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On my daily prowl of the shoes online I happened to stop by one of my favourite shoe designers Mr Atwood. I witnessed the latest in his new stunning collection of shoes- and I simply had to inform the world of them! This isn’t the first post and devotion to the Atwood and is not to be the last- but they are simply too good to miss! I think his shoes are ooze femininity and appeal to the masses.

In the collection there are some marvellous shoes but these are the top three of the beauties I loved and paid close attention to today.

3)Aliyza Open Toe Pump Red:


These red Dorothy “There’s no place like home” fusion mix with a little tribal African inspired flavour really captures the eye and the heart! With the Aliyza open toe pump. I simply Loved the colourful and vibrant feel that the shoe exudes and how great would these look with a simple summer dress!Simply Divine Darling! Retailing at $1,185.00 A certain investment into the shoe collection.

Aliyza Open Toe Pump Red


2)Neela in Black/Cappuccino Nude.

These Jack sparrow pirate jacket inspired shoes are also on the must have shoes list this month. Loving the sling back and peep toe ideal for the approaching summer days and the late warm summer nights- be it a friends BBQ or outdoor party these shoes really are statement pieces for an outfit. Turning something plain into that extra edge. RRP $915.00




1)Glamazon T Strap in Pomice

Oh yes- GLAMAZON indeed it is!- No doubt wearing these Will make you feel untouchable, on top of the world and very very sexy. Ankle cuffs are very cute, I like to call jewellery for the ankle and with a short flowing dress or even a pair of skinny jeans it just WORKS. The Beige colour means it can be worn with practically anything and the peep toe makes it perfect for the summer months. The Glamazon is my favourite of the three because of the power these shoes have- amazing that an item could have power but these certainly give the impression of presence and glory. Who run the world? women in great shoes!! $1,350

Glamazon T Strap in Pomice






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My Saturday night ritual began with some light entertainment tv from the American Idol 7 contestants and judges and one in particular that caught my attention was the opening introduction. Jenny from the block strutted her stuff in a very  revealing yet demure Catherine Malandrino dress in last nights show.

She certainly knew she looked fabulous in the gown as she posed alongside her male co-judges for the seventh season of the live performance show last night.

The dress has some very revelling aspects about it- that being a sheer net lace veil which bared cut outs of flesh her toned and buffed flesh to the world whilst stripes of  horizontal black leather covered the rest of her. To be fair, Jennifer Lopez had everything was hidden, heck you see less on any children’s advert these days. I thought she  was very elegantly put together and she combined the black dress with a smart Louboutin spiked heel and subtle understated jewellery. The dress was rather short but ultimately she sits behind a desk and you cannot see much else!

jennifer lopez american idol dress

She has a good body so why not show it! I also think it looks much better on her than the model at the runway show. It also looks as though it had been altered to have been made a tad longer on the legs.

Jennifer lopez in a Catherine Malandrino leather dress.

The Catherine Malandrino dress is from the 2012 collection, however after doing a quick search in the Malandrino store I happened to spot this gown

Mixed Pointelle Maxi Dress

mixed pointelle jennifer lopez

Which has a lot of inspiration of the Jennifer Lopez dress- retailing at $600 the dress is the maxi version – and it is for those who want a similar look now!


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Kim Kardashian seems to be taking a media break recently, at least from our eyes- we try not to blog too much on the Kardashian sisters simply because they don’t really do too much- but today is an exception.

Kim was spotted earlier the day before with suspecious red botox marks on her face as she left one of the best botox locations in LA- and it makes sense- she was heading out to the Valentino opening launch party on Rodeo Drive.

The 31, year old reality star turned up in a black and white dress by Lela Rose and it was rather demuour and sophisticated for what Kim usually wears.

lela rose black and white gown kim kardashian

Some may say boring but I rather like the gown, it has the right amount of intregue and confusion with its simple A shape body and skirt.

A real eye catcher with the pattern and it has been taken from Lela’s fall 2012 collection. The queen of reality was keen to show of her intense diet and twice a day workouts in the gown and it shows her work has paid off!

Having a look through Lela’s other collections really highlighted how awesome this womans designes are.

We loved the other monochrom dresses she had on the runway..

lela rose black and white gown

What do you think of the other dresses in the collection?

kim kardashian black and white dress


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News just out from the creative hands of Pierre Hardy is that the designer is finally ready to release the Hermes miniature bags which will be the utmost luxurious bag of them all, yes that’s right- its hard to get more luxury in a bag than Hermes but the two seemed to have superseded themselves with the latest bag costing $1.9 million. Currently holding the record for the most expensive bag to date.

These particular Birkin/Hardy bags are a very slim collection with the team commissioning only 4 bags and taking almost two years to create, the bag boasts intricate handiwork alongside 1,160 diamonds and precious gold stones however they cannot really be called handbags. The rose gold Kelly bags are one of a kind in the fact that they are not large enough to carry much more than a pair of sunglasses so with such mini status and size how does this bag come with such a hefty price tag.

hermes hardy bag expenisive

Well, the Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas couldn’t confirm either but they are more so to be considered as a jewellery piece or bracelets than traditional handbags and he also suggested he did not know who would buy the bags but joked that they would be needing two security guards!

