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In honour of the latest ambassadors to join the Mac VIVA Glam squad Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin where given a pretty cool party this past week. Nicki Minaj in true branding business style had to make an exhibition of herself and she done so in this stripy couture piece.

Nanette Lepore nicki minaj spring 2012 dress

Compared to recent pictures this was actually rather toned down appearance at the penultimate party at New York Fashion Week. The Viva Glam squad assists the charity by raising funds to donate 100% of profits to the Mac Aids fund which is pretty great news for everyone all around- Mac for brand recognition and awareness and Nicky, whom claimed she had an uncle affected by aids.

nicki minaj stripy dress pink blue

Anyhoo, she arrived in a stripy dress jacket combo from the Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 collection sticking to her branding Minaj colours of pink. The dress has an alternating blue and navy colour block stripe-which is certainly eye catching. The collection itself is very bright and over the top, I am not sure if pieces from this season can be worn into the local Sainsbury’s supermarket or even the office without getting a lot of looks from concerning strangers but I guess it is perfect for Nicki.

Nanette Lepore nic

nicki minaj stripy jacket

She mixes the jacket with the dress for a bright combo as well as a Cute Chanel blue bag and some Giuseppe Zanotti colour block blue sandals ($1100)

Giuseppe Zanotti

Her new blonde hair does not excite me- I guess its better than pink but blah for blonde!

nicki minaj stripe dress butt

So last night was the announcement of the 2012 Grammy awards in sunny Los Angeles and all the biggest music artists were out in full glory to present the nominations for the show that will be in February. One of the hottest artists Nicki Minaj came to the stage in a bright blue strapless dress which fitted her curvy body like a glove and as usual she had her bright but complimenting pink curly statemented hair.

Nicki minaj blue dress

Nicki Minaj was joined on stage by fellow pink lover Katy Perry in a very glamourous pink dress that also matched her pink tint hair.

Her gown by D&G had a soft lace overlay, strapless and figure huggingly tight.

katy perry pink dress grammys

Both looked fabulous side by side and complimented each others look really well- it was as if they had conversed before hand about their choice of outfits.

One of my favourite things on Nicki are her shoes!- oh yes- WE ARE back to shoes.

nicki minaj verace shoes grammy

Her Versace triple stacked platform shoes are a real show stopper, its not the first time we have seen Barbie in the shoes- she favours them quite a lot but on this particular night she chose a blue and white pair which go perfectly with her dress.

nicki minaj versace triple platform heels

I have to say Nicki is known for going very loud and wild with her choice of outfits but this particular ensemble- despite the pink hair, is very well put together- there is nothing you can really knock, the dress, a lovely shade of bright blue, killer heels and awesome hair she worked it well today.

nicki minaj versace shoes

The dress has panels to the front and side- it works in a very similar way to the dress Kate Winslet in Stella Mccartney wore on two occasions, giving the subtle illusion of a slimmer waist, thighs and hips, Nicky due to her curves did not need the addition of a colour contrast otherwise it would be TOO CURVY! So it worked perfectly well for her. The rapper should also be happy as she was nominated for awards at the Grammys as well… watch this space in February to see if she wins!

Good job…

nicki minaj blue dress grammys

So last night was the American Music Awards 2011 and some of the largest singers were out to collect their awards.

Of course we have to post our favourite of which there were many- but one which has caused me most excitement is one of my favourite female rappers- Nicki Minaj.

The young money artist has had an amazing year and amazing success at the show- winning several awards.

She performed her latest track and her current highest selling single SuperBass in a metallic robot outfit which was rather impressive- however unlike usual Nicki she was singing?- I have to be honest and say- I was not keen on this- she came out a rapper and I think she should continue down this path but anyway- we are here to talk clothes not poor career changes!

So Nicki accepted awards in a very dramatic Oscar De La Renta dress– only yesterday I was checking out some of the designers pieces and he is noted as one of the most expensive designers in the world!

nicki minaj american movie awards

Nicki’s dress is from the 2012 spring collection and one of the first celebrities to get her hands on the collection- which makes sense as she sat first row at his show back in September so she must have picked it as it walked by her on the model!

