoulders create a further illusion simply perfectly designed- LOVE IT!


Stéphane Rolland Couture 2012 black dress




Wearing white always tends to look dramatic and slightly attention seeking behaviour so combining with with a very dramatic dress will result in even more OTT…

Being over the top is great…sometimes at least and in this gown that’s all you can look! The dress is soft and elegant, very Grecian and matched with the same round gold belt as above.


Stéphane Rolland Couture 2012 white float dress



Well, unfortunately to be predictable I had to pick the 110lb dress as number one simply due to its size!

It’s huge its dramatic and its BRIGHT RED.

I believe black, white and red are the staples for any type of dramatic down and Stephane captured all three right here!

Its simply stunning..

What do you think?

Stéphane Rolland Couture 2012

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An 18 story architectural dream has been created in the Wafi city in Dubai, shaped like the ancient pyramids of Egypt this beast of a magnificent hotel boasts creative and exquisite design. The hotel hosts a complex of shopping and entertainment in its pyramid shaped walls located in the middle of the ever arising city and it really caught our attention.

raffles dubai

Only 10 minutes away from the main and one of the largest airports in the world (I have been to this particular airport and it took a near 2 hours to get out of the front door! Its pretty huge!)

The hotel is the perfect spot for adventurers that want 5 star luxury and an unforgettable experience not many people will be able to say they lived in a pyramid. The hotel is a great attraction for business and pleasure with top-notch service, extravagant rooms, 24 hour front desk, butler service, perfect dining experiences surrounded by perfect decor and elegance.

Raffles Dubai hotel

The hotel meets the needs of all its customers with a child area, gym area and balcony areas.

Pure luxury and excellence can be found at this hotel and its unique nature makes it a Sharp N Chic favourite.

Some of the accolades the hotel has been awarded in 2008 are :

“Best New Hotel Development in the Middle East” – Fourth Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC), 2008

“101 Best Suites in the World” – Elite Traveler, 2008

“Hot List – World’s Top New 136 Hotels” – Conde Nast Traveler US, 2008

“Hot List – The Best 65 places to stay in the world” – Conde Nast Traveller UK, 2008

 So I ask you.. Have you ever lived in a pyramid.. Well if not- get off to Raffles in Dubai and you will have an unforgettable experience.

Jeans is a staple for any male, female or child wardrobe. Its simple, it can be dressed up with some heels (ok not if your a child!) it can be dressed down with some sneakers and just an easy solution for going out with friends or staying in- EVERYONE loves jeans and they are one of those items that are here to stay- however the colour is what is up for discussion today.

I think with the delayed summer everyone is getting rather ancy in London so I have noticed the burst of colours that have been coming out despite the grey and rainy weather we have all been subjected to over the past YEAR!

So with that said- we thought we would do a little post on the multicolour jean phenomenon  that has come into pass over the past months gradually.

Blue jeans just do not cut it any more- so we can mix it up with a bit more colour.


1. Red

I am on a hunt for a vibrant red pair of jeans- I’m talking about shocking Violent bloody red! A nice skinny red jean.

fergie red jeans

Fergie and Jessica Alba have supported the vibrant red jeans with a simple top and boots/ heels- Red is not worn very much in real life, for one it might be because red is seen as danger, fire, beware and alerting- I remember  being at high school being taught the significance of the red dress worn by the Curly’s wife in Of mice and Men- in the book for those who have not read it- means DEATH- she dies!

But I guess this is just one of those things- its being brought back and so far I think its safe! It certainly looks good!


jessica alba red jeans celebrity

Of course the rogue sister to Kate Middleton (Pippa)is a fond of the red jean as is Kloe Kardashian – (found here)

pippa middleton red jeans


Orange is a summer colour- fruity vibrant and oh so pretty- one of those colours that really stand out on tanned skin- I love it!

Katie Holms has been spotted in a pair of Capri cropped orange skinny jeans and it looks cool, calm and relaxed- she combines it with a large complimentary over sized jeans shirt and some comfy shoes and of course some dark shades… she looks good!

katie in organe jeans celebrities in orange jeans



Yellow is never worn at all- however the rare occasion it can be found I think it can look very innocent and sweet- its such a soft pastel colour and ultimately if most houses cover the walls in a soft magnolia aka as yellow why don’t we wear it more frequently, its seen as a spring colour but I think as a jean it can be really refreshing and bright.

Ashanti yellow jeans

Ashanti was spotting shoe shopping in her yellow jeans the other day- she looked good in the very strikingly bright colour with a blue bra and sheer over top. BET star Lala– she combined it with a low cut top and cardigan which looked sophisticated and very pretty!

Lala yellow jeans celebrities in yellow



HMMM.. this is an odd one- green the colour of vomit and puke! ha! bogey and the bogey monster! ha- I apologise it is also the colour of some fabulous jeans!