In honour of the $1.9 Miillion dollar bag we would like to present a more traditional Hermes-

Classic leather and normal sized!

At the semi normal bag of $10,000 -HORAH!

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I was recently given this lovely bottle of Chambord to review for the site to taste- on receiving the bottle I was DELIGHTED, however this is because I had mistakenly thought it was a lovely perfume- the bottle is incredibly delightful and is good enough to be a luxury perfume brand! So of course when I Carefully yet excitedly opened the wrapping and lid I was confused when I saw a spout and not the traditional perfume spritz- but hey at least I caught up in time so to not begin pouring on my neck!

Anyway I was instructed to  make this into a sweet cocktail by simply adding champagne.. not the hardest of cocktails to make and very hard to go wrong might I add but I felt very pleased with the outcome of this sweet champagne cocktail.

This is easily one of the nicest cocktails and could possibly be a substitute for Pimms in the summer after all its very fruity fresh and light.

Can be enjoyed at the races, at the park or even in the garden! its an awesome drink.



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So after bumping into the Brian Atwood website I saw the fabulous shoes created by the Atwood team so becoming inspired this post will be showcasinga top 5 countdown from the latest collection.

Brian is a favourite for several celebrities from Eva Longoria and Megan Fox and you can see why- the shoes are hot!

5. So we have the Ammy– beautiful elegant piece- a work of art really! loving the simple black curl trim and gold stiletto heel and a peep toe which is great for showcasing the latest nail varnish! Perfect for spring summer and autumn and heck they look that good why not wear it in the winter!


4. Claudia Bis : This Golden gorgeous pump is number four on our list- every woman needs a pair of golden shoes be like Dorothy and sparkle in these pumps- these are even great for the office for the day when you want to stand out, why not just combine these with a black skirt suit fitted jacket and some gold shoes -Stand out statement shoes called Claudia Bis

claudia brian atwood3. MANIAC- is the name of these and thats exactly what they portray but in the sense of the cute high fashion maniac!

Clearly for the inner Barbie that all of us lovely ladies have inside (some deeper than others ) but again these could be a really pop out piece that can be added to a black pant suit or a colourful dress but for real impact these patent Manic’s look great with something subtle- may as well let the couture do the talking whilst your doing the walking!

brian atwood maniac pink shoes2. ALESHA another pink choice- I do love the bright coloured shoes these ones are a bit subtle compared to the maniac’s. I am really loving the platform on these shoes paired with the chunky heels- these would be great for a night out added stability in the heel makes these FAB-U-LOUS!

alesha brian atwood shoe


The lovely ABBA’s are my first choice we love it here- peep toe, stiletto heel sling back and a superb large platform heel.

These black pumps are so versatile can be worn with anything- elegant.

The cream outline adds a lovely trim.


abba brian atwood

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The most expensive camera is set to be released in Japan as a limited edition piece with an eye watering price tag of $31,000 making it one of the most expensive digital cameras in the world. The Leica camera was released originally earlier in 2011 and was the traditional black framed camera and is on sale for a more reasonable price of $8,000 on Amazon and other Leica suppliers. The latest white M9-P features most of the black version with a silver chrome setting a 50mm fo.95 Noctilux Aspherical lens, and an 18-megapixel CCD image sensor that able you to capture of the full 35-mm film format without any compromises

The m9-p is said to be scratch resistant and practically unbreakable with a beautiful sapphire crystal cover for its lcd display- the crystal is one of the hardest minerals used and can only be worked and cut using a special dimaond handling tools. Furthermore the screen as a special anti reflective shield on both sides for better user viewing.

Most of the features found on the black traditional version can also be found on the white so this camera is for sheer luxury and statement.

How many people carry a white camera!

The piece will be out in June in time for the summer holiday snaps

Some of the boring specifics of the camera below!

  • Camera type: Compact digital view and range finder system camera.
  • Lens attachment: Leica M bayonet with additional sensor for 6-bit coding.
  • Lens system: Leica M-Lenses from 16 to 135 mm.
  • Picture format/image sensor: 5270 x 3516 pixels (18.5 megapixel) CCD chip, active area approx. 23.9 x 35.8 mm; 5212 x 3472 pixels (18 megapixel) (corresponding to usable format of analog Leica M models).
  • Resolution: Adjustable, DNG: 5212 x 3472 (18 megapixel), JPEG: 5212 x 3472 (18 megapixel), 3840 x 2592 (10 megapixel), 2592 x 1728 (4.5 megapixel), 1728 x 1152 (2 megapixel), 1280 x 846 pixels (1 megapixel).
  • Data formats: DNG (raw data), choice of uncompressed or slightly compressed (by non-linear reduction of color depth), 2 JPEG compression levels.
  • File size: DNG: 18 MB (compressed)/36 MB (uncompressed), JPEG: approx. 2–10 MB.
  • Color spaces: Adobe RGB, sRGB.
  • White balance: Automatic, manual, 7 presets, color temperature selection.
  • Storage: medium SD cards up to 2 GB/SDHC cards up to 32 GB.
  • Menu languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian.
  • Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X (10.6).
  • Exposure metering: Exposure metering through the lens (TTL), center-weighted with working aperture. Center-weighted TTL metering for flash exposure with system-compatible SCA-3000/2 standard flash units.