The dress was a bold green silk taffeta with a black battenburg lace and broderie anglaise bodice-  It also had a matching neck band.

nicki minaj and ricky martin mac makeup

She adopted her favourite colour for hair this particular evening- which complimented the gown and her lips- which is probably her limited edition Mac pink Friday lipstick.

She is also the latest spokesperson alongside Ricky Martin for MAC Cosmetics- and a pretty cool photograph came out of the pair- which is rather striking but the pair seems rather bazaar couple put together.

nicki minaj green dress

The dress is very similar to what we have been talking about as the upcoming trends or asymmetrical hem lines- which this is a less dramatic version but still follows suit.

We love it-

Nicki Loves it-

Under the dress she opted for some Alexander McQueen amour wedge sandals Rrp £2,495.00

alexander mcqueen shoesI also had a quick sneek peak at some of the other designs by Oscar and I LOVED This bright red dress very similar to Nicki’s

red oscar de la renta dress Also at the award show was Nicki Minaj’s biggest and youngest fans from the UK-

The very confidant and innocent yet mouthy girls…

ellen nicki minaj girls pink dresses superbase hype girls


Nicki is one of the hottest rappers at the moment she is literally on everything with or without the singer!

Will I am, Sean Kingston, Jay Sean, Willow Smith plus her mix tapes covers most artists from Beyonce, Drake and Lil Wayne and the list goes on…Without a doubt you would have heard or seen this girl.

She has been out promoting her new album with her ever dramatic looks never failing to amaze.

pink friday mac lipstick
Pink Friday Mac Lipstick

She is also the new spokesperson for her Mac Pink lipstick  made and designed especially for her.

The Lipstick is a special edition and is only out for a few weeks but it has been a success and the site says it is already out of stock.

Nicki Minaj's colourful rainbow hair
Nicki minaj's hair

Her latest craze is this coloured hair streaks.

She is always into wearing her different colour wigs but this is a new take on that, she has chosen to combine them horizontally!

nicki minaj hair styles

Out at the Mac store in New York City.

Nicki Minaj Hair

We personally love the fire in this girl she has made a name for herself and is making some serious money doing so.

She has a huge world wide following and has really expolded over the past year so she can do no wrong!

If you want to achive such a look as Nicki Minaj’s explosive colour streaks it can be as simple as…

1. Choose the colours you would want

2. Grab a piece of paper to get a defined line

3. Spray away

4. Using the paper to cover the hair you want to leave out

You can get spray cans from any supermarket, fancy dress shop or online.

StarGazer is a great brand and it washes out easily with Shampoo, plus its really cost effective too.

You could even mix it up with neon colour mix.

We can defiantly say that We want that now!

Dr Martens are no longer labelled the “Bova- Boots” worn by punks and anarchists but a cool chic foot gem worn by loads of celebs and stars in attempt to ditch the heels and be comfortable and cool for a nonchalant appearance cool chic appearance.

We have noticed they are turning up EVERYWHERE… These shoes were made popular back in the 90s and just like all fashion it has come back round- so if you have got yours from back in the day its time to dust them off and put them on!

So here is our little list of Dr Marten fans that have shunned the painful heels in search of this new punk chic cool chick  look.

Jessica Alba– the new mother of two, happily adopts the comfy look in her burgundy red Dr Martens- she pairs them with tight leggings, jeans or shorts to add more femininity to the look then paired with a long shirt and glasses to up the glam level.

jessica alba dr martens


She wears her burgundy Dr Martens which can be found at Office for £90.00
red burgundy dr martens


Kanye West’s prodigy / ex-girlfriend curvy Amber Rose is also a big fan of the boots- she has a slight androgynous look that she likes to adopt so the boots fit in well to her style

amber rose dr martens

She has quite a unique style we like the fact she does not shy away from colours- particularly the yellow doc Martens are pretty cool with her colourful under jacket and black jeans.