What do you think? Depending on the shade- a pastel is easier to get away with but with the right shade like these cute skinny jeans from Ms Selfridge- They are rather cute!

fergie in green jeans smart celebrities in green jeans

Cheryl Cole was spotted in some green jeans back in the day with her bob- they look rather smart with a blazer and could eventually turn into the new black? – naa I did’t think so either!

cherly cole in green jeans


Blue- ok

I know that 99% of jeans worn are either blue or black so I won’t focus on the traditional blues but for instance the pale pastel blue- which again is something rather different- bright and fun.

Kim Kardashian has been spotted in a pale pair of skinny jeans which look fabulous its very much holiday-ware or if your brave enough – wear it into the office! You will be noticed in them!

Summer is on this week – its your chance to bring out all the clothing you have stocked up on and the pale blue jeans should be in this list!

Kim just mixed this with a safe beige top bag and shoes- basics of fashion sticking to two colours- it usually works!


kim kardashian blue jeans pastal



Purple is an odd colour- I know rather popular in the wedding industry but in fashion and particularly jeans – its different.

I rather like purple- very striking colour and comes in such a wide variety of shades from lilac to cadbury.

Actress Hayden Panettiere choose a strong purple which contrasted her blond hair really nicely with a biker jacket and biker shoes- shes got the entire biker chic bad ass look going here and WITH purple jeans! who would have thought..


hayden-panettiere-purple jeans



Other Randoms..

Cameron diaz peach jeans

Cameron Diaz, actress of the hit film bad teacher choose these pastel coloured skin tight skinny jeans which is very subtle colour calm and soothing with a beige jacket. Looks simple yet effective.

pink jeans celebrities alexander burke

Alex B– also choose a coloured jean with a jacket- its like the go to number with a pair of coloured jeans- its simple to assemble and looks smart

I quite like these pink jeans- good job..However not sure about the bra combo-



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The billboard awards took place this weekend which saw a flurry of stars on the red carpet in their best finery- some of course looked nicer than others but today I wanted to make note of the singer actress and once upon a time childhood sweetheart Miley Cyrus.

Recently she has been all over town and newspapers/blogs showing off her new slim figure which she claims is down to a gluten allergy, we blogged on this a few weeks back also as it is quite a substantial bit of weight she has lost. To be fair to her it does look good.

So she was on the red carpet with… not much actually!

miley cyrus white jacket red carpet

A simple white Jean Paul Gaultier jacket and the usual red pumps, some simple Jacquie Aiche jewels aligned her neck and fingers and thus the look was complete!

I quite like the chic look of the ice white jacket- if you are wanting to power dress, no doubt this would be a great option with a pair of matching trousers! BUT not so much on its own.. especially not to the office! However Miley has chosen to wear it as a dress anyway.


I have to mention the nose ring- REALLY not a big fan- with the trout pout and big hair it just does not look nice- looks rather trashy!

The jacket is nice though as are the shoes- if she wants to come across as a new woman – and mature why didn’t she choose to wear this as a suite combo instead of going against the grain once again?!

We found this smart jacket by paul smith which looked rather dashing for £700.00

white jacket miley cyrus


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Ex high school musical star has all grown up and is looking fabulous in this bright color blocking dress for the premier of her ex costar and friend Zac Effron’s latest film “The lucky one”.

Ashley looked stunning and noticeably very slim in the silk dress by Naven (Revolve clothing) which retails at $286. Looking very refreshed in the bright peach and sky blue combo dress she happily posed for pictures.

naven dress colour block blue and peach

I think what works really well in this outfit is the simplicity and the simple bright colours. No doubt this would work in sunny LA- dull city like London- not so much! especially not today- but hey summer still has to come right!
I loved Ashley’s shoes which went perfectly with the peach of the top by Christian Louboutin called the Burlina retailing at $895.00.

Well here is more is the Tisdall in her cute outfit

ashley tisdale peach dress blue lucky one premier

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Solange Knowles seems to be everywhere at the moment, her modelling career is taking off, her fashion has had a complete 180 and it seems as though people are finally paying attention to the other Knowles sister. She was at yet another press event this week in a very bright and vibrant outfit from the Ferragamo Spring 2012.

purple jacket solange knowles

Salvatore Ferragamo had held an event to celebrate the reopening of the flagship store on Fifth Avenue New York city yesterday evening and Solange paid homage to the designer turning up in his fresh 2012 collection which is full of very bright colours and colour blocking.

ferragamo solange knowles in purple

With summer around the corner- colour is very important and with any of these pieces a incredibly vibrant ensemble can be formed.

Including that worn by Solange : She arrived in a very shocking cadbury purple over sized suit jacket alongside bright shiny red slim fitting cropped trousers, which worked to highlight the Blejan bi-colour sandals also by Ferragamo. The socialite wore a Ferragamo Spring 2012 look with a Maki Oh blouse.

To be honest, I am not keen on this look- the trousers the colours the over sized jacket, it just makes me think 🙁

But Solange seems happy as she posed with models throughout the night.

solange in purple jacket

The collection is a fun and colour shocking mix of loveliness : here are some of my favorites!

ferragamo blue and pink dress


ferragamo pink dress


pink dress salvatore ferragamo 5





over the knee boots

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Over The Knee Boots Todays post is on the new trend we have notice around whilst shopping on the streets of London. With the cold weather...