More can be found on the Leica website


Hakes the architectural designer has evolved to become the latest and most unique shoe designers over the past few years, why you may ask, well, his designs instantly cause the viewer to initially raise an eyebrow at the prospect that the abstract “piece of art”  is actually a fully functional shoe.. His years and history in architecture had probably led him to this natural progression to think outside of the box to create these curly and rather curvy yet very mind boggling designer shoes that really do require extra thought when putting them on.

Its probably best to stay away from these after a few glasses of champagne…you have been warned! Pictures to follow and enjoy!

hakes orange mojito shoe

The London born designer came up with the idea from analysing current traditional shoes which have ultimately been a simple and obvious progression and evolution in terms of design from the sandal, Julian Hakes saw to challenge this completely revolutionising and rethinking the footplate and the word ‘SHOE’ as a whole.

julian hakes shoes london

“The result of this process was Hakes Mojito – we named it this as it was rather like a twist of lime peel. It is a unique shoe design concept, a single wrapped geometry which starts under the ball of the foot, sweeps over the bridge, then down below the heel before twisting back on itself to provide the support for the heel and ankle”

julian hakes shoes


The shoes are glorious incredibly individual and eye catching and a complete 180 degrees on current shoe fashion and trends, something different from the much loved red heel that everyone seems to wear now. I cannot wait to see these blanket cover the entire celebrity wardrobe.

Now this is signature piece to take note of and his name is:-


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The stern face judge on Project Runway Issac Mizrahi has recently suggested he plans to break into children’s fashion creating a 25 piece catalogue for fashionable tots.

The recently married designer announced his partnership with the to baby wear brand Bebe, he suggested to the media that the team are the perfect match and it was ultimately the best collaboration in a long time he also said meetings are simple as they are all on the same page so it appears as if its fashion genius.

It was perfect timing in terms of the release of the announcement especially with the news of the birth of Beyonce and Jay-z’s baby girl Blue Ivy Carter– no doubt it was a direct message to them!

The collection will be a humorous take on adult clothing that will be redesigned for kids and will be strictly black and white.

Out in select department stores and boutiques shortly.

We think this will be the first announcement of many of tot designs by celebrities and designers.

Just remember we told you first!



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As winter turns hardcore, we thought we should do another post on the contemporary winter outfits. Last week we posted on a few chic winter coats but of course now we need to add a cute hat to the mix- its cold out and since we all have to bundle up to keep warm we may as well do it in style.

Our top five designer hats are presented below enjoy!


Burberry Mink Cap

This luxurious soft fur cap is an absolute must- the warm white fur is sure to keep you warm whilst giving an exclusive sultry appearance ideal to dramatise a simple winter outfit.

The mink material and leather trim comes out on top when it comes to winter fashion..

The hat retails at £995.00 in three different sizes and can be purchased from the burberry website

  • Soft mink fur flat cap
  • Gentle peak with interior leather trim

Johnston Baret

This french inspired Beret by Johnston is added to our winter hat list due to its style and sophistication-made with an ivory delectable soft to the touch cashmere with perfect craftsmanship, it can be worn slightly off centre for a very urbane and sophisticated feel. The perfect winter accessory. RRP £75.00

johnston baret

KARL DONOGHUE Toscana lambskin button trapper hat

Oh yes- this year the trapper hats are in- big fur, big hats and big hair- all over the runways and the streets of New York!

These are perfect to keep the head, ears and face warm ideal for the rapidly approaching global warming inducing cold winter mornings in January and February.

Made from 100% soft and silky lambskin with a casual milled finish and a contrasting natural coloured wool and leather tabs to fasten the cap tight.

Lovely white in winter is a must- keep warm in this beaut. Mega Cute!

karl donoghue

Lavin Asymmetrical felt Hat.

Now this hat marks an era of mystery seduction and glam- the asymmetrical floppy black hat won’t protect you from the cold but paired with a dark mac or fitted coat it gives a cool demure feminine mysterious appeal. The black hat made by lavin has a simple subtlety and classic. Made from a soft suede and felt- this particular purchase retails at £965.00 from the Lavin


lavin asymmetrical felt hat

Canadian Fox Fur Roller Hat-

This mini hat which is made to perch on the top of your brow is the utmost top of winter wonderland glamour- mixing vintage and contemporary style in one swoop. The lavish hat is hot enough to melt away the snow keeping you warm and in style thorough out the cold mornings and frosty nights- made from fox fur extra soft to touch and ice white in a one size fits all dimension. Purchase from Harrods or direct from Canadian Hats for £385.00

CANADIAN HATS Fox Fur Roller Hat




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