The Queen on top at the moment Nicki Minaj also adopted the boots in her Superbass video in a simple white t-shirt and shorts- her backing dancers also compliment her look with alternating colours of Docs- we have to admit its a cool picture and probably made the song get to top figures in the charts!

Nicki’s fashion is rather odd- we believe the main purpose is to stand out so she can be spoken about for all the wrong reasons or to be labelled “too cool for school”.. her stylist clearly has a plan with each fashion disaster.

nicki minaj pink dr martens

pink docs are also favoured by new bandmate member to the sugarbabes

pink doc martens

Actress turned director Drew Barrymore is also a fan choosing the black Docs which are our favourites as well as Cher Lloyd in her music video Swagger Jagger and out and about- once again this must be a styling choice as she consistently wears variety of boots to create an “image” of the cool rock urban chic!

CHER LLOYDD doc martens

drew barrymore doc martens

We particularly love the black docs- the high shine of a brand new pair of classic blacks are versatile and still rugged to create impact when walking and making in entrance-

Pair with a mini skirt and baggy top for a super chic look.

There are a multitude of colours and patterns to choose from if you do want to move away from the traditional and why not customise your own if you buy a pair of black Docs!

black doc martens with skirt


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Today’s spotlight shoe is the weird and wonderful boots made by D&G- these ones are truly heart stopping and incredibly dramatic and will also keep your legs and feet warm over Christmas..horrah! Never can you find shoes with so many pluses!


The Leather and rubber sole is great for comfort and the furry loose string body of the shoe makes it incredibly unique and something similar and more wearable than the shoes worn by Nicki Minaj on the set of her video with Willow Smith.

These beige shoes are a great altenative option for those not as daring but still experiemental.

They have a heel height of 13.00 and can be purchased from the D&G site for £1,145.00 WooHoo


A picture of Lindsay Lohan arrived on my desk this morning and in fairness to her it looked pretty good! she had the injected trout pout look going on but in fairness to her she worked it well!

Dressed in a black chic classy outfit she walked the streets of New York with enough stride and confidence of a top American CEO exec.

The reason we particularly chose this story out of the many other options to publish is because it was the shoes that caught our attention- particularly enhanced with the profile angle of the image and it really was a great look.

This is a prime example of never/hardly-ever going wrong in black and simple can be best! two great tips- a minimalistic outfit can really do wonders.

lindsay lohan black oscar walter

Anyhoo- Lindsay wore a black  jumper dress with a simple Gold Chanel Black belt and the statement Walter Steiger Oscar platforms from his latest collection.

I have never really paid attention to the shoes before but simply because of the angle and as she was wearing black it really stood out to me that- yes I really like them! The quirkiness of the shoe is what is so appealing and inspiring.

The oversized designer bag and dark shades really finished the look for us.

Perhaps I am a tad late to jump on this band wagon as it seems as though there are an entire list of celebrities in the shoes.

Nicki Minaj has supported the platforms in several occasions turning up in a variety of loud colours from the pink and baby blue.

Nicki minaj in Walter Steiger platform muse

Walter Steiger platform muse pink

Black Eyed Peas female singer Fergie has also adopted a pair of the shoes- from a 2009 collection- her dainty shoes are called “Fire” and as with all fashion if you don’t get it whilst its hot it becomes no longer avaliable so currently it is bit hard to get hold of! but we can still admire the beauty of the shoes. The Fire pair are particularly cool as it looks as though your feet are barley in the shoe! it also looks as if like they are giving Fergie some major calf burn.

fergie in Walter Steiger platform fire


voluptuous Jessica Simpson has also seen to be supporting the curved shoes -looking rather dashing in a metallic dress.

jessica simpson in fire by walter steiger




The Fire pair a real amazing piece of work- in fact genius artwork- simple but yet so complicated when it is worn- How can the entire body fit and balance into such a complicated piece of footwear and continue to walk and move around whilst doing so! These particular pair of shoes are a posing for pictures only (P4P) sort!

