Maybelline 24 hour superstay our review

24hour colour lipstick maybeline

For the past 2 months I have wanted a really dramatic red coloured lipstick with a little gloss simply because I was in the festive season and I wanted my lips to stand out!

However Christmas has gone yet my red lipstick has stayed. I guess I liked the dramatic look of what it did.

It was a hard choice picking a red simply because some shades can make you look a little like a clown! but The Maybelline has to be my favourite.

I apply the First colour stay over my lips

Wait a few moments for it to dry

Then add the Clear lipgloss over

Thats it!


However unlike the marketing suggest it certainly isn’t a 24hour lipstick it does need to be reapplied however when it was time to reapply the gloss chipped and pretty much rubbed of instantly.

I took the time to message Maybelline on their Facebook and a got a quick response that suggested the lipstick needs to be applied to a clean lip and should be removed each time which is a bit difficult to carry around makeup wipes in a clutch purse?!

What ever the case I have continued to purchase this lipstick as I love the colour.

I love the striking Red colour.. I will be on the hunt for another colour stay type lipstick as its nice to always have that..”wow” look.



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