This is also part of latest fashion lookout- the type of outfit you wear for Posing for Pictures! Typically because it is humanly impossible to do anything else- its the type of outfit/shoe/item you wear to simply BREATHE and possibly smile!


Walter steiger fire 2009 shoes fergie and jessica simpson

Of course the next celeb to support the shoes- or rather support anything – are the Kardashians opting for the pale blue like Nicki Minaj.

walter steiger kourtney kardashian

It is rather apparent that these shoes are paid the most justice when the wearer is wearing black!

Average price $950.00

Lindsay Lohan spotted out and about in New York City wearing an all black outfit as she made her way down the streets of the SoHo neighborhood

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The MTV movie awards took place last night in California Universal city, all the celebs were out in full throttle for this and so was the fashion!

emma watson mtv movie awards 2011

A big night for the Twilight clan with several awards. The winners list is below (spoiler alert)

Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Male Performance: Robert Pattinson The Twilight Sage: Eclipse
Best Movie: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Kiss: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Best Villain: Tom Felton Harry Potter
Best Jaw Dropping Moment: Justin Bieber Never Say Never
Biggest Badass Star: Chloe Moretz
Best Scared as Shit Performance: Ellen Page Inception
Best Line from a Movie: Alexys Nicole Sanchez Grown Ups
Best Breakout Star: Chloe Moretz Kick Ass
Best Comedic Performance: Emma Stone Easy A
Generation Award: Reese Witherspoon

Now onto the Hottest fashion!

Blake Lively-

A controversial one tonight- with Reese Witherspoon commenting indirectly on her nude photographs, but beside that she looked lovely in her striking blue dress by Michael Kors.

Paired with a contrasting pair of Red Soled Loubiton-The shoes which we loved are named Bibi- 140mm heel height- a thick sky high heel that provides height and beautiful security. The colour is an amethyste but comes in a variety of colours. Made from a lovely soft suade.


Blake Lively mtv movie awards 2011
Blake Lively
Bibi Louboutin purple suade
Bibi Louboutin

Salena Gomez

The Hot Disney star that has recently featured all over the net with her singer teen sensation boyfriend Justin Bieber and this has been the first in a long string of pictures of her actually dressed! In her defence she is wearing a stunning dress and looks as beautiful as ever. Wearing an Giambattista Valli pleated skirt and fresh crisp ivory blouse. A lovely sunny look for the award show.

Salena Gomez

Emma Stone-

The comedic winner of the MTV movie awards from her film Easy A- which we ACTUALLY enjoyed, so we do agree with this choice. She accepted the award in this stunning beaut of a black lace overlay dress by Bottega Veneta

emma stone mtv movie awards

The dress is apart of her fall 2011 collection and will be out for general public in the next few weeks. She pairs the cute dress with a simple copper pair of heels by Casadei.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The smoking hot transformers star attended the award show in this perfectly fitted D&G outfit, RRP of £400 from Harvey Nicols whilst her heels were from Sergio Rossi heels.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in D&G


D&G tiger print dress

Crystal Reed


Teen Wolf star Crystal Reed arrived in her blue suede pumps and this full almost maid looking dress skirt by Ina Soltani. Not a keen dress but still striking and got a lot of attention on the red carpet.


Amanda Bynes

Ex Nickelodeon child star arrive in a very tight figure hugging dress by Herve Leger and more tanned than the Jersey Shore clan, which complimented her Christian Louboutin fringe heels and a Chanel clutch

amanda bynes


Mila Kunis

Mila, did an exciting sketch at the award show with Justin Timberlake- she wore an outfit by Balmain and paired it with Charlotte Olympia peach pump shoes.

Mila Kunis MTV MOVIE Awards

The understated top and outfit is part of Balmain’s latest 2011 fall collection set for release soon.

mila kunis dress mtv awards 2011

Nicki Minaj

Hip hop singer Nicki, arrived on the red carpet in this outfit we are really not sure about- it really demonstrated her round and ample curves but IT was not the best choice in the world. Don’t get us wrong we are a huge Nicki Minaj fan but not last night! the outfit looked rather cheap but her hair was nice at least!

Nicki Minaj MTV AWARDS

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Every girl is often introduced to and socialized to be around and wear pink, its one of the colours that you either love-to-love or simply hate possibly- a bit more tolerable than marmite for some people.  If your one of those lucky ladies that love the infamous barbie pink colour this  is for you. With summer in full swing now is the time to look for those summer deals in high fashion and beautiful colour themed outfits. H2T :Head to Toe in pink is not USUALLY a great idea but combined with another colour or a subtle nude you can easily be onto a winner.

Nicki Minaj Pink
Nicki Minaj In Pink

We look at some Hot Pink, Subtle Pink,  Pretty Pink, Baby pink accessories to get you into that summer feeling…


Headwear is often over looked, Hats, glasses, Head pieces, Scarfs, Hair ties all are other ways you can bring in a splash of pink colour to your outfit. We have picked a few of our favourites.

Philip Tracey was the go to man for the Royal Wedding outfits worn by many of the guests including the infamous by Princess Beatrice and Eugenie. Tagged as the toilet seat hat and has recently been sold on eBay for £80,000 in aid of charity. We  did not particularly like the toilet seat creation however we prefer this beautiful fascinator buy Philip Treacy.

Philip Tracey Pink fascinator
Philip Treacy

The Coral Pink delicate chic design, subtle couture and a centerpiece for any outfit.

Beautiful flower headdress with a net detail comfortable headband and a woven loop reverse.

RRP £459 from Philip Treacy @ Harrods.


With the blazing sun shining over the top of us for longer periods of times during the summer its imperative you protect your eyes from harful rays, however why not do looking like a stunner at the same time! Stay pink with these pretentious Gucci Glasses.

Gucci Pink Glasses
Gucci Pink sunglasses


The glasses are pink framed with brown rims and the reknowned Gucci Logo, they have a brown gradient and 100% UVA/UVB protection. Product code GG3193/S

RRP £169.00 From Gucci online


Silk Scarf

Scarves are not just for use in the winter to protect you from the cold, the pieces of material can be doubled up for summer accessories one sqaure can have a multifuctional use and purpose.

Pink Floral Silk Scarf by D&G
Pink Floral Silk Scarf by D&G


This soft pink rose silk scarf by Dolce & Gabanna- with the red and white gingham frame border made from 100% silk a large 70cm square.

RRP £119.00 AT Harrods

A great use of the scarf is the traditional round the neck demonstrated by the Charlies angels actrss Lucy-Liu. Whilst a younger chic urban edgy look can be adopted with the scarf tied into the hair demonstrated beautifuly by pop princess and icon Rihanna. The singer added a bow with her up-do and bright bold red hair for an outstanding look.



lucy-liu scarf

Rihanna Head scarf



Watches are a great way to add some colour to the wrist without needing specific jewelry, simple and elegant timepieces are a charm and a big market for the mens accessories and now more so for the ladies. In keeping in theme of the pink we have found this pretty juicy watch made from Rose Gold.

Juicy Couture Rose Gold

The watch is 38mm rose gold plated with crystal embellished hearts for 10 and 5 o’clock. A regal Juicy logo center with a pink leather strap.

Buy £110.00 directly from Juicy Couture.

Ipod fashion

Even your Ipod can be a way to beautify yourself with pink, forget the boring simple ipod protectors this case by Anya Hindmarch adds even more glam to the outfit.

anya Hindmarch ipod case
Anya Hindmarch ipod case

Very British and trademarked, this hot pink ipod case with patent skin, gold bow detail, cleverly designed with headphone outlet holes, logo fabric lining and interior patch pocket for cables. A zip tasseled closure to keep the music safe and sound!

Can be purchased directly from Anya or Harrods RRP £65.00


With a plethora of choice that you can adopt to pink-ify your outfit from subtle hints and tones to more brighter shades. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match and modify your purchases to be used as other features